Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Diary 2009 to Riots Pt 6

NN 12/05/2011
Of course the eco-fascists ( perhaps particularly Millband ) in the Labour party want the Con-dems to proceed with deep carbon emission cuts as it will increase the number of people out of a job by the next general election and theoretically increase Labour's chances of being returned with an overall majority. The only problem is that the 2008 Climate Change Act could by then become the dead albatross hung around Milliband's neck, voters voters everywhere but not many for him ?
After intermittently watching the coverage of the Energy Bill going through the HoC I can't help speculating that it is little more than the blueprint for a complex investment scam for the benefit of the Banks and big business. If anything the provisions are vague but its clear that it will be of no benefit whatsoever to small business. Unless you are replacing a 25 year old plus boiler it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to recoup their alleged energy cost saving during the period of the proposed loans. It would appear that unless the interest rate is capped at less than 3% any overall financial advantages to the energy consumer are less than clear.
On the bright side the member for Bracknell did point out the glaring omission of any reference to the Severn Barrage, perhaps the only truly viable alternative energy project on the table. The whole bill is a rushed dogs dinner and Tim ( nice but dim ) was bleating how the government should not take any notice of Vince Cable for once talking common sense for the first time in ages. It should appease the eco-fascists sufficiently even if the government do not foolishly follow the 2008 Climate Change Act to the letter. A simple subsidised boiler scrap programme open to any tradesmen would have been far better, it remains to be seen just how many people are prepared to take out the proposed loans.
NN 17/05/2011
The above link was posted on the BBC web page yesterday and BBC North West Tonight duly dispatched one of their key reporters to stand in the rain outside the former ICI chlorine plant at Runcorn. It was well reported on the lunchtime NW news but having waited in anticipation all day it failed to appear on the peak time evening bulletin. After correspondence via facebook asking what was going on and was it some BBC eco-fascist plot to keep the general public in the dark about what's actually going on with the Climate Scam, I got the following reply.
" no conspiracy. Ineos Chlor declined to allow us on to the site and wouldn't put anyone up to be interviewed. Without the main player in the story it woudn't have sustained a full item. We did carry the story as a short news item. "
Perhaps hardly surprising when today it has emerged that the corporates have " done a deal " ( in fart filled air conditioned rooms now that smoking is no longer allowed ) so that they can get an opt out. This probably means that everyone else ( small business and householders ) will have to pay twice as much over the top for their energy.
The coalition perhaps having realised their mistake ( not economic ) have said that they will fully review the policy in 2014, a full year before the election they are bound to lose if they persist with the provisions of the 2008 Climate Change Act. However, by then the damage to our key manufacturing infrastructure will probably be irreversible, no need to worry about defence, we will have nothing worthwhile to defend anymore, perhaps five million at least unemployed by then ?
Me #6
I can't help speculating that the alleged opt out the collective corporates have got themselves against energy price increases due entirely to the 2008 Climate Change Act is unlawful under EU competition legislation. Its clear that it gives those large companies ( FTSE 350 listed ? ) an unfair advantage over smaller companies. Obama has introduced a similar sounding US scheme to opt out " Fortune 500 " companies from mandatory health insurance for all their employee's, the small companies have to pay it. Its all part of the " Corporate Nazi " ideology festering in trans Atlantic politics, all about cementing a Corporate Multinational Cartel, the virtual corporate ethnic cleansing of all low and middle income people in order to turn everyone into the slaves of the Banks.
Notepad 19/05/2011
It would appear that UKIP and particularly Farage are not a true change of government at all, even if we do come out of the EU with UKIP we will still be run by a set of stock market parasite puppets and the threat to our freedom will remain. Also UKIP don't get my vote if they are backing the eco-fascists and the energy cartel stopping waste incinerators and potentially cheaper electricity !
BBC keeping really quiet about this, but then their entire pension pot is riding on the Climate Scam !
It would appear that the current pension change proposals are simply a tool to outflank what is likley to become a mass opt out of NEST as introduced in 2012. Like everything else the Corporate Nazi puppet government embarks on its all designed to provide a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasite. What a neat little scheme to get low income people to subsidise fat cat eco-fascists like Jon Snow and others on high earnings who currently hold private pensions.
‎@Guy, good points but perhaps the most ridiculous speed limit is the 40 Mph limit for HGVs on single carriageway A roads, perhaps the only theoretical technical justification for it was a phenomenon know as " Brake Fade ". With modern brake lining materials this problem has been all but eliminated, and many main trunk roads re-engineered to virtual motorway standards anyway. Far more potential danger being a " Leg-Iron " at 40 and risking a head on collision as some idiot in the wrong gear tries to pass you, which probably explains why most competent HGV drivers totally ignore it.
Corporate Nazi Thought Police out in force tonight ? Or is it just that you wish to hide the truth just because of one word on the comment in the link probably designed to give people the excuse not to see the whole thing. More and more climate scientists are likely to come out with the truth about the Climate Scam especially now its clear politicians are using it as an excuse to introduce Nazi policy against lower income people. At least the Tories have pledged to get rid of the bin infringement fines as intoduced by eco-fascist fanatic Joan Ruddock !
What the idiot Green Party fail to comprehend is that its the mega wealthy pushing the carbon taxes because they have a disproportionate effect on lower income people, any excuse to keep the top rate of income tax low. That is not to say that high rates of income tax on the wealthy is a bad thing, the point is that income tax should be based on the number of people you employ directly full time. Taken to the extreme you can say that some genuine people who employ lots people would pay very little income tax at all, although it probably doesn't apply to stock market parasites and other celebrities. 
The only practical way we are going to provide secure energy for the UK is to embark on a programme of building local waste incinerators throughout the UK. And before you trot out all the green propaganda with the latest flue gas scrubbing technology there are no toxic emissions into the atmosphere whatsoever. Wind turbines are simply pointless and whilst there is some benefit from solar photovoltaic, solar water heaters are a non starter in the winters we are likely to experience. The idiots at Settle forked out 250k in shares for a 50kw river weir project which only cost 50k, far too much when you consider the output would be wiped out with 17 kettles at brew time.
Waste food recycling is just another pointles Green Scam. Its patently obvious than any such service is not going to save one single ounce of CO2 by the time you take into account the fuel used for regular collection. It would appear that household waste recycling is nothing more than forcing all council taxpayers to pay the equivalent of a medieval religious indulgence in order to espouse the guilt of the profligate who throw loads of food away in a world full of the starving millions. But then being " environmental group prescribed " alleged eco friendly has now become a " quasi-religion " in itself over the past 30 years.
Likewise Meat Free Mondays, a " Corporate Nazi " inspired attack on small hill farmers in the hope that loss of market will induce their Corporate Ethnic Cleansing. We all know the wealthy green funders want to move into the country to avoid the anarchy in towns when the power cuts start due to reliance on wind farms.
NN 19/05/2011
The Brighton Green Party were featured in The Daily Politics today outlining their key objectives including waste food recycling and meat free Mondays in all council establishments.
Waste food recycling is just another pointless Green Scam. Its patently obvious than any such service is not going to save one single ounce of CO2 by the time you take into account the fuel used for regular collection. It would appear that household waste recycling is nothing more than forcing all council taxpayers to pay the equivalent of a medieval religious indulgence in order to espouse the guilt of the profligate who throw loads of food away in a world full of the starving millions. But then being " environmental group prescribed " alleged eco friendly has now become a " quasi-religion " in itself over the past 30 years.
Likewise Meat Free Mondays, a " Corporate Nazi " inspired attack on small hill farmers in the hope that loss of market will induce their Corporate Ethnic Cleansing. We all know the wealthy green funders want to move into the country to avoid the anarchy in towns when the power cuts start due to reliance on wind farms.
Mork #11
People would benefit a whole lot more if all their waste went into a local incinerator to produce electric, you could even get to a stage where you were paid 10p for every scrap tyre you took in. Local waste incinerators have the potential to reduce the local council tax or at least release money to be spent on worthwhile policies. Probably the end of fly tipping problems as well, but the Green Party apparently want to keep the current energy providers virtual cartel ?
Except in the case of aluminum cans recycling its totally pointless, grinding glass down using fossil fuel to turn it into sand which can be dug out of the ground easy with actual environmental advantage in the long run. The green party like to pretend that all the plastic exported to China is recycled, when in actual fact its burned in a most environmentally unfriendly way. I believe that there is technology available to strip out the aluminum from household waste which could be done prior to incineration, but steel is easy to recover from the ash with magnets. Considering that at least 60% of the household waste could provide useful fuel, especially the plastic packaging and carrier bags the eco-fascists so despise.
And Mork, please don't make your self look so stupid by basing today's incinerators with flue gas scrubbing using worn out 1980s pollution statistics. We are a mile and a half down wind burning toxic print waste solvents, tyres and even BSE meat and bone meal at our local cement works with no environmental problems. The plant is fitted with one of the latest flue gas scrubbers, which I and others fought to get in the mid 1990s. There have been no pollution problems since then, and it turns out that even the kiln ash which some environmentalists once attempted to portray was deadly toxic is now being sold to farmers as fertiliser with good results and big demand.
Mork #30

Are you so utterly gormless not to realise that everything we are sold by governments is complete lies, the climate has always changed naturally and whilst we may be able to trace man's fingerprint ( waste heat emitted alone ) its the Sun which drives our climate. You also need to take into account fluctuations in the earth's orbit around the Sun but its clear if you look at roman port remains ( like Chester ) they are far higher up than today's sea level, even when you take into account that the west of the UK is rising slowly.

The thing is that you can't really trust any science since the Moon landings, especially when you cant get the astronauts who claim to have been there to swear on a bible that they actually stood on the Moon ?
Raiding private pension funds through taxation would appear to be the logical thing for governments to do when you consider that the stock market would be in meltdown without the bailouts anyway and private pensions worth little or anything at all. Its all pointless in the end, everyone including the US and UK will have to default on the debt, its simply not sustainable to keep increasing taxation on real working people and especially those on low incomes to provide what has become a true welfare state for the stock market parasites.
It would appear that the eco-fascists have stepped up their bleating about shale gas " fracking " since trials between Preston and Blackpool proved to be most encouraging. The deep shale extends up the Ribble valley as far as the big end of Pendle Hill, but most of the farms have mains water so no chance of setting lite to the cold tap. I suppose that they could undertake a promise to connect any rural properties affected to the mains system at whatever cost. That aside it will be sustainable jobs in rural areas which may be why the eco-fascists don't want it, but more obviously ( as with the case of waste incinerators for generating electricity ) it penetrates the current energy providers cartel.
Just how stupid are these people who subscribe to environmental groups, most of them allegedly join them as some sort of virtual protest about the corporates. Yet it would appear that groups like WWF ( as seen on the BBC ten O clock news ) are doing exactly what the virtual corporate multinational cartel want, stopping any attempt to allow any form of true free market in energy ( as with carbon taxes and floor prices ). The fact is that shale gas has cut the overall price of gas ( talk of a gas glut ) but I can't see the UK benefiting from it unless something similar happens here. Once again our true sustainable economy and potential lowest cost of living for the average person is hampered by the actions of alleged environmentalists.
11/6/2011 Local Paper
It is sad to see such a senior local Tory as Ken Hind attempting to jump on the " alleged green " bandwagon when it is becoming increasingly more apparent to the more well informed ( especially via the internet ) people that " Global Warming " now rebranded " Climate Change " is little more than an investment scam. It would appear that the whole object of the " zero carbon " homes initiative is to increase the price of new houses thus making it even more difficult for lower income locals to get a foot on the housing ladder.
Furthermore reports from people who have already got alleged green homes suggest that they are finding problems with damp and having to make traditional alterations to solve the problem. The same principle applies to cavity wall insulation where the evidence suggests it rots your floor joists where they go into the wall. It may be ironic to suggest this but perhaps their plan is to make all existing homes unfit for human habitation, and therefore force you to buy a new one.
As for the alleged green jobs aspect it would appear that at the current time India is the main beneficiary, I've already been cold called three times from obvious Indian call centers inquiring as to whether we want loft and wall insulation.. The fact is that our walls are over two feet thick solid ( our house probably dates from the little ice age), the roof was insulated when it was done up in the mid 1980s and has since been double glazed. I suspect that many properties in the Ribble Valley are in a similar position.
Its high time the population woke up and protested against the current 15-20% " Private Tax " on their energy bills to pay for wind farms and all this other green nonsense. Its the environmental groups who are stopping real progress towards true sustainable energy like a full Severn Barrage and Morecambe Bay has potential also. Likewise energy from waste, we could get up to 10% of our electricity this way and far cheaper, but that would smash open the current energy producers cartel, ( as always in the last 20 years environmental groups working in the interest of big business ).
NN 07/06/2011
Like private care home provider Southern Cross the NHS overall business plan and therefore its secure long term future is compromised by the PFI contracts, an exact mirror image of Southern Cross's arrangement with its corporate landlords. Unless the NHS can significantly restructure its PFI deals the cost to the taxpayer will be unsustainable, but then perhaps the puppet politicians plan was always to create a welfare state for the stock market parasites ?
As usual perhaps naive Newsnight journalists have totally missed the main point in the main story, namely ( at the at least ) circumstantial evidence of UK state sponsored eco-terrorism. Without undercover police assistance ( said to have arranged and paid for buses for transport to demo ) its probable that the said protest would not have occurred in the first instance. In previous coverage its was said that corporates also had moles embedded and how convenient was it that at the time when the 2008 Climate Change Act was going through parliament to portray mass public opposition to coal fired power stations ?
Mork #39
There are none so blind as those who will not see, its patently obvious that the environmental movement as a whole has been working in the interest of your beloved KKKorporates for at least the past 20 years. We would have had waste incinerators everywhere by now if it were not for eco-fascist Aristotle science, land fill would be down to around perhaps only 10%. Similarly with the Severn Barrage, its been on the drawing board as long as I can remember yet as soon as it looked like getting off the ground the eco-fascists were and still are in their bleating stupidity again. That is not to say that energy privatisation is a good thing, but there was nothing against the government doing it on their own bat if a private bidder had not been forthcoming ?
NN 13/06/2010
If there was ever evidence to prove that the whole object of ConDem welfare reform is basically providing a welfare state for the stock market parasites, perhaps today's announcement by Lord Freud that the 26k cap on benefits will be suspended in certain circumstances. It does not take that much imagination to perceive that exceptional circumstances probably means cases where stock market parasites are renting out even not that big houses on 100% housing benefit in London for perhaps over 20k a year. Of course if their benefit claimant tenants were forced to move out they would loose their income, and in addition house prices would fall in the local market. This is a double whammy for Freud's stock market parasite mates, as if they have to sell their house into a falling market they will also have to sell the shares they have borrowed against it ?
After watching to night's obvious BBC eco-fascist report on the slowing down sun spots it is patently obvious that the eco-fascists are desperate to keep their investment scams going. Obviously Susan Watts cannot be taken seriously anymore and it would appear that Kirsty perhaps deliberately gave Greenpeace stooges ( IPCC obviously Greenpeace stooges after my post yesterday about how they had written the IPCC report on renewable energy, ( one sided biased studio debate again) ) an easy ride because she is soon likely to be drawing her BBC pension based on the success of their Climate Scam.
NN 17/06/2011
It would appear that everyone including disability charities have totally missed the main point about the remarks by the member for Shipley. which are in fact based on the truth. The truth is that nobody is going to offer a job to a person with any long term health problems when there are totally fit people in competition for said job. The fact is that to remove or refuse ESA from anybody with a proven track record of chronic illness ( or set any means test time limit to ) it is basically a freeze and starve to death sentence.
One thing that your Internet search experiment probably proved was that the eco-fascists have got the searches on " are wind farms efficient " sown up. Perhaps no big surprise given that Google are allegedly one of the 70 KKKorporates pushing for a 30% reduction in CO2 target in the EU ( according to my earlier post #8 ) ?
NN 23/06/2011
Perhaps today's vote on circus animals more than amply proves that Westminster politicians care far more about animals than people, but perhaps then they are just representing the inner guilt of a generally uncaring population. If MP's did actually care about people they would have voted against or at least significantly amended the Welfare Reform Bill the other week, but perhaps they just reflect the abject ignorance of the bulk of the UK population after 25 years of eco-fascist propaganda from the likes of the BBC.
The fact is that the corporate fascist don't like the circuses because the are mostly family run businesses, no chance of selling shares for the stock market parasites. Similarly they tend to run old trucks like 1980s ERF's and therefore contribute very little to the corporate cartel, all cash payments so no need to get deep into a bank loan and pay " private tax ". The simple fact is that the corporate fascists want everyone controlled by a FTSE listed company in some way, usually a franchise or some other straightjacket where people can all too easily end up working self employed for less than minimum wage.
I understand that they have got Indian call centres selling this alleged government sponsored " to create green jobs " home insulation scam and are offering loans to do it, paid to the energy company which does it through your energy bills for the next 25 years. If you sell your house the supplement on the extra bill passes on to the new owner, I suspect that some bent property developers will be going round buying houses to insulate and then pass on to idiots at a vast profit.
I hate to use a WW2 analogy but perhaps the current position of mainstream politicians in general as regarding the Climate Scam science screams parallels with the totally fictional inventive mind of double agent Garbo who had Adolf Hitler and almost all the rest of the German high command believing everything he said regarding the invasion of France on D-Day !
This time its the Banks trying to asset strip our economy and render us all virtual slaves to a welfare state for the stock market parasites. China could probably walk in unopposed, but if anyone was to invade it would probably be a Wall Street sponsored US to claim all the money back when we default on the debt.
Mork #15
As for China and renewables its obviously better than nothing for remote rural areas but the Chinese leader guy looked pretty hacked off the other day when he was forced to listen to Cameron blathering on about carbon capture and storage. Furthermore,the combined EU eco-fascists ( and Cameron supporting them ) have almost certainly cost the UK economy the RR engines and the wings for the new fleet of Airbus planes Hong-Kong airlines were expected to order at a trade fair the other week.
NN 08/07/2011
David Cameron's perhaps undeniable error in judgment over hiring Coulson perhaps illustrates his failure to listen to advice on subjects like energy policy and particularly green taxes. He was warned in private about Coulson but no less than his own business secretary has publically warned him against carbon taxes etc, and the implications of religiously following the specification of the 2008 Climate Change Act. It doesn't really matter about Coulson himself, but the future of our manufacturing industry is on the line with the Climate Scam, unless action to turn the supertanker is not taken soon the damage could become permanent.
#24 Mork
Before you go on about kkkororates according to Ch4 News its probably going to hit the one man bands harder than the big long distance boats. Witteringstall was on blagging his way out of the conclusions, saying it should be administered locally, but that will cost far too much so no chance in reality. The eco-fascists have screwed the coastal fishing industry buy planting wind farms everywhere, most probably in the best fishing grounds as well. Its all a very clever Corporate Ethnic Cleansing plan, like most alleged green policy, increase the financial apartheid between rich and poor.
The only reason the Tories have given the Thameslink deal to the Germans is so their stock market parasite backers can CHANGE MONEY on the deal. Labour are just as bad as it was them who wrote the contract specification but I can't help speculating that the 2008 Climate Change Act significantly handicapped the Derby bid. Making trains is a pretty carbon intensive job so any taxes on carbon are going to significantly increase production costs.
Even if we come out of the EU, the stock market parasites will still be pulling the government strings, so in reality we will still get ripped off just as bad. Murdoch is just one of many stock market celebrities who simply don't care about welfare of anyone, unless you can remove them from the equation the UK will continue its slide into becoming at third world country, but worse as the poorest in society will be forced to freeze to death in winter.
NN 22/07/2011
Just one small anecdote which occurred to me after watching the the Monckton debate #8 was !
What kind of true environmentalist would support a policy which increased the amount of one of the most toxic substances know to science in circulation within the community.
Perhaps the reason the EU banned traditional light bulbs was nothing to do with saving the planet but a key factor in buying the consensus of Spain on EU policy in general. I believe that Spain is the worlds leading producer of Mercury, there was once an OU prog on the BBC about the mining and how strict limits to exposure were in force.
As usual with any alleged green policy Its probably all about promoting false economic growth, and thus increasing the financial apartheid between rich and poor.
NN 29/07/2011
The list of potential skullduggery in the Murdoch saga grows ever longer but I can't help speculating just how much of UK government policy has been significantly influenced by this man and his associates. Two particular areas of policy stand out because there has effectively been " no real change " as a result of the general election.
Firstly welfare reform, where the Tories have effectively adopted everything Labour was implementing, particularly relating to the abject mistreatment of the chronically sick and disabled, effectively branding everyone on Incapacity Benefit as scroungers. The collective Murdoch press has been at the cutting edge of the propaganda against the sick and disabled, with side kicks from the stock market listed Daily Mail and the Express, but then they are all targeted at the same " ignorant idiot " market. Its almost as though Murdoch had personally written welfare reform policy to impress his stock market celebrity stable mates, perhaps it would be well worth someone investigating his personal links ( if any ) with Labour turncoat now Tory Lord Freud ?
Secondly climate change and energy policy, I can't remember the Sun ever covering the climate gate scandal prominently, although I never buy anything from Murdoch personally I never saw anything about it in the TV paper reviews. More recently The Times would appear to be avoiding adverse comment on energy policy, and as it turns out SKY are currently match funding eco-fascist WWF for their advert " three quid a month to save a jaguar ". There are also other green wash adverts about alleged sustainable paper, so it would appear that Murdoch interests are well in on the Climate Scam gravy train ?
It may be reasonable to believe that Murdoch and his celebrity stock market parasite associates have been the main driver of the ongoing " Corporate Nazi " ideology festering in all four mainstream parties in UK politics. The welfare reforms and climate change policy ( in combination in particular ) echo the eco-fascist high priest stated aim to " kill all defectives ", no need for concentration camps, far more profitable to freeze and starve people to death in their own home.
NN 06/08/2011
Muse # various.
Its traditionally my job to berate the stock market parasites and we could easily be on the brink of a total global stock market meltdown, which will inevitably cause all the Banks to go bust, and with them lots of FTSE listed companies. Of course if we idly stand by and do nothing the result could end in serious civil unrest, but perhaps we need to take the following approach.

1. Nationalise all the UK listed Banks, and then if the companies they have lent to can't stump up the cash, ( no asset stripping allowed ) nationalise them also.

2. Introduce a Citizens Income at a level where everybody can afford to keep warm and dry and have a full belly.

3. Introduce a tax system where it pays dividends in tax credits to employ people and prescribes a maximum wage for those not directly employing others.

4. Established small business should be able to stand on its own feet, but the individual units of FTSE companies need to be converted over time into workers cooperatives.

5. All mortgages which go into default converted into National Council Houses, and their occupier charged a suitable rent, ( no need to throw anyone on the street )

By doing the above it should be possible to reach a position where all cash savings are valid up to the 85k bank limit, all National Savings accounts retain full value.

In this way the National Bank will have money to invest in our future !

Rough outline anyway, anybody else got any ideas ?
# 5 Jericoa
It would appear that none of our current mainstream politicians have got a coherent plan to release our economy from slavery to the banks and their stock market parasites. My # 15 last night was probably the first such plan ever published in outline, just need to broaden the debate, many who once thought the defaulting was never an option now take it as a normal position, no real ideological objections.
Whatever happens it can only be a matter of time before the combined value of the FTSE 350 is under what the government has already stumped up to rescue the banks. It will echo the position of the Big Four railways after WW2, the government could not afford to pay them for the transport services they had provided during the war, but without the money for services rendered they could not afford the interests on the loans the government had given them during the 1920s and 30s. I do believe that eventually the former shareholders got a minimal dividend under nationalisation, the government bought all the shares back in the 1970s.
Anyway nobody can afford to keep paying anybody if it goes on, perhaps leading to anarchy in some of the bigger cities, I suspect that elements of the BNP will try to start a war with the Muslims. It is vital that we avoid any significant civil unrest, when the pay cheques stop appearing in peoples current account who knows what could happen.
Nationalisation under the umbrella of the UK Peoples National Bank of which every citizen would have a share in the form of interest every month would probably be the only sane option. Just do it on a financial year end, perhaps the first after the election which could be called soon on Cameron's judgment. Saw or herd something the other day that Cameron hired a private investigator to vet Coulson, wasn't done through official government channels at all.
When the private banks and their theoretical assets are taken over we could actually achieve a true free market system in our economy, sweeping away the current cartels in areas like energy and public transport. Its all out there to play for, people with genuine talent will be able to prosper, forget the universities except for science related subjects. That of course would need a purge of all the Marxist tutors ex-students refer to, but likewise all the alleged right wing people who have overtaken economics.
Whatever we do we have to make sure what emerges from a global stock market meltdown makes sure that we don't end up like Somalia, everybody needs to think outside the box !
#44 Mork

The only low carbon energy we need will come from a publicly funded Severn and Morecambe Bay barrage, but that's not even on the table due to stupid wind farm projects. Wind farms are useless as they need fossil fuel backup, a carbon tax or carbon floor price will cripple what little remains of our now almost niche market energy intensive manufacturing industry. Perhaps if you understood engineering you would be able to clearly see that carbon intensive industry is vital for the viable future of our nation. What company in its right mind is going to come to the UK to set up in business if they can't trust that the electric will be on 24/7/365, current energy policy is just a pointless sacrifice on the altar of the eco-fascist quasi-religion.

The UK is not Spain so you can't make comparisons there except to say that now Spain has its alleged green jobs their unemployment rate is 20%, the UK will soon join them unless there is a swift change of direction on energy policy.
NN 08/08/2011
Its just crossed my mind that there is a slight possibility that the recent riots were planned, in that some of the businesses hit hardest, ( one big store set on fire ) and looted were planned as an elaborate scam on the insurance. The main riot targets would appear to be the type of business having a particularly hard time financially ( same companies hit in different locations ), what a really good idea if you can hide your trading losses under a big insurance claim ?
Is this the start of the civil war the eco-fascists and the stock market parasites had planned all along, the excuse they always needed to impose virtual Marshal Law ?
Richard #23
Neat manifesto except that its would appear that the tail end has as usual been poisoned by the eco-fascists, and despite the fact that the majority of the UK population want more food production child indoctrinator John Craven was attempting to portray that it would be a bad thing. The lame argument was that we needed to grow bio-fuel because if we had a bad harvest we would starve. It would appear that they are using good silage in fact enough to feed hundreds of cows for milk and beef to use for bio-gas to burn in an engine to generate electricity, no doubt for a massive subsidy.
I don't have a problem with importing fossil fuel either, I believe that our north sea oil is pretty rich in the fractions used for plastic, but not quite so good for petrol. Perhaps we could swap it for the other type, and yet again the debate is poisoned by the eco-fascists when it comes to using our own coal. Similarly when it comes to recycling, the true sustainable way is to make all consumer goods last a lifetime, then the original energy investment in the metal etc is not lost, and can still be recycled at the end of its life.
All you have to do is think about buying things like a new car and handing it on to your children when they pass their driving test. The sustainable jobs aspect comes in repairing and renewing products designed to last a lifetime. The only trouble is that the media and politicians have got everybody addicted to credit consumerism where everything has to be new or the very latest design, throw away anything else. Their cover for this wasteful practice is to say that its OK if you recycle, but most waste would be far better incinerated, especially the plastic. Perhaps the only legislation needed is a total ban on consumer credit for anything not capable of lasting ( with maintenance ) at least 30 years.
Perhaps the UK addiction to consumer credit and always buy the latest gadget quasi-religion explains and is a major factor why so much looting has gone on in the recent riots. Its the same mind set which causes people to queue up at 5 am to be the first to get the latest i-phone or computer games console. Its all the fault of the media, I can't help speculating that BBC advertising feature programme Click on Line was a significant factor in the looting of PC World, the mobile phone shops speak for themselves, There are now even adverts promising cash for your old mobile phone, it must significantly increase theft rates, and even the BBC riot coverage itself has been product placing smart phones in general, but then even Alex Jones is at it.

For the last 20 years politicians have been pushing new everything especially trains and they never consider the cost to our overall disposable economy. The stupid thing is that the worst trains of all 4-wheel 142 Pacers are still in use on key services, packed like sardine cans when what they replaced was far better, all it needed was an engine upgrade. Its just the same with buses, instead of replacement at end of full life everything had to be new. The situation was not helped by the introduction of traffic calming, it wrecked the old coach built bodies, the new private operators now refuse to run a service on some traffic calmed road it causes so much damage to the new Low Floor buses.

Like everything the politicians come up with on the behalf of their celebrity stock market parasite puppet masters it all about promoting false economic growth and increases the ever deepening financial apartheid between higher and lower income groups. The underclass see the bankers getting away with fraud whilst their cost of living spirals for the benefit of corporate profit, yet another election and no real change in government policy. Why care about the " Big Society " if you or your family are marginalised and criminalised by policy like the smoking ban, a significant proportion of them smoke dope so why not get sent down for a sheep as a lamb.

Once upon at time you could aspire to a car when you were a teenager, now insurance costs are prohibitive to a large proportion of people, the best thing you can aspire to now is the latest computer game. Many people can't even afford that so jump at the chance to loot one under the impression that its unlikely they will be caught. In any case if they go to prison they will at least be able to have a full belly, most of them are already prisoners of the virtual ghetto's ( created by traffic calming ) where they are forced to inhabit. Political correctness has wrecked their local area and aspirations, people can only be pushed so far, perhaps a significant number are now over the edge. We need to think out of the box to find solutions to include them back and give them a tangible stake in society.
Perhaps the proof that Westminster is institutionally corrupt is the fact that they elected Tim ( nice but dim ) Yeo as the chair of the Climate Change select committee, despite his long list of published financial conflicts of interest on environment policy in general.
NN 14/08/2011
I can't help speculating as to whether this week's riots were just what the eco-fascist anarchists had been planning all along and were to some extent a premature ejaculation of what is likely to come in the future. This weeks riots seem cool with the Corporate Nazi's, its all OK if the riot participants are caught on their CCTV camera and prosecuted, any excuse to throw poor people onto the streets. However, the simple fact is probably something different as when the near future riots caused by power blackouts due to over reliance on wind power begin the CCTV will be inoperative. It is clear that there will be no deterrent whatsoever from CCTV and they can arrest and charge as many as they want from last week but we don't have the available prison places anyway. It must be a mistake to cut police numbers further, but perhaps the police in an attempt to secure their empire started the whole thing in order to give the country a taste of what they probably know full well is coming when the power cuts start. Who can laugh at Tony Farrell now !
Coming onto David Starkey and his observations on what he terms as black culture infecting the English under classes, and its true except that " black culture " is now a Corporate Nazi fantasy world. It attempts to portray that dancing the thing to do to enjoy yourself at some wild alcoholic party, with plenty of scantily clad women floating around with the cool black guy pairing up with some nice looking white woman. I listen to pop music on the TV in the background and at the moment their offerings are pretty trashy at the moment, more recently a scenario where the streets are deserted unless everyone is out there dancing in them. The reality is that the ideology put out by the popular music industry bears no resemblance to the lives of ordinary people in reality, but then one witness to the recent riots said it was like in a film.
Every aspect of popular ideology is fabricated these days, you can no longer trust anything the scientists say and the news is full of propaganda like the report on the rebel child allegedly injured by Gadaffi's forces at Misrata six weeks ago. At least Gordon Burns on North West Tonight had the balls to ask Cameron what he was going to do about the bankers and their politicians. He replied that some MP's had been sent to prison but how many of his shadow cabinet had been " flipping ", the Bankers have been looting our economy for at least the last 30 years. At least some key people are beginning to wake up to the truth now and I suspect that many ordinary people have woken up from the corporate illusion. At least it should get a few more people in the habit of keeping up with the news although its not much good if you don't see Ch4 News to cross scrutinise the BBC output. Not much chance of that with Emmerdale / Eastenders / Corrie on the other side, all spewing utter balderdash about how to live your life or what your expectations of life are alleged to be.

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