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My Diary 2009 to Riots Pt 4


Slight interlude, some stuff I wrote for something to do over Xmas when Newsnight was off the air.
Delivering Rock Salt
Its not really news but it is topical at the moment, going back to my wagon driving days, ( I can't remember the exact year but probably the late 1980s ) we occasionally hauled rock salt in bags in winter.
It was mid January and as it had been freezing hard our regular concrete aggregate work was cancelled,  the boss came up with a load of bagged rock salt from Coppull near Chorley to Boston hospital in Lincolnshire.  The trouble was Lincolnshire was officially closed to all traffic due to the snow, so an alternative load to Darlington was arranged instead. 
I loaded up at Coppull on the afternoon, ready for an early start from the depot at Chatburn the morning after.  Our usual start time for such a trip was 5 am, but as it had been snowing intermittently all night I waited till 6 to let the ploughs have a chance to get out at least on the main roads.   Not much problem on the A59 to Skipton, then over the A65 to Addingham, Ilkley, Otley to Harrogate, then through to the A1.  We usually used the A59 Blubberhouses route but that was traditionally the first route to be blocked by snow, Ilkley-Otley was dicey in places that morning but she ploughed through no problem.   The snow gradually built up going north on the A1 and there was about 6 inches lying at Darlington, however it seemed quite grippy, never had any major problem steady away despite being a 38 ton max length artic.
On arrival at my first drop ( a garden centre ) the owner instantly realized that he was never going to be able to unload me so I was directed to my second drop, the Cummins engine plant at Darlington.  The whole load had been ordered through the garden centre who said they would pick up their share later.    It took about an hour to unload at Cummins but the battery was flat when I came to move due to me foolishly leaving the headlights on with the engine stopped.  No problem though, got towed off with a little grey Fergy tractor they had, thence to Hartlepool docks for a load of wood pulp for Sun paper mill Blackburn. 
By now the snow was starting to thaw yet I kept hearing on the radio that all roads over the Pennies were blocked.  At least I could rope and sheet in a shed and time was getting on, would be well dark by the time I got home.  I came back down the A19 no problem and thence to Boroughbridge where the A1 intersects the A59.  I was thinking about parking up at Harrogate for the night but I kept seeing Alfred Hymas wagons with Bell containers which I knew must have come over the top despite what the radio said.
Although under the circumstances it could be classed as a big risk I set out up the A59 Blubberhouses road from Harrogate.  It was fairly easy going, not much snow at all and approaching Menwith Hill the plough fitted gritters passed me going in the opposite direction.  Got down into the bottom of Blubberhouses OK, then on the climb up to the summit it started getting worse.  Ploughed through a couple of drifts on the way up at 20 Mph, lost her feet nearly a couple of times in drifts but had her soon checked on the accelerator.   The quarter mile flat section at the summit was the worse, drifts had formed but she just ploughed her way trough,  It would appear that the gritters had been ploughing this section all day to keep the road open for traffic.   Good job the road had been improved by then, easy to wind down the straight wide new road, I can remember once seeing an 8 wheeler going down one of the steep bits on the old road sideways.
No real problems after skipton and I pulled into our yard just before 6 to fuel up and went into the office.  " What are you doing here " was the remark, " how did you do it ", Just came over Blubberhouses " I replied.   It turned out that one of the local lads in an 8 wheeler had got stuck at Addingham, 3 of the wagons of a company we subcontracted to for animal feed jobs were stuck on the M62 for three days.
I did the alleged load to Boston Hospital a couple of weeks later and their was still plenty of snow on the ground even then.   Perhaps the main factor why we seem to struggle so bad in the snow these days is the use of alleged energy efficient tyres.   My steed ERF 2 axle tractor with Rolls-Royce Eagle diesel DGR 728W was fitted with Michelin almost new XZT traction tyres on the drive axle, XZA for positive steering.  Just take a short glance at modern tyres and you can see that they are totally unsuitable for mud or snow ?
BTY #108
Its probably not just the tyres fault the country has ground to a standstill, the type of tarmac used on trunk roads has also changed.   Back in the 1970s all main roads were surfaced with Hot Rolled Asphalt with 20 mm grit stone ( green granite ) rolled into the surface for traction.  
More recently the Highways Agency has been using the new ( alleged green again ) quiet road surface which uses 6 mm open texture tarmac.  Its OK in the dry but when it rains it holds water on the surface and if its not religiously gritted in chance of frost it can so easily turn into a skid pan.  Furthermore, you can no longer use the trick of winding down your window a bit and listening to the tyres swishing on an apparently wet road.   As soon as the tyres went silent you knew instantly you were on ice and could do something about the situation like steadily ease off.
It is probably the case that any lying snow becomes embedded in the open texture surface and when your wheel spins the tyre tread can no longer dig through to get a positive mechanical grip as was the case with HRA and 20mm chippings.  As for the alleged green aspect the use of the new material has left a mountain of unwanted 5 mm-dust at all related quarries.  Dust was the main ingredient in HRA but it used a range of other sizes also, now there is a shortage of 6 mm, which was traditionally in short supply anyway because 6 mm dense bit was the favourite for footpaths, school yards etc.  I believe they now often use FCA sand carpet for footpaths etc which is not as good for pedestrian grip.   Its always the same, let the university boffins loose anywhere and they always come up with the most expensive and oveall inefficient method of doing anything.
BYT #111
As a 1930s grass roots apprentice trained wagon driver I take issue with your link #7 always use high gears nonsense.  Its always best to use an appropriate gear for the speed, engine braking is far safer on snow / ice than using the foundation brakes.  One idiot rolled his Land-Rover coming down an icy steep hill near here, the consensus of informed opinion was that he had tried to come down said straight 1 in 6 hill in third instead of second.
However, when you weigh up the position we are now in as far as car ( Roger #109 ) and road design you have to lay the blame at the foot of typical motoring journalists.  They may be good at pulling fancy wheel spin stunts etc but when it comes down to basic driving skills and common sense they leave a lot to be desired.
BYT #113
You remind me of Garth Dawes, a lecturer at tech who had been around a bit, started off in Aussie.  He would wax lyrical about how the Americans had the rule that you had to give way to traffic coming down hill, the reverse of British policy.  The point was that Yank motors had really crap brakes, even into the 1970s US six wheel trucks had no brakes on the front steering wheels.  The reason behind this was that they were scared of a front wheel blowout on a long decent taking the air brake pipes out ( with some foundation as it once happened to me but that's another story )  The point was that in the 1930s many vehicles relied on Hardy fabric couplings for the prop shaft and these would fail quite regularly, especially under reverse torques.   British vehicles always had decent brakes in general, although in the 70s you could still see 8 wheelers in the scrap yard with no brakes on the second steer.  The moderators would bounce my version of " everyone's an idiot except me " but it holds true even today.  Like you say road safety is all about allowing space but that fact would appear to have escaped modern road designers with traffic calming etc.
I have been following the debate about the future development of Clitheroe and just wondered whether any of the local councilors had considered the following option.   I suppose that it means eating humble pie for many but perhaps the " new transport interchange " should form the basis of an adequate coach park for Clitheroe.   Utilizing the " transport interchange " site could offer a low cost provision of a half decent coach park for tours offering toilet facilities and if well advertised and signed " coaches welcome " from the by-pass could attract much needed trade into the town without reducing the number of car parking spaces anywhere.
The bus interchange could return to Well Terrace, with a regular " shuttle bus " connecting with rail services at the station.   Said shuttle bus could originate at Well Terrace, then proceed past Tesco to Lowergate thence to the bottom of Moor lane for Sainsbury's, back up towards the town centre then down Parson Lane for Booths and ultimately the station and back to Well Terrace.   Said arrangement could relieve any timetable pressure on the Skipton-Preston services, local services could still pass the station as part of their route.   I suspect that there is far more chance of people actually shopping in Clitheroe if their bus deposits them direct into the town centre and are not faced with a long walk ? 
It will be no great loss to loose rail interchange between Blackburn / Burnley services either although said buses could lay over at the new coach park.  It would be even better still if at least the Blackburn service came direct straight through to Chatburn like they did in the 1970s.  I suspect that there are now so many speed limits cut to 40 from 60 and from 40 to 30 on their route that this is no longer legally practical ?
My name is Mim, I'm nice but dim
And like a good little ten bob fat cat
I spam the blog with Polish chit-chat
I believe everything the celebrity politicians tell me
And swallow what the stock market parasites want to sell me.
From US health reform to climate change
I tow the line and would willingly pay for any of their money making scams
Forget about all those who can never afford it
Revert to spamming about my love life if I can't handle the argument.
The said flammable petrol is not exactly inside the car and therefore on the principle of the Davey lamp presents no problem unless you are involved in a sertious crash which ruptures the fuel tank /lines.  So its OK to smoke in a diesel car on your theory, stopping people smoking will destroy the levelihoods of many small farmers allowing multinational corporations the chance of buying up the land cheap.  Choose between lining the pockets of the Corporate Nazi pharmacuticals for patches etc and small farmers ( particularly in Virginia ) and I will choose the small family farmers anyday.
Looks like I wasn't far out with my choice of the Stoning Sketch but then the anti-smoking lobby have always been a bit like some BNP supporters and their quasi-religious openly hostile attitude towards Muslims.   I was brought up under the impression that being British was all about tolerance, the trouble is the more smoking becomes politically unacceptable the more likely teenagers are to start as an act of rebellion.  Increasing the age limit only makes things worse, Harry Enfield's spoof 1930s smoking add was spot on, teenagers will smoke to infer that they are older and can therefore consume alcohol legally.
Good point barrie #199

The trouble is our Corporate Nazi government use minor details like the smoking ban and Foxhunting etc to keep the feeble minds of the ten bob fat cats occupied. At the same time the country rolls further down the slope into total anarchy ( remember what jj said, the politicians are Anarcho Capitalist Trotskyites ). At the next election you can bet we don't get true vote on the direction of Climate Change policy ( unless you have a BNP candidate ) likewise a fair direction for the long term future of our welfare state. Telephone No salary journalists will ensure that nothing is done to curb in the stock market parasites with any form of transaction tax or making people hold shares for two years before drawing any dividend, just the same old Corporate Nazi business as usual.
barrie #210
I suspect that you have to have studied early Soviet politics and in particular Trotsky to get your head around the anarcho capitalist Trotskyite bit but needless to say Trotsky was a key DNA component of the Bush line of thinking.  Corporate Nazi is a bit of an easier way to describe the end result, all government policy run in the interest of the stock market parasites and the continued existence of the Corporate Multinational Cartel of global business players.   The thing was that Bush and Blair went so far as to appease the CMC that they eventually gave the CMC enough rope to hang themselves, hence last years global financial crisis.
The only sensible way out of the problem would have been to nationalize all the international assets, but Brown, Bush and now Obama perhaps foolishly placed a taxpayer funded trampoline under the Banks.   Now the stock markets have bounced back but their is still slack in the rope and the noose is still around their neck.  Many multinationals owed so much money to the banks ( especially when post merger ) that they were almost in breach of their banking covenants and technically insolvent when the stock markets were at there low point.  It it would appear that many of the CMC members have increased their borrowing since the stock market rose, many even talking about further mergers to hide their potential financial black holes.  The trouble is that the real cash money is not out there, look how the GM deals to sell Saab fell though recently, and now the Dubai property fiasco. 
The next downward swing on the hangman's yo-yo could break through any trampoline and finish them all off permanently.  Many commentators are predicting another major stock market crash during 2010, who knows just how far it will fall this time.  Perhaps the only sensible way out will be to nationalize all the banks and technically nationalize the UK assets of any CMC company which can't keep up its interest payments.  Otherwise the stock market parasites will use the situation to asset strip what remains of our vital infrastructure and our entire country could end up potentially nationalized by the Arabs and China ?
barrie #218
I can't help speculating that the Christmas day bomb plot was all a set-up in order to sell the new X-ray machines now appearing at airports like even Manchester.   From the photo footage the said bomb looked really professionally ( tailor ) made using a sowing machine ( would need to be to be skin tight ).  Perhaps said X-ray machine manufacturers indirectly funded the whole thing, security forces conveniently omitting to swap information to allow a high risk suspected terrorist to carry out the attack ?
Perhaps as an indication of just how bad local authority management has become totally inefficient is the news that our local parish council has been offered cash back to employ a local lengthsman.
For example, Lancashire County Council send a team to cut the grass strips between the main road and pavements, whilst Ribble Valley BC send a team to cut the rest of the public grass.   This must cost a fortune yet the parish council is unlikely to find enough work for one man on his own full time on an annual basis.
Even back in the 1960s when we had two full time men and a mini-depot ( was in the six cow shippon section of our barn ) where they kept at least 8 tons of rock salt for manually spreading on ice spots, the main pavements were cleared of snow and gritted when required.  They also swept up all the leaves in autumn, but in summer the workload was smaller so they would go out on LCC road resurfacing projects.   Just so long as you could swing a shovel all day but for the less fit, jobs like operating the stop-go boards on roadworks, far more efficient at keeping the traffic moving than today's temporary traffic lights.  With the stop-go boards it was also easy to do a rolling road disruption, now tarmac is laid in short stops with a " bed end every " 200 yards.   It is also advisable not to lay tarmac in the rain, or when its freezing but they will insist on doing it.   The end result is shoddy and it doesn't last as long before it needs doing again, total false economy.  Those on road surfacing went on to be standby gritting teams in winter, now its often some part time bloke ( or woman ) out of the offices. 
Perhaps a classic example of what can happen is the plight of the hamlet of Twiston during the recent cold snap.  The snow originally fell on the Thursday,( 17th dec ) followed by minus 10 and then a heavy snowfall on the following Monday.  The main road remained open throughout this period ( now bus route ) but the spur which connects the " low road" up the big end of Pendle hill had only been gritted as far as ( and including ) the little used Martin Top branch, where all the people lived was left untouched until late Wednesday afternoon.   According to my local councilor his phone was red hot, the official LCC excuse was that said road was not included in its satellite map so all the drivers ignored it.  Anyone with local knowledge would have known that the route through Twiston was the priority all the time.  I suspect that the real reason was that it could not be fitted into a one way trip without having to go over previous gritting technically idle.
Anyway it all started going down hill in the 1980s, the fleet of Ford 13 ton gross carry 8 tons of salt in winter or shraff in summer ( for tar spay and chipping ) resurfacing were replaced by 3.5 tonne Transits.   It was hilarious, they even had to tip off collecting the minimum 1.5 ton mix of tarmac at Horrocksford quarry.  We made a fortune getting paid for 10 tons when they only wanted 3 or 4 to finish the job, often there was plenty left, did the drive at the back of my house for free.   Anyway all said trucks could be fitted with a plough and even if their wasn't an IPO gritter to go on the back there was sometimes a hole at the front of the box with a spinner beneath where a bloke could shovel to whilst mobile.  H&S would freak out but you could never fit a plough on a transit pickup, the small wheels on a modern 7.5 tonner are also of little use in snow, although an improvement on the Transits.
Once upon a time I used to build gritters, our particular selling point was the actual spreading technology, the bodies were not that brilliant.   As usual in the UK the best all round manufacturer of gritters ( Atkinson ) had gone bust first, and the company I worked for got took over and closed by a competitor.   The technology got excessive to a point where it was uneconomical, interestingly enough some London boroughs had the best idea fitting a basic gritter to an old withdrawn dustbin wagon, others got ex-army 4 by 4 Bedfords.  Anyway following today's purpose built gritters it would appear that the technology is much more basic than in the late 1980s.
As I complete this anecdote Twiston remains ungritted since last Wednesday despite further snow this Tuesday.  The Corporate Nazi's at LCC apparently refuse to grit said two mile stretch of road due to having to concentrate on bus routes and lack of salt.  This is despite the fact that said route is the only alternative over the big end of Pendle if the main route gets blocked for some reason.
Salt Shortage
It would appear that many local councils are experiencing a severe road salt shortage, and current film footage suggests that Winsford is working flat out 24/7 just to keep the country in salt hand to mouth.  Back in the 1980s Winsford had massive stock piles of salt stacked up 100ft high either side a mile down the road into the town centre.  You could drive up onto the top and turn round an artic no problem whilst loading.
There was never a shortage of salt in winter, but I suspect that the eco-fascists put their oar in in the 1990s.   Salt was always tipped and stored in the open, but the eco fascists squealed about run-off during rain so councils and the highways agency had to build sheds to put it in.   Some people have attempted to portray that rock salt gets less effective if exposed to the rain.   The truth is that apart from an inch or two on the outside of the pile which forms a crust due to the clay component the inside remains as fresh as the day it was tipped.  Now local councils are forced to pay well over the odds for white " cooking salt " and mix it with 5mm-dust grit from a quarry with aggregate tax on it.
I'm a bit skeptical about the alleged detrimental environmental aspect of storing salt in the open.  Lancashire County Council once had a massive open air strategic stock pile at Samlesbury by the A59, the standing water in the dyke at the side of the adjacent lay-by old road was the best place for kids to find frog spawn in spring.   So it looks like appeasing the eco-fascists has stuffed us all again for no real benefit to anything.
It was interesting to note that although BBC breakfast were pushing the  McCelebrity eco-fascist " No Meat Monday " in early news, Benn instantly dismissed it when questioned.   The link is broken to the full story of what was said in the full announcement but it should be clear to anyone with a working brain that we need to produce more meat.  Much of the UK is unsuitable for producing anything else, and like one HYS post pointed out, Monday is traditionally used to eat up what remains of your Sunday roast. ( if you can afford one )  Even Chip shops would traditionally stay closed on Monday for the same reason.
NN 07/01/2010
Jaunty #2
Its not really fair to blame the " market " entirely for the lack of gas storage capacity in the UK, various companies have tried to set up adequate cheap gas storage.  Just in the north west ( 1 in Cheshire and one on the Fylde ) two applications have been made to store gas in old salt workings.  However, each time the high profile eco-fascist groups moved in and organized effective local campaigns in opposition based on alleged ( perhaps bogus ) safety concerns.  The government could have stepped in and approved said plans but remained silent.
As for predicting the weather, Piers Corbyn and his Weather Action team predicted the current cold snap 6 months ago based on sun spot observations.  The Met Office are totally useless, all they are interested in is attempting to portray further global warming to appease their quasi-religion.   Perhaps time to sack everyone in the Met Office and use public funds to get a free to the general public accurate set of forecasts from Weather Action ?
John Ketley was on News 24 reckoning that the cold weather was down to which way the wind was blowing, but how do you expect to model that.  As everyday passes the evidence for the climate change scam looks thinner, just as Anne Winterton pointed out in yesterday's PMQs.  Of course all the brain dead would be eco-fascists on the Labour benches broke out laughing.  Perhaps the boot will be on the other foot in a couple of years time ?
Perhaps if Lord Adonis is genuine in his promise to ensure local authorities receive all the salt they desperately need ASAP, he needs to suspend the drivers hours regulations for the next couple of months.  There is an historical precedent, the Tories once did it back in the 1980s when our country was in the grip of arctic conditions.
Furthermore, he needs to suspend the current gross vehicle weight limits regulations, allow up to 10% GVW above the plated weight ( as an allowance not a target ).  Things have improved since the 1980s with the introduction of weigh scales on loading shovels but the science is not perfect and takes far longer to load than a rough yet educated guess.  Its pretty soul destroying to sit in a queue for a weighbridge and then be sent back to tip off a ton from a 40 ton gross load, then join the queue all over again.  From the film footage it would appear that loading capacity is a key factor in creating the queues of lorries in Cheshire.   The above measures would go a long way towards alleviating the current salt shortage situation.
NN 08/01/2010
Anything which damages to political credibility of the DUP has to be a good thing for the progress of peace in Northern Ireland.  The DUP have always been the biggest obstacle to true devolution, but if it was up to me I would give Ulster back to where it really belongs with southern Ireland.   Ulster is nothing but a drain on the UK economy and we can do without the bent deals their Westminster politicians enter into like voting for 42 days detention on the basis of a bribe for massive UK government / corporate investment.  It was the same back in the 1990s with the Road Fuel Tax Escalator, tobacco factory shut in Oldham and relocated to Ulster despite the extra transport cost implications.
Jaunty #50
It looks like Gordon Browns foolish 100bn offshore windmill investment scam has pushed  mining shares even higher.   It would appear that pension funds etc have been selling gilts and buying equities ( probably mining shares ) on the back of quantitive easing.   When the stock market probably goes tits up later in the year pension funds are going to be decimated.  The whole scam is based on lunacy, heavy copper cables from as far offshore as Dogger Bank must make offshore wind totally uneconomic unless we are all forced to pay a hefty Private Tax on energy in general.   The trouble is that it doesn't look like we will get a vote on it at the next election, Tories not presenting any real opposition to green lunacy.  Like you say the money would be far better spent on solar panels for factory roof's, or any other roof for that matter.  At least solar energy will be reliably available during the working day when demand is highest.
Perhaps the latest government sponsored legal scam ?
Just the other day some corporate woman cold called me on the land line ( despite being on the telephone preference scheme ).   She attempted to portray that I was suffering from significant hearing loss and could claim damages on some alleged government scheme.   I instantly told her the my hearing was perfect considering my age but she would persist that I needed to take a hearing test ( suspect this is the government NHS funded component ).  Eventually I got rid of her, but if the NHS is wasting money on scheme to generate business for the legal profession it stinks.  Both Labour and the Tories claim NHS spending is sacred, but if its funding projects like the above it needs clamping down on ASAP.
ecolizzy #60
Why don't we have a 50% tax on all party political donations to create a fund whereby Independent's or candidates from " smaller parties " can claim back at least a proportion of their local election expenses.  Then at least most constituencies would have the chance of voting for a candidate opposed to policies based on the climate change scam.  ( do you do facebook, check out the New Commonwealth Party )
What Britain needs in response to the economic crisis is not foolish wind farm projects to suck in massively global environmentally damaging copper imports but home grown solutions adapting to possible climate change. For instance a national grid for water, primarily comprising one gravity feed /syphon aqueduct from Kielder to London, one from the Lake District Intersecting Yorkshire, no expensive pumps required and the Romans could have done it. Likewise a Severn but also Morecambe Bay barrage, generate loads of carbon free electricity on a reliable ( and continual basis if you use pump storage using the nearby hills in both cases ), get our steel and cement industry working at peak efficiency instead of the current energy wasteful low capacity. When said projects are complete we could send the spare excavation equipment to places like Bangladesh where they need to build better sea defences, far better than cash aid the stock market parasites can embezzle.
The national grid for water could be funded by water companies in the south east, ( and the scheme enforced by the regulator ) obviously any consumers benefitting from said scheme could be expected to pay extra on their water bills.  I'm not really that familiar with the logistics of the Severn estuary, but a direct road to Barrow in Furness could stimulate the west Cumbrian economy.  Barrow itself could be virtually brought back into Lancashire where it traditionally belongs with a new direct road link across any barrage.  As you well know I am not generally in favour of road tolls but a small cost to use said direct route could help pay for the project as a whole.
Anyway, what do you think about the said projects, far better value to our nation than wind farms which will be scrap in under 25 years ?

One I missed from earlier ( 01/12/2009 )
It would appear that the " Corporate Nazi " eco-fascist leaning celebrities have still not come to terms with the fact that the quasi-religious science they base their catastrophic predictions if we don't cut CO2 emissions on is fatally flawed.
It would appear that they are determined to plough on with their New World Order agenda regardless of the facts.  Only this afternoon I watched an episode of Aubrey Manning's Earth Story which amply portrayed how the earth's temperature has fluctuated wildly between hot periods and ice ages.   One scientist actually calculated it all worked out on solar activity, variations in the earth's orbit around the sun.  After his death his theory was proved by geologists working in Bermuda studying the ancient fossilized coral beds.  Analysis of ocean sediments prove more significant fluctuations in climate not so long ago, of course Earth Story was made before the eco-fascist took control of production at the BBC.
Just take a look at the credentials of some of the celebrities promoting the eco-fascist quasi-religion.
I can't help speculating that Zac Goldsmith virtually stole his alleged 300 acre farm in Devon in 2001 as a direct result of the damage done to the rural economy by the Road Fuel Tax Escalator.  7.5 million pound mansion then he preaches to the relative poor that they should turn down their central heating and freeze in winter.  Likewise stop driving when he like perhaps others like Sting frequently use helicopters and private jets for their global joyriding.
Its almost as though the " Corporate Nazi " celebrities desire to introduce some new form of corporate Darwinism based on financial apartheid.  Only the super rich will be able to afford to " breed " regardless of their ultimate intelligence of physical fitness.  They can rely on a pool of virtual wage slaves, their slavery enshrined in carbon taxes.
Its just a pity that distinguished journalists with humble roots like Jeremy Paxman don't have the moral courage to challenge the Corporate Nazi propaganda on Climate Change,   Perhaps years years on telephone number remuneration have destroyed any moral compass they may once have cherished.
Although not directly related one of the eco-fascists ( that Joseph character ) were squealing about this.
Lets look at the history of how we got here ?
Even though there were no tachgraphs at the time, the EU 8 hour driving hours ruined transport efficiency.  Industry in central Scotland was decimated when the tachographs eventually came in, mostly due to Dumfries & Galloway police rigidly enforcing the 40 Mph HGV speed limit on the A74.   Srathclyde had a spell at it also but could see the damage to the economy, didn't help rail freight either.  Now there were lots of empty wagons in central Scotland who couldn't get home for a load the next day so spend the rest of your day loading one to take back.  Stuff like spuds and whiskey, basically anything not in a particular rush and you could use traditional railway stock.   The yard of the garage where I worked backed onto the Blackburn-Hellifield line so you couldn't miss what was going on.  The trains just got shorter and shorter, Scotch wagons were also taking stuff back in the other direction.  The final nail in the coffin was the APT and the need to take the catch points out of the WCML  so all partially fitted trains were withdrawn. 
The result was even more wagon's on the road and everyone had to buy new more powerful equipment, then they did it again in 1985, new 38 tonne weight limit when they should have gone straight to 44 tonne and allow a " full " 40 foot ISO container to be handled by road.   The only problem is that much of the current road freight is low density stuff like Stobart's empty beer cans to Worcester and full cans back to Carlisle, which could make such traffic more " eco friendly " ( fuel efficient ) by road.
The new " B-Train " 83 foot double bendy artic could significantly reduce carbon emissions and like the operator said, actually reduce the number of wagons on our road.  The B-Train principle is well proven safe in New Zealand and Aussie, at the moment UK operators are running less stable " wagon and drags " in order to increase volume.   The point is that the weight pushes you trough the wind so a heavier vehicle in total will consume less fuel for more goods moved.  Like the haulier said, they were not intending to exceed the current 44 tonne max weight limit, such vehicles would also do less damage to the roads.  The eco-fascists were attempting to portray that said project was going to increase the weight limit.
Perhaps the future is a network of road / rail container interchange depots, with regular trains running between the WCML / ECML extremes stopping off on route to interchange traffic.   For instance if you had a consignment of goods ( container ) from the south west for destinations in the north east you would intersect the train at somewhere near Preston and deliver ( perhaps several drops ) to as far as Newcastle the next day.  Reciprocal from the east coast route, arrange things to make the best use of both rail and road transport.  For instance a road vehicle sent from Preston could collect goods to go by rail from a north east depot as part of a working day.  It just needs clever organization, computers are not really up to it yet if rail ticketing software is anything to go by.
Health & Safety is a major nightmare for our parish council when it comes to maintaining the children's play equipment on our village playing field.  The field was left to the " villagers " by a wealthy spinster who was killed during a bombing raid on our village during the war and is not local authority controlled.   The playing field officially opened in 1953 on the Queen's coronation and the equipment comprised of a " swing boat ", two small kiddies swings and a group of six older children's swings varying in height from one end to the other.  We also had a 15 foot high slide which the kids would grease with candles to make it faster, but the swing boat was the most popular.  The older kids would get it bouncing off its stops, eventually one of the radius arms snapped and was replaced, however it was decided to close it as " too dangerous " in the late 1970s after one of the arms broke again.  Likewise the slide, plywood was put on the sides at the top to stop kids climbing out and falling.  However in the 1980s the safety fascists closed closed down to be replaced by a boring steel tube climbing frame.  The swing boat was replace by a small tame slide although we did get a roundabout at the same time.  Now ROSPA are alleging that the main frame for the group of six swings is potentially unsafe, they have already been reduced to four.   Its quite simple to test the integrity of the steel tubing at vital points by whacking it with a hammer, but ROSPA insist we get a chartered engineer from the manufacturers to inspect them.   It would appear that the whole focus of ROSPA is to force playground operators to install new equipment, like all H&S legislation its designed to promote false economic growth, in all probability the swings could last another 50 years with maintenance.    The price of new play equipment is also inflated by various government grants available.   Perhaps the whole object of the safety fascists exercise is to eventually steal the playing fields from the villagers.
NN 13/01/2010
Yet another Newsnight non-discussion about the future of world finance and how the taxpayers are going to be able to get their money back.  Was Vince Cable the best you could do, perhaps obviously working under party orders not to mention any possible version of the Tobin Tax. After all, all three main parties are almost certainly seeking heavy funding from the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites in the run up to the election.   It wasn't made clear whether Labour or the Tories had been asked to provide a spokesperson for said discussion, perhaps they were just " practicing the art of not being seen " in the true " Monty Python's Flying Circus " tradition of British Politics these days ?
NN 14/01/2010
Of course we over reacted to the potential of the swine flu outbreak, but as with everything Brown's government embarks upon, any convenient excuse for a false economic growth investment scam.   Its mainly the fault of the media, perhaps especially the BBC and " News24 " ramming it down the throats of the ten bob fat cats that they are all going to die unless we spend lots of money.  
The thing is that it has emerged that Tamiflu is not that effective as first claimed yet I suspect that the NHS keeps stockpiling it.  Perhaps fair enough to try it in the first instance, had big stocks on the back of other baseless health scares and it was likely to go out of date anyway.   Its all part of Brown's Corporate Nazi welfare state for the stock market parasites, the biggest potential investment scam is climate change but perhaps the evidence over the next few years can save everybody scarce time and money.
I am eligible for the swine flu jab as a priority, but I have not bothered to get it yet even though I have had the seasonal flu jab.   It can wait until I see my GP on my annual appointment later this month, might just as well have it if its available.
It would appear that mainstream media weather forecasting has got itself into a bit of a politically correct pickle.  It would appear that they are not always as short term accurate as BTY would suggest.  The last Saturday just before Xmas was the key big seasonal prize domino meeting at remote rural Tosside.  On the strength of the forecast my 87 year old dad stopped at home under a warning of " heavy snow, in the event there was no snow till Monday.
The BBC TV weather forecast  was far better in the 1980s when they showed you the full Atlantic chart with all the fronts and pressure gradients on it.  If it showed an occluded front in a northerly wind you could work it out yourself that it was likely to snow. ( that is assuming you did the 1970s O level geography syllabus )  Its just a load of fancy computer graphics these days designed to please the average brain dead ten bob fat cats.  Even then, if they predict rain in summer the tourist industry are ringing up on their backs complaining about potential loss of business
Indy #64
It rather looks like Griffin has been bought out by the Corporate Nazi's on his pre-Xmas climate change scam position as he is now apparently playing all his key cards on " Troops Home ".  I can't see much political point in that as if you support an end to involvement in Afghanistan you can vote Lib-Demmic, and if you are even considering voting for Clegg you are hardly likely to be voting BNP even as a desperate protest ?
Failure to accurately predict the UK weather over the past few weeks must demonstrate that the Met Office is not fit for public purpose.   Although I am not generally in favour of privatizing any " public services " perhaps privatizing the Met Office would be a good way of at least reducing the current astronomical public borrowing requirement.   That is assuming that any private investor would be foolish enough to buy it ?
( From last week )
As for predicting the weather, Piers Corbyn and his Weather Action team predicted the current cold snap 6 months ago based on sun spot observations.  The Met Office are totally useless, all they are interested in is attempting to portray further global warming to appease their quasi-religion.   Perhaps time to sack everyone in the Met Office and use public funds to get a free to the general public accurate set of forecasts from Weather Action ?
John Ketley was on News 24 reckoning that the cold weather was down to which way the wind was blowing, but how do you expect to model that.  As everyday passes the evidence for the climate change scam looks thinner, just as Anne Winterton pointed out in last weeks PMQs.  Of course all the brain dead would be eco-fascists on the Labour benches broke out laughing.  Perhaps the boot will be on the other foot in a couple of years time ?
Perhaps if Lord Adonis is genuine in his promise to ensure local authorities receive all the salt they desperately need ASAP, he needs to suspend the drivers hours regulations for the next couple of months.  There is an historical precedent, the Tories once did it back in the 1980s when our country was in the grip of arctic conditions.
Furthermore, he needs to suspend the current gross vehicle weight limits regulations, allow up to 10% GVW above the plated weight ( as an allowance not a target ).  Things have improved since the 1980s with the introduction of weigh scales on loading shovels but the science is not perfect and takes far longer to load than a rough yet educated guess.  Its pretty soul destroying to sit in a queue for a weighbridge and then be sent back to tip off a ton from a 40 ton gross load, then join the queue all over again.  From the film footage it would appear that loading capacity is a key factor in creating the queues of lorries in Cheshire.   The above measures would go a long way towards alleviating the current salt shortage situation.
( I heard on the grape vine that many bulk haulage contractors are not even bothering to participate in salt distribution, even though they currently have wagons laid idle.   The long queues make salt haulage totally uneconomic, anyone participating is probably doing it as a social service to keep their drivers from being laid off due to lack of their regular work for the construction industry )
Where ever you go whether its a reduced speed limit, new roundabout, traffic calming or HGV ban there are always a bunch of ten bob fat cat property speculators riding the wave of media indoctrinated emotions. Never mind the massive extra carbon footprint caused by the weight limit on Grane Rd, think of the false economic growth it creates in order for the stock market parasites to pay themselves even bigger bonuses than ever, whilst small business closes because they can't afford to pass on the increased transport cost. ?
NN 18/01/2010
Try again, being particularly touchy this evening and anyway all the teachers mentioned are most likely severely dead and may never walk again ?
#16 Brilliant observations JAperson

Perhaps especially the bit about school teachers, when I was a secondary modern in the early 1970s the best teachers we had were well qualified trades people often with an engineering background. The first three years of Physics was brilliant as taught by Jack Wright, ex RAF bloke with practical engineering experience. We learnt more useful practical in life stuff in the first three years with him than we got on the alleged O level course under an idiot with a BA in two years.  All he was interested in was that you never called him ASPIN at it was ASPDEN, lazy swine just used come in and tell you to copy sections from the text book.  He was missing a lot of the time, couldn't see the point of simply copying the textbook, you need different angles to learn efficiently, lucky for me there were programmes like Horizon and all the other excellent educational stuff.  Anyway I used the physics lesson time to do homework from other subjects and still got a C despite having to pay to take the exam because Aspin put me in for CSE, but I couldn't be bothered with the course work project homework.  These days pupils spend far too much of the time being preached Shakespeare, would be far better to practice written English through something like geography or history.  I believe that physics has disappeared and become part of a combined science course that can never be as good as taking the individual subjects.
One of the most memorable episodes in my secondary school education was the close links between both the science and math's departments.  They collaborate on practical jokes on certain pupils by masters.    Perhaps the best one was sending somebody for a long stand, which I witnessed personally in one of Ma Sharpe's math's lesson.  Said pupil would come into the lesson and state " Please Mrs. Sharpe Mr. Wright ( the physics master ) sent me for a long stand ", not so stupid request as it might seem as Ma Sharpe did in fact possess a " long  stand " which she used to illustrate the practical in stuff like geometry.  However said pupil would make said request but Ma Sharpe would continue the math's lesson for another ten minutes or so.  When she ended her spiel said pupil would ask " what about my long stand " to which Ma sharp would retort that " you have already had it ".   It took a couple of seconds for the penny to drop after which said pupil would make a speedy exit to avoid the embarrassment.   I never quite worked out whether it was a punishment for stupid pupils who disrupted lessons, perhaps just get them out of the way during any crucial bit.
NN 20/01/2010
US Rejecting Obama Eco-Fascism ?
I suspect that many former Obama supporters are not voting against health care, just the pathetic current health care proposals that wont benefit any US citizens, just a welfare state for the health companies in its present form. The real elephant in the room is the Climate Change Scam after Obama flew to Copenhagen and associated himself with the Corporate Nazi eco-fascist carbon taxers. From the posts on YouTube it would appear that there is a healthy debate going on in the US regarding the climate change scam, it may be the case that the prospect of blocking any proposals on climate change were the key factor in Obama's apparent implosion in public support ?
Putting myself in the shoes of the average " independent " or " progressive " Democrat leaning US voter keen to promote true equality in US society, I could actually see myself now voting Republican in protest.   I suspect that many of those who supported Obama at the presidential election are at least extremely peeved with where the progress of the health bill stands.   As drafted at the moment it is little better than a welfare state for the health insurance industry and not really worth the paper it is written on and little better than the status quo.
Obama has failed to come up with his promise to the poor on health care, then he flies off to Copenhagen and associates himself with the Carbon Tax Corporate Nazi eco-fascists.  He also allowed CO2 to be classified as a pollutant when it is clearly essential to life on our planet.  Any intelligent voter can see that even if Obama had got the most important " public option " in his health bill, carbon taxes would have more than destroyed any potential gain to the overall quality of life for the US citizen.
NN 26/01/2010
I don't profess to know all the rules that the statisticians use but it strikes me that for the UK to have achieved 0.1% growth we also now have even on the most conservative of estimates 2.9% inflation.   Perhaps if you knock out what could be perceived as false economic growth ( inflation ) our economy actually shrunk 2.8% in the last quarter.   Of course the stock market parasites are doing well on the back of quantative easing, but it would appear that the likes of Hedge Funds are soaking up most of any extra money which could be going into the real economy.
As your Salford report last night suggested there are still plenty of ten bob fat cats out there foolish enough to be willing to sign their financial life away on a poxy terraced house for 150k.   The banks must be pretty foolish to allow anyone to do so, perhaps sowing the seeds of a new financial crisis in near future when many may loose their public sector job as a result of Tory spending cuts.
#89 ecolizzy

That's the whole object of the exercise based on Corporate Nazi ideology and supported by Corporate Multinational Cartel friendly Trade Unions. The CMC wants to kill small businesses as they know full well they are always more efficient at doing anything than them. All three main parties are a Corporate Nazi mirror image of themselves, competing for the vote of ten bob fat cat virtual bank slaves, hence the apparent focus on keeping interest rates low.
Perhaps Tim nice but dim has got an injunction put on it after he was exposed gaining 80k in his back pocket for a HoC banquet he organised for a possible environmental investment scam company.  It would appear that most politicians with alleged green credentials are bent as a nine bob note, Gavin intervened but it was about to be revealed about his directorship of another green company concerned with promoting electric cars.  No wonder nice but dim Tim was bleating for massive increases in road fuel duty more recently, his chairmanship of the Environmental Audit Committee must be untenable if the truth comes out.
It would appear that the whole thrust of the Lorry Ban proposals are deriven by ten bob fat cat property speculation of a style which probably makes " house flipping " bent politicians famous for it look amaeture.  Perhaps many of the members of the chamber of trade think that they can sell up and make a tidy profit on the strength of any lorry ban.   It is petently obvious that these people do not care about the true future long term interest of the Settle local economy, of which the quarry industry and it HGV's are the key.
Perhaps asking tourists whether they would come to Settle more often if HGVs were banned is likely to precipitate the same answer as if you had asked BNP members whether they would support the construction of a new Mosque.  Such is the media indoctrinated black propaganda emotion against HGVs and the haulage industry in general to the point of virtual racism in most cases.  The eco-fascist element in society ( and Settle would appear to have more than its fair share of these people ) will support anything which destroys the long term job prospects of the true indigenous population, work to close industry like the quarries, paper mill and creamery.
I seem to remember that Gordon Brown was boasting the support of 80 companies including Shell when he flew off to Copenhagen to allegedly save the planet from doom. Given Shell's past human rights record especially in Nigeria where they got Ken Sarawiwa hanged for attempting to use democracy to protect the rights of the people its perhaps hardly surprising that they support the Climate Change scam. I suppose I could go back and get the full list from news archive but Tesco was another member of the corporate multinational cartel supporting brown, famous for screwing the small farmers, I don't remember any potential human rights infringements by Exxonmobil.
NN 10/02/2010
Perhaps Mr. Athens dustbin man was not that far wide of the truth when he said that Greece was probably being used as a guinea pig for other countries in the EU.  It would appear that the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites are trying their level best to ferment an EU wide civil war ( including in the UK ).   Perhaps the " markets " can't wait until policies driven by the Climate Change Scam ( the lights going out due to reliance on wind farms ) create enough anarchy to precipitate the suspension of basic human rights in the UK.  Perhaps its ironic but it is governments who have given the hedge funds the liquidity to target individual nations.   Significant regulation of global finance can't come soon enough to save what remains of our alleged civilisation.  End Panda's ( nee Darling )  New Labour's G20 welfare state for the stock market parasites ASAP if this is how the Corporate Nazi's intend to repay our citizens.
It must now be clear to any political observers that Gordon Brown is the puppet of the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites. Likewise Alistair Darling ( nee Panda ) who would appear to be committed to the Corporate Nazi ideology of expanding and sustaining a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites. Tough on alleged Incapacity Benefit cheats but no action to curb the embezzlement of billions by the " socially useless " section of financial markets as recently identified by Lord Turner. Darling is attempting to portray that a cap on bonuses will be avoided through higher basic salaries. The obvious solution is to heavily tax all derivatives trades, but with Obama scared of assassination the Corporate Nazi's have him as their puppet also, so no chance of a global deal.

Of course it will be no better under the Tories despite the Osborne rhetoric on tougher city regulation. Perhaps its convenient to dump the FSA now that its head is no longer " ideologically pure ", of course Boris has to object to a cap on bonuses as they are mostly in the interest of his main political sponsors. Farage's response is typical of a party funded by the likes of hedge funds, meanwhile Vince Cable is perhaps conveniently practicing the art of not being seen.
NN 15/02/2010
I've just watched BBC1 Panorama outlining the rise in disability hate crime where a not obviously disabled man confined to a wheelchair did secret filming to illustrate the problem.   Its perhaps hardly surprising considering how allegedly funny and popular " comedy series " Little Britain attempts to portray how all wheelchair users are complete frauds as a key feature of the programme.  Now its being spewed out all over again on DAVE, whilst true comedy like the Spike Milligan Q series is virtually banned as it is no longer deemed politically correct.  Add to this all the propaganda put out by high profile mainstream politicians ( particularly the Tories but Brown has had his moments also ) on how anybody claiming incapacity benefit are worthless scroungers and what do you expect will be the result ?
NN 19/02/2010
Its all very well for Lord Adonis and others to have a grand vision of a brand new high speed UK train set, probably mostly in the interest of the few not the many.   However, the main challenge facing our rail network is the state of the track on many secondary lines throughout the country.  Much of the track replaced in the 1950 / 60s is now well past its sell by date, requiring significant speed limits. The situation is not helped by the fact that the Yank owned EWS replaced all the purpose built low axle load diesels built during the 1960s with mega heavy US built Class 66.  Talking to drivers it would appear that the slightly less powerful older UK designed and built Class 60 is a far better locomotive for freight trains.
I suspect that the civil engineers would have forbade their use on many secondary lines in the 60s, now said Class 66 are often the only option for freight trains.  I suspect that freight operators dare not expand services to use secondary lines and free up the main lines for more frequent passenger trains for fear of the track disintegrating.   Passenger services can often get away with it using relatively lightweight DMU stock, but the speed limits remain.
The true way forward for rail transport in the UK must be to get all the secondary lines back up to standard in order that fast frequent loco hauled passenger trains can safely use them.  There is no doubt that to do this would need every bit of public subsidy available, the signaling needs improving also, perhaps taking advantage of radio technology.
Only then can we get rid of the current sardine can DMU fleet and provide a decent service ( especially at rush hour ) throughout the network.
NN 22/02/2010
Regardless of the validity of any " bullying " accusations perhaps Gordon Brown's admitted " bad temper " has its roots in some of the policy he religiously pushes.  Brown claims to be proud of his socialist roots yet he allowed himself to be drawn into virtually inciting hatred against genuine sick people claiming Incapacity Benefit by Freud and Purnell.  That question has gone off the boil at present, but he was also democratically forced into a massive U turn over Congestion Charging in Manchester. 
It would appear that the Corporate Nazi stock market parasite establishment expect anyone leaning on the left of politics in the UK to universally embrace the concept of eco-fascism.  Nobody is so deluded by the climate change scam as Brown, despite recent evidence to suggest that the science it is based on has as many holes in it as Swiss Cheese. 
I would expect that it was an integral part of No 10 staff duties to advise the prime minister of any developments relating to government policy.   It must cause some friction when staff tell Brown that his key belief is in large part based on fiction, yet Brown continues to perpetuate and entrench his position on the whole climate change investment scam. 
It must be bad for the future of our country and democracy if none of the prime ministers junior advisors dare question policy positions.  Perhaps the problem stems from the fact that Brown can only read large print, assumes that staff are lying when they verbally point out glaring anomalies in policy.  Perhaps senior civil service members with vested interests treat puppet Brown like a mushroom, keep him in the dark and feed him plenty of " manure " as his key information sources ?
I must admit that I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with Nick Griffin's position on the now totally discredited Climate Change Scam after his speech to the EU parliament prior to Copenhagen.   In fact I was increasingly attracted to what he was saying about the Climate Change Scam up until Christmas.   He even " outed " a Lib-Demmic MEP with shares in a wind farm company on the North West edition of The Politics Show.  However, it would appear that his Corporate Nazi puppet masters have forced him to ease off on the Climate Change Scam more recently despite the mounting evidence to suggest that the whole Global Warming thing is just a stock market parasite investment scam.
Notwithstanding, I visited the official BNP site and checked out their alleged environment policy.  I would suggest that you read their environment policy, a blend of eco-fascism and animal rights claptrap which will put half of British farmers out of business.  Then they talk of the increased use of bio-fuels, which unless you use every piece of British land currently in food production you need to import and destroy the habitat of the Orangutan.   The latent policy schizophrenia starts to creep in here, if you make bio-fuel the residue can be used to feed pigs and poultry, but its extremely wasteful if you don't allow any degree of " factory farming ".   25% of the current US grain crop now goes into bio-fuel production, thus increasing world food prices for third world countries where I suspect than many can now no longer afford to feed themselves.  Of course the market price keeps up due to being subsidised by aid agencies and charities, politicians like Brown especially foolish enough to fund it and the false economic growth it creates.
Equally hilarious ( if it wasn't so serious ) plans for Mag Lev trains, at a a time when the funding can't be found to replace existing front line express trains when they wear out.  We can't reasonably afford a conventional high speed rail network even though Mag Lev is likely to cost ten times as much.  Similarly using hydrogen as a fuel to protect our environment, pure engineering illiteracy.  ( Hydrogen has to be made by passing electricity through water, or wastefully stripped out of natural gas ).
Of course the eco-fascist purists will claim that you can generate Hydrogen using renewable electricity from wind and solar.  However, what are you going to do with all the waste Oxygen from electrolysis, we have enough spontaneous forest fires etc as it is, extra Oxygen in our atmosphere can only increase the risk.   Far better to use any electricity generated from tidal sources direct, or use low tech lead acid batteries in trailers for car transport at least.  Furthermore, just how many wind farms / solar panels do you need to produce enough energy for transport alone, I suggest we don't have the space.  In any case solar panels are said to cause more pollution in their manufacture than they can theoretically save in their lifetime. 
On the waste Oxygen point I did have the education of watching a very early 1980s Ch4 half hour documentary by some ageing bloke who had studied the relationship between the Oxygen level in the atmosphere and " bush fires "  Apparently they move north and south with the seasons, as increased plant growth puts the Oxygen levels up the spontaneous fire start, difficult to stop until the local Oxygen level has fallen again.   Likewise it could be said that increased CO2 in our atmosphere increases plant growth and therefore the potential level of Oxygen, but nothing to do with alleged Global Warming.
Don't despair if you are wearing a little thin with the lack of opposition to the Climate Change Scam and the Corporate Nazi policies allegedly justified by it. 
Last Night I watched Robert ( Lord ) Winston on BBC Hardtalk where he inferred that climate change science has been abused by current politicians in a similar way to what you might have expected from Hitler or Stalin !   Like Lord Winston also inferred on Hardtalk, developments in science are all too often hijacked as the basis for stock market parasite investment scams with the potential to infringe our relative basic human rights.  It would appear that the whole point of Corporate Nazi policy is to generate false economic growth and increase the financial apartheid between rich and poor.
NN 26/02/2010
#72 Statist
You say that the BNP " is coming close to old Labour "  I would suggest that you read their environment policy, a blend of eco-fascism and animal rights claptrap which will put half of British farmers out of business.  Equally hilarious ( if it wasn't so serious ) plans for mag lev trains, at a a time when the funding can't be found to replace existing front line express trains when they wear out.  Similarly using hydrogen as a fuel to protect our environment, pure engineering illiteracy  ( just for those who have not covered this blog for the last year Hydrogen has to be made by passing electricity through water, or wastefully stripped out of natural gas ).
As for the BNP bleating about free speech the comments section of their web site news section is censorship city, no views contrary to the party line allowed.  They would appear to be a Nazi Party as the Gangofone continually attempts to portray, but its got nothing to do with their latent Islamophobia.
Last Night I watched Robert ( Lord ) Winston on BBC Hardtalk where he inferred that climate change science has been abused by current politicians in a similar way to what you might have expected from Hitler or Stalin !
Jaunty / barrie
What are you going to do with all the waste Oxygen from electrolysis, we have enough spontaneous forest fires etc as it is, extra Oxygen in our atmosphere can only increase the risk.   Far better to use any electricity generated from tidal sources direct, or use low tech lead acid batteries in trailers for car transport at least.  Jaunty just how many wind farms / solar panels do you need to produce enough energy for transport alone, I suggest we don't have the space.  In any case solar panels are said to cause more pollution in their manufacture than they can theoretically save in their lifetime.
barrie #97
Lets call it a draw, but like Lord Winston inferred on Hardtalk developments in science are all to often hijacked as the basis for investment scams.   On the waste Oxygen point I did have the education of watching a very early half hour Ch4 documentary by some ageing bloke who had studied the relationship between the Oxygen level in the atmosphere and " bush fires "  Apparently they move with the seasons, as increased plant growth puts the Oxygen levels up the spontaneous fire start, difficult to stop until the local Oxygen level has fallen again.   Likewise it could be said that increased CO2 in our atmosphere increases plant growth and therefore the potential level of Oxygen, but nothing to do with alleged Global Warming.
ecolizzy #169
If you look back through the blogs you will see that I have been banging on about legalising the Afghan poppy crop for worldwide medical use for ages now, thus potentially resolving the world shortage of morphine which precipitated much suffering in Haiti recently.  It wont happen due to the NATO members quasi-religion, the Aussies grow it at present and if anybody needs to switch to wheat its them, they already have the infastructure for it.
" battery farming " cows is just a last resort action of farmers to limit contact with badgers carrying bovine TB.  Probably not quite what the eco-fascists / animal rights idiots were allegedly aiming for but, but if the government wont sanction any form of badger cull its the only avenue left open to farmers.  All badger sets in the UK need trapping and testing for TB, if any TB is found cull the entire set, perhaps no need to go as far as the contiguous cull used in controlling FMD though.  It could take up to ten years to achieve it but TB in badgers and therefore cows out to pasture could then be totally free from TB.
NN 01/03/2010
# 8 thanks for the link ecolizzy
Did you know its BNP policy to significantly increase the use of bio-fuels, go and check it out in their ridiculous half baked ill thought through Environment Policy section on their web site.  Bit of a schizophrenic conflict going on in there, want us to grow all our own food also, all organic, no form of factory farming.
Just got the " what's in tonight's prog " Email and it would appear that Susan Watts report on the Science and Technology Committee questioning on the climate change scam has been shunted into the sidings.   Perhaps this is due to the fact that Kirsty is approaching an age when she is likely to make use of said BBC pension pot said to be riding on the success of the climate change scam.  Probably haven't missed much anyway as a bunch of MP's totally deluded by the green propaganda based quasi religion are hardly likely to ask searching or difficult questions.  Likewise many have got nice little climate change scam earners on the side like Mr " Nice But Dim " person, and as the theory goes kick one and they all limp ?
ecolizzy #22
I've run this line on the blog some time ago,  ( but just in case you missed it )  back in the early 1990s I encountered a bloke called Gary Quelch who had a company based on the fast growing Chinese pond slime Chlorella.   His main business was alleged health food but he also had ideas for using Chlorella as a fuel.   He had got to a stage where he had collaborated with Perkins to build a small diesel engine to run on dried powdered Chlorella.   They even showed the said engine running on BBC Tomorrows World, admittedly not suitable for use with a mechanical transmission but generating electric at constant speed no problem.  He also had plans for a Chlorella power station, utilizing the CO2 and waste heat to improve the growth of said pond slime contained on site to provide a virtual perpetual supply of fuel.
Unfortunately Gary was perpetually broke so he sold the Chlorella for fuel idea to Shell and it has since disappeared off everyone's green radar.  I have tried to find some reference to it on the net but no luck so I can't give anyone a link.   The real science breakthrough will come when someone genetically engineers algae to produce commercial quantities of oil suitable for use in internal combustion engines direct.  
Of course the eco-fascists will never vote for that, although I believe they are on the way towards that in the USA.   In the meantime we can be ripped off as including bio-fuel in petrol / diesel reduces the total calorific value of a litre, use more to do the same journey and as a result pay more fuel tax.
Just to add, just like Friends of the Earth knew full well about Traffic Calming significantly increasing road transport pollution, they also must have have know full well about the potential of Chlorella as a renewable fuel.   One of Gary's best mates was an active member of FoE in east Lancashire during the 1990s, yet Shell have been allowed to hide any potential Chlorella may have had as renewable energy.  Plenty of pointless claptrap about bio-digesting household food waste spewed out by the Tories recently, yet Chlorella with real potential for sustainable renewable energy totally off the current green energy agenda.  What more evidence do the public need to understand that the whole climate change agenda is one massive investment scam and nothing to do with improving our global environment ?
NN 04/03/2010
Perhaps final salary pensions were only ever a bribe to stop people voting anything like communist ( statist ) during the cold war, no need to provide working people with a decent standard of living in retirement since 1989 ?
Even since 1989, with the above anti " statist " attitude of the elderly drawing generous final salary pensions built in, there is very little chance of the UK ever being run in the interest of the current working population.   Some commentators claim that 25% of everyone's Council Tax goes on funding local authority pensions, how many once profitable private companies have been forced into liquidation due to pension commitments.
The current position is just totally unsustainable, mainstream politicians appear to care more about what the stock market parasites think than true productive working people.  Its just so unfortunate that the have to, but if the stock market goes belly up nobody will be able to afford to continue to pay even existing pensions.   You just need to look how Gordon Brown has been personally attacked since he suggested adopting some form of Robin Hood Tax.  Likewise speculators from the Corporate Multinational Cartel forcing the value of the pound down because the Tories might not win the general election outright.
At the moment the financial burden is being bourn by those who although didn't get any additional pension to the state system who nevertheless built up their own personal substantial cash savings.  The only fair thing to do is to put the BoE interest rate back up at least 5% and encourage more people to save cash ( real money ) as opposed to the false ( speculation for capital growth ) money generated by stock markets.
The buy now pay ten times as much later credit scam which made the alleged boom in our economy must be past its sell by date.   The recent financial crash has " spoiled " all the would be ten bob fat cats with any realistic prospect of ever paying back any loans in full.  Only the foolish borrow these day's and perhaps financial markets are storing up an even bigger crash in the future by allowing it.   Perhaps it time to get really radical financially and increase base interest rates back up to at least 5%, and then watch our true sustainable economy recover.
#35 Statist
Credit card card providers are taking the urine with interest rates at the moment perhaps due to most media coverage attempting to portray that rates are falling when they are actually increasing.  Similarly with mortgage rates, back in the relatively high interest rate period of the late 1970s building societies could turn a profit on only 2% above their savings rates.
Perhaps the government need to impose a cap on the percentage above " instant access savings rate " the banks can charge borrowers.   However, there would appear to be the beginnings of a real market for savers, the Skipton building society recently scrapped its mortgage link to base rates for just this reason, even though they increased their profits last year whilst still paying better than average savers rates.
As for the public borrowing requirement, what we need is a government with the balls to cap public sector pensions at 25K per household.   Increasing inheritance tax would be a bad move, because now the only hope for many people is that they can inherit their parents house when they die.   Hence the various schemes for funding care of the elderly for free, better to leave things as they are for the following reason.   If your family actually need long term extra care in old age, free care will give your offspring an advantage in life and may therefore perpetuate the problem for future generations.  Bit of hard nosed financial Darwinism there, but has to be said as it would appear that the ability to reproduce is perhaps now largely down to those breeding's potential future financial position.
NN 09/03/2010
brightyangthing #5, Jaunty #31
It would appear that Alan Johnson has collaborated with the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites to give them just the excuse they desperately need to impose a " private tax " on the poor.  Perhaps the only sensible way to control dogs is to go back to a government run Dog License scheme.  Some arrangement could be come to with the insurance industry as a whole for an insurance aspect, and funding provided for " Dog Wardens "
Perhaps it would be better for local councils to issue sais dog licenses, therefore setting up a kind of competitive market on the insurance aspect.  Likewise the cost of the license could vary between councils dependent on the reported problems, including dog fouling.  Owners could be given points on their license for breaches of any " conditions ", for instance license revoked on any second case of biting, dog either destroyed or re homed.  An " excess " on the cost of the license could be charged for persistent offenders, all costs of running said system to be bourn by the dog owners themselves.  Perhaps various breeds could be classified in insurance groups like cars, " cross breeds " falling in to the group they most resemble.
The whole idea needs thinking about properly and well scrutinised for " unintended consequences ", perhaps OAP's could be exempt likewise specific working dogs.  However, careful thought out legislation is unlikely if it involves anything to do with the stock market parasites.  Mandatory microchips are unnecessary as its the owners who need licensing not the dogs themselves.
Statist #45
I tend to agree that a national dog tax is probably a bad idea but I do get a bit fed up subsidising dog owners through the council tax.  If local dog licenses could knock a couple of pence of the local precept then I am all for it.  Someone has to pay for all the " doggyloo " bins to be emptied, people are always asking for more of the same.   The thing is that " dog mess " is now classed as toxic waste, people collect it from their own back yards and put it in said bins.  Likewise funding Dog Wardens, like the police, in our area they are too few to be effective anyway.
NN 12/03/2010
How can the Lib-Demmics claim to be " building a fairer Britain " when they are still firmly in bed with the eco-fascists proposing spy in sky road charging.  I must admit that some of their policies are attractive to me, but on balance there is a high chance of implementing eco-fascist policy stupidity in many areas.   Whatever Vince Cable alleges to do with the income tax system the poor will end up paying more through alleged " Green Taxes ".   I can't really think of any policy that will increase the financial apartheid in the UK more than the introduction of widespread toll roads.  All this at a time when the alleged Climate Science green taxes are based on is looking increasingly shaky, even though perhaps it up to the Yanks to bring the truth out into the open.
Statist #104 " with more focus on the greater good of society "
Perhaps the only fundamental human rights needed in alleged civilised countries is being able to keep warm and dry and have a full belly.   Add to that " freedom of movement ", which at present you don't have unless you own a decent car and have the extra money for the fuel taxes.   If you want a cheap rail ticket you have to book at least a month in advance and have the details recorded by some corporate organisation.  Now the Lib Demmics are supporting tracking people in their cars, even though they oppose the national identity card.   How many people will be unable to afford their energy bills this winter, ours was touching 900 quid from November to march. ( don't know how they get their alleged average bill )
If we continue to appease the eco-fascists energy bills could rise up to 20% by 2020, so by the time you have lost your manufacturing job due to business energy costs rising similarly, even more of the population may struggle on the right to keep warm.  Wind Farm projects have already been proven to be  a complete waste of money, in addition to that there is a real chance of parts of the UK experiencing power cuts at time of peak demand.
Clearly wind farms are not in the best interest of the country, likewise the proposed high speed Birmingham rail project.  I believe that if the original investment is ever to be repaid the single fare from Brum to London would need to be well over 500 Quid.  Similarly a return at over a thousand, perhaps investing in the " Chiltern Line " with electrification and track work would be money better spent.  Similarly the old Great Central route, built at the turn of the century with no curves under a mile radius, ideal for high speed running.  A " new " line from the end of the old GC extension could run through the peak district to Manchester, a link to Leeds no real problem if someone actually thinks about it.
In the current financial position we have to learn to " make do and mend ", fortunately there are the people out there who still know how to do it, yet because they don't have a formal degree nobody will take any notice of them.
As said wave power generators have probably been designed using computer software capable of manipulation by eleven year old kids, they will not be anywhere near strong enough to withstand all possible stresses. I have encountered said computer aided design and it often specifies a 10 mm bolt where any properly shop floor trained engineer would specify at least 12 if not 16. Likewise the strength of other components, but then the builders will not be operating them long term and if they can sell you a stronger replacement if they don't work out they don't care, perhaps just want the " green headlines " for their latest investment scam ?
NN 18/03/2010
Statist # various
Like everything else related to alleged " science " these day's, anything that universities allegedly research has the " results " pre determined by the financial interests of Corporate Nazi establishment.  I was hardly surprised to find that the head of many universities are paid massive salaries.  Perhaps executive remuneration reflects how big the " lies " you are prepared to go along with ?
Completely Hopeless In Most Police Situations
Indy #32
I must admit that I have been " switched off " by most of the recent " science / documentary " programmes on the BBC.  I just get fed up with all the close-ups and camera tricks, then the presenter deliberately attempting to intensify their local accent in the hope that you will believe everything they say because they are just well educated " normal " people ?
NN 24/03/2010
Perhaps Panda deferred the 3p increase in road fuel duty ( only 1p in April ) in order to fiddle the inflation statistics which could have come out by May 6th.  Even Nick Clegg managed to squeak that rises in fuel duty were bad for the rural areas the Lib-Demmics attempt to target.  What a pity nobody realised this fact over 15 years ago, perhaps we would still have had much of our manufacturing industry left in the north of the UK.
As for the stamp duty cut its yet another desperate attempt to inflate the property market, when what is needed for Britain to become competitive as a place to live and do business in a global economy is a reduction of average house prices by at least a third, preferably half.  Increasing stamp duty on properties worth over a million was a good move in my book, and it would appear that property speculators will no longer be able to lucratively rent out mansions to large ( perhaps immigrant  ? ) families on the back of housing benefit.
At least speaking personally, Justin Rowlatt blew whatever credibility he ever had with the " prove climate change theory in you kitchen " experiment.  This weeks alleged " meet the people to find out their opinions " slot has been just as pointless.  Large corporate shopping centers are hardly likely the place to find your average cost conscious thinking British person.  It might have been fair enough in the middle of the winter cold snap but its been relatively mild more recently.  Now it would appear that he is going to " green city ", hardly the place to get an accurate reaction to things like road fuel tax increases, or the proposed 2 bn " green bank " ?
It all adds up to yet more Ken Clarke inspired false economic growth, threats from the stock market parasites about far higher interest rates ring hollow when you consider that the only thing propping up the FTSE at the moment is virtually free borrowing.  Its a commodities speculator paradise at the moment, bond traders are hardly likely to threaten their best buddies nice little false economic growth earner.  Sooner or later the BoE has to defend the falling value of the pound by fighting fire with fire and raise interest rates back up to somewhere in the region of at least 5%
NN 26/03/2010 Swans Eaten By Immigrants !
Neat link ecolizzy #79
All of the eco-fascists could be squealing like stuck pigs about this, can't have eastern European immigrants doing what they intended when society breaks down in the near future.   That's why the eco-fascists are so keen to preserve wildfowl reserves in places like estuaries ( against true carbon emissions saving Severn Barrage etc ).   They have already bought out all the original locals, even better if they can get a local wind farm to take over and deny power to the grid with their local " eco-militia " when the law no longer functions properly.
It would appear that the electricity generating industry is doomed to end up like Railtrack did in 2000, not fit for purpose anymore.  No sign of any significant change in prospective policy whoever wins the next general election.  The trouble is that there is no distinctive leader in true British politics these days, some may claim to impersonate, but the BNP are a joke on environment policy in general.
Yesterday have just finished an entire re-run of the 1970-80s drama When the Boat Comes In. Jack Ford ( the key character )  got shot dead whilst taking 500 rifles to the Spanish socialists during the civil war, Jessie and Billy Seaton were with them again, back to the original series 15 years on.  
It would appear that When The Boat Comes In and Jack Ford in particular are the blueprint for the New Labour ideological bedfellow.   Perhaps the ideologically nearest Labour politician to Jack Ford is Peter Mandelson, who should have been leader in preference to Brown or more importantly Blair.  Trouble is Mandy was always getting himself into deep trouble before he got made EU trade commissioner.   It would be in the long term interest of our country if he ditched the peerage and got himself elected as a MP again, still plenty of safe seats.  Like Attlee under Churchill, Mandy has been practically running the home government and deserves much of the credit for surviving the worst of recession.   Trouble is it could be a double dip, the stock market is wildly overvalued and all it will take Greece having to call in the IMF to knock out the virtual keystone of the global economic arch plan.   
The Banks will back to square one, massive losses and therefore everyone will have to sell their mining shares.   The biggest gamble at moment is whether or not to swap your traditional industry shares for alleged green or other extremely risky high tech stocks.  If man made climate change is proved a total scam in the next five years, ( the cracks are already showing in the ice shelf of the eco-fascist quasi religion ) we will see the downfall of its political followers.  We will have collectively wasted a fortune on unreliable wind farms which could be a pile of scrap metal within 15 years anyway, long before the loans are paid off so double bust stock market again whatever happens in the near future.
I was just half listening to David Cameron's waffle in his alleged Politics show " interview with the people " where I'm pretty sure that when asked a question about the number of immigrants started spewing rhetoric about how many people ( unfortunate enough to be on Incapacity Benefit ) are scrounger's unless they are as bad as his late son.   Cameron is obviously a Corporate Nazi at heart, if he gets elected all he is likely to do is continue to provide a virtual welfare state for his stock market parasite mates whilst dismantling what remains of our welfare state for the people hard won after WW2.
NN 22/03/2010
Ken Clarke, that would be the man who gave the stock market parasites just the weedy excuse they needed to close and asset strip most of the manufacturing industry in the north of the UK with the Road Fuel Tax Escalator.   The Ken Clarke policy which led to a virtual civil war over fuel prices in 2000, perhaps good for false economic growth which increases the financial apartheid between rich and poor.   Not forgetting the Ken Clarke who introduced traffic calming and now pollution in towns is as bad as it was before the Clean Air Act.   Not forgetting the hemophiliacs he infected with his buy blood products from US prisons on the cheap policy as health minister.   Are we really foolish enough to want this Ken Clarke man having anything to do with running our country in the future ?
I don't include you personally in this statement Nigel but it would appear that at least on a national basis.

Vote Tory Vote Virtual Death Sentence for millions of fully National Insurance paid up British sick and disabled people !

( whilst at the same time " ring fencing " spending on Foreign Aid )
NN 30/03/2010
IT would appear that Paul Mason has totally missed the point about why British industry has declined to it current level.   The fact remains that THE COST OF LIVING in the UK is far too high to give us any realistic chance of competing in a global economy.  At present British people on low wages are subsidising all the foolish ten bob fat cats on 40k a year with a 30k credit card debt and telephone number mortgage.   House prices need to fall by up to a half, likewise transport costs need to fall by implementing a substantial reduction in road fuel duty.  Cut through all the false economic growth inspired  alleged Health & Safety measures introduced since the beginning of the 1990s.  Rip out all the fuel wasting roundabouts that now litter our vital trunk roads ( up to 1 litre wasted for every HGV passing over them ), raise the HGV " A " road speed limit to 50 Mph and scrap the motorway fuel wasting EU speed limiters.
Of course all the little Hitler's who dreamt up or support all the false economic growth policies will scream like children, but we have to release our nation from the clutches of their combined false economic growth quasi-religions.   We simply can't afford to go down the low carbon road as prescribed at present at the cost of 20% extra on our energy bills.  
There would appear to be nobody out their with a clear plan for the future, art galleries and the like won't solve anything.  Likewise niche markets in tourism or theoretically collectable pottery you can take onto the antiques roadshow in 50 years time and be told that its worth a fortune.
It would appear that we do have a chance with Nissan investing in eclectic cars, but the end product looks too aerodynamically designed to prove practical for general family usage.  I believe that the Chinese already have a cheap practical electric family car ready for the market.
Our country and our people can never prosper as long as mainstream politicians cling to the stock market parasite inspired quest for false economic growth.  We need to get back to an economy based on real cash money not credit speculation and hidden asset inflation.  However, I suspect that no current leading politicians would be prepared to bite the bullet and let the stock market totally crash and Nationalise all the Banks, picking up the FTSE companies who default on their loans at the same time.   The future is small business collaborating for the common good of our society in a true free market, free from the influence of the Corporate Nazi Corporate Multinational Cartel.
GO1 #75
You must be pretty stupid if you believe that Wind Farms can cut CO2 emissions when all the evidence from both Denmark and Germany proves that despite theoretical producing 20% of electricity demand haven't saved a single gram of CO2.  In fact Germany has had to open new fossil fuel power station to prevent the chance of power cuts, probably made worse by the fact that Germany also backs up Denmark.
I realise that you and most in the Civil Service have been infiltrated and brain washed by the eco-fascists but the just two measures I suggest on transport above #64 could cut transport CO2 by at least 5%. 
ecolizzy #87
I flushed out said Scottish wind farm problem story on a BBC search attempting to find out some info on the alleged Siemens new wind farm factory.   Nothing doing, but a Guardian article alleges that the 700 million investment will create 700 jobs, with 1500 possible in the supply chain, probably mostly overseas sending components for assembly here.  It is also alleged that GE is to set up a wind turbine plant creating a thousand jobs direct, although it would appear that neither project is for definite.  The prospect of 20% on our energy bills is a massive price to pay for only 2000 jobs, and in total Wind farms can never create the number of alleged low carbon British jobs deluded Brown attempts to claim.
NN 31/03/2010
  Yet again Susan Watts report on climategate not mentioned in the blog " update " and probably sidelined to a short clip in tonight's programme.
" If it all sounds like a re-run of the MPs expenses scandal then that's no accident. In fact Phil Willis drew a direct parallel. "
If there are any parallels its with the Catholic Church and the child abuse scandal given the financial misery following the climate change quasi-religion will impose on the less affluent in UK society.
" There was one dissenting voice. Labour MP Graham Stringer did not sign off the report. He said the committee had gone beyond its remit in stating that it had found no reason to challenge the scientific consensus that "global warming is happening [and] that it is induced by human activity" - citing the chief scientific adviser.
And he'd wanted them to go further by supporting his call for a "reputable scientist" skeptical of anthropogenic climate change to sit on the panels of the two other inquiries into email controversy currently underway. The committee rejected this. "
Given that Graham Stringer is the only qualified scientist on the said committee it rather indicates that the conclusions of the said report are just as suspect as the climate change quasi-religion as a whole.
So its official, the Corporate Nazi's are backing the Tories at the forthcoming general election on the strength of reversing Panda's 1% national insurance rise.   Of course nothing said about the 3p per litre road fuel duty rise which is just as much a tax on real productive manufacturing jobs.  It is interesting to note that the corporate multinational leading the big business charge closed down its UK clothing suppliers in favour of sweat shop imports after UK manufacturing costs went through the roof due to the road fuel tax escalator before the protests in 2000.  Similarly said company has done all it can to appease the eco-fascists by charging for carrier bags, even to a point where it had to close some of its food only stores which lost trade as a result.
Its pretty clear that a vote for the Tories is a vote to keep the stranglehold of big business on our economy.  Cameron had been cuddling up to hedge funds etc by offering access for cash donations, likewise it is said that his father-in-law stands to make a small fortune from wind farm subsides so how can you trust them on energy policy .   The conservatives are not offering the electorate, real change, just a blue tinge version of the Corporate Nazi status quo.
NN 06/04/2010
I honestly can't get my head around why the Tories are bleating so loud about the proposed 1% increase in national insurance contributions being a threat to people's jobs.   The real elephant in the Labour room is the Climate Change Act, which will give the stock market parasites just the excuse they need to start mass asset stripping of UK manufacturing industry, perhaps on a scale not seen since before 2000 and the full Ken Clarke road fuel tax escalator.  Like Corus Redcar, large swathes of industry will be rendered worth more dead than alive.
Obviously the top priority for any new government acting in the interest of the majority of the British people would be to repeal the Climate Change Act ASAP.   However, since all the main parties primarily serve the interest of their Corporate Nazi stock market parasite speculator financial backers, perhaps any real " change " in the event of a new Tory party in government is highly unlikely ?
NN 07/04/2010
Mistress76uk / Statist # various
I know full well that this is a subject involving quasi-religious indoctrinated emotions but there are good reasons for concentrating A&E and maternity on specific sites.  To illustrate the A&E factor I will recall the case of a friends son who fell off a set of roller blades and broke his elbow a few years ago now.  They rushed him off to the nearest A&E at the main local hospital where he was X-rayed etc and advised that ideally he needed surgery.  The trouble was that the surgeon was on his day off playing golf, so they just set it the old fashioned way on a wing and a prayer.  He recovered with slight mobility problems with is elbow, but perhaps he was just lucky, far better and probably faster overall recovery if it had been operated on and pinned.  
One of the local A&E departments in the slightly smaller of the two mill towns was closed to major admissions when they built a new hospital at the other town.   Never had the misfortune to need it recently, but said new hospital has a heli-pad for the Air Ambulance if you need one.  Its only ten minutes down the Motorway from the closed A&E, ( which still treats minor injuries anyway ) , but perhaps more importantly there would appear to be specialist staff available 24/7 at the new A&E.  The same principle applies to maternity units, and whilst in an ideal world one could insist that all medical units had top staff on site at all times in reality we can't afford it.  Perhaps some people would like to keep expert emergency surgeons sat around twiddling their thumbs most of the week, but after all practice makes perfect ?
NN 08/04/2010
Intentional or not almost an entire Newsnight programme dedicated to making the Tories look extremely foolish on both the economy and health.  It looks as though the Tories are aiming their entire campaign at the brain dead ten bob fat cats.  Why don't Labour just tell it straight on the National Insurance question. if you are on less than 400 quid a week you won't pay any extra.  I hadn't bothered to work it out myself but if its only going to cost employers  on average 15 quid a month extra, in most cases the effect of the extra fuel duty they pay could exceed that. 
For my position on the the health debate check out my last nights post #38
NN 26/04/2010
It would appear that the BBC wishes to deny the electorate the chance to vote on whether to waste any more money on the Climate Change Scam.   Despite the fact that " climate skeptic " UKIP got twice the number of national votes the Greens did at the last EU elections, for some reason ( non given ) they were excluded from The Politics Show Environment Debate even though the Greens were present.  This is despite the fact that recent polling has shown that only 25% of the UK population actually believe that alleged " Global Warming " is 100% man made.  ( as Justin Rowlatt amply pointed out at the beginning of said debate ) 
Fair enough Andrew Nieil gave all the politicians present a rough ride, especially the Lib-Demmic who was grudgingly forced to admit that they had plans to introduce road pricing.  The Tories can't be trusted on Toll Roads either stating that tolls could be charged for any new build, but perhaps they had to say that considering their form on the M6 Toll.
One point for certain is that if the Lib-Demmics get into any formal coalition in a hung parliament they are likely to completely screw our future energy policy.  Likewise screw the motorist for ever increasing taxes in one form or another, although perhaps more importantly jeopardise the survival of manufacturing jobs by significantly increasing road haulage costs.
Local Paper
I am quite surprised to see the Peter Brass's Rail publicity stunt is still alive in the letters page since Ribble Valley Rail fully explained the logistics as to why it was a non starter.   Furthermore, said proposed service would be a threat to the hourly Preston-Skipton bus service, a vital lifeline to those without access to cars in villages like Chatburn and Gisburn.
If Peter Brass is genuine in his alleged quest to improve rail services in the Ribble Valley why does he not pledge his alleged " money " towards  a real new viable train service.   That is to say a rail service running from Blackpool to Morecambe via Hellifield for interchange traffic to Leeds / Carlisle and including towns like Bentham.  Quite a scenic route overall, likely to attract seaside ( and other ) tourist traffic just for the ride out and who knows some of them might even break their journey and shop at Clitheroe.  Similarly Clitheroe folk could have a direct service to the seaside with the alternative of two destinations. Said train service could also precipitate the opening of a ( new ) station at Chatburn and the reopening of Gisburn, providing a useful contribution to public transport services overall without duplicating a service already adequately covered by busses.
Election Notepad 07/05/2010
Clegg only put forward his main headline narrow focus policies Thursday night but if had been forced to get into all the nasty eco-fascist Lib-Demmic ideas like " spy in the sky " road charging, or onto lunacy like saying NO to nuclear power or any new coal fired power stations perhaps the outcome would have been very different ?
Both Clegg and Cameron would appear to be competing for pole position as " CHANGE " candidate yet neither of them is offering what represents a real fundamental change in government policy on the key factor which is likely to have a major negative future impact on our lives ( especially the poor ) the CLIMATE CHANGE SCAM ?
Keeping really quiet about the Lib-demmic plans for TOLL ROADS ( all motorways and trunk routes ) using " spy in the sky " to track your every vehicle movement. Then claims to be against ID cards on human rights grounds, furthermore, TOLL ROADS will be used to " economically cleanse " lower income people from rural areas and some suburbs ?
It would appear that Gordon Brown shot himself in the foot on wind farms in the election debate tonight.   Took great pride in how despite the " bad weather " he had installed a solar panel on his house because it was better at saving energy than the wind mill he originally envisaged.  Then attacks Cameron for having reservations about the effectiveness of the current wind farm biased " renewable's " target.  It just goes to show that the whole climate change political scheme is nothing but a pointless stock market parasite investment scam.  Give it 15 years and all that we will have to show for it as a nation is a pile of worthless scrap around our coastline and countryside.  
Cameron can't get off the climate scam hook that easy either, what we don't need is more gas power stations even if storage capacity is improved as he proposes.   He is alleged to want to run our country in the interest of its citizens so why not new Home Produced Coal, stuff the eco-fascists and their plans to generate more false business for stock market parasite currency brokers ?
The BNP haven't got a useful working brain between them, therefore easy for Nick Griffin to look plausible with all the other idiots he has surrounding him.   It would appear that the BNP is in need of a Stalinist style purge before it can present itself as a serious democratic party.   They are obviously living in cloud cuckoo land to include mega expensive proposals for a 200 Mph " Mag-Lev " trains in their manifesto when the said speed can be achieved with " new line conventional rail " and integrated into the current system ?
Perhaps the shiny green wheels of the Climate Change Scam are starting to come loose, it would appear that Brown has revised his green jobs aspiration down to 400,000 from his original 1.2 million claims .  Those of you who follow this blog regularly may have seen the Glen Beck / Fox News link I posted the other night which pins the whole climate scam project firmly on the financial interests of Goldman Sachs.  Our country can simply not afford the 18 Billion a year " welfare state for the stock market parasites " any projected UK alleged " green investment " represents.
gnu #44
Perhaps the one and only truer reason Corus closed its Redcar plant was the fact that they could trouser the 600 millin for the carbon credits they got for free.  Any potential owner will have to purchase said carbon credits before it even thinks about re-bricking the blast furnaces so not much hope there.  Of course the greens were all for the EU carbon trading scheme and also the Climate Change Act that will render perhaps hundreds of high energy demand companies worth more dead than alive.  Even then those smaller companies not currently covered by said act can probably not withstand the projected 20% rise in energy bills to fund wind farm amply proven not to save a single gram of CO2.  The Green idiot was whinging about traffic pollution in the politic show environment debate the other day, yet it was the greens and their eco-fascist NGO mates who pushed the traffic calming which has doubled the pollution in our cities perhaps to a point worse than before the Clean Air Act in the 1950s
gnu #51
I realise that you a very recent newcomer to the newsnight blog but without having to go back through at least 3 years of my contributions perhaps you don't get the full picture.   I more than anyone understand the need to make our global oil resources last as long as practically possible but to do that you can't rule out either coal or nuclear.  Simple relatively cheap retro road improvements could cut road transport emission by 10%, likewise increasing some speed limits back to 1960s default.  The trouble is that the eco-fascists have would appear ro have infiltrated the key positions in the civil service and therefore the true science is ignored by government.  Incidentally I would join the Green Party tomorrow if they dropped all links to potentially corrupt eco-fascist NGOs like FoE who knew that traffic calming doubled pollution as long ago as 1996, and their false environmentalism. Incidentally I can true " out left " most people on most days except that I am in no way an authoritarian Stalinist ?
The simple fact is that the traffic calming is not everywhere in the country, the 10% I quote is a projected combined national figure but removing traffic calming in towns will significantly cut pollution locally. A recent government report stated that the floated introduction of satellite speed limiters to ensure people stuck to the current speed limits less than 60 would increase pollution by 3%. However, I can't give you the link as it would appear to be broken, perhaps deliberately because it proves that going slower uses more more fuel and increases pollution, quite the opposite of what the eco-fascists attempt to portray ?
I didn't vote for my " first rate constituency MP " yesterday to give enviro-deluded Cameron a mandate to climb into bed with the eco-fascist Lib-Demmics and expand the current Climate Change Scam. Perhaps its high time for enviro-realist Tories to come out of their closet, perhaps if they had all come clean on the Climate Change Scam earlier they would have easily won the overall majority they needed ?
Brown is a complete fool to try and cling onto power, he should have quit ASAP to allow Cameron to form a minority government.  Whoever get in now is facing economic meltdown and perhaps people would be glad to see the Labour party ( however imperfect ) back in power at any probable election within 12 months ?
gangophone #various
Perhaps enthusiastic supporters of the BNP have much in common with those who enthusiastically follow the green quasi-religion.  Spend weeks campaigning and allege huge popular support, then only get 400 votes to come fourth in the local elections and claim victory.  How many lost deposits did the combined greens and BNP have in the general election, the exception which proves the rule being Caroline Lucas.   Perhaps the typical eco-fascist claiming to be acting in the interest of the common man, the cute cuddly Polar Bear indoctrinated emotion, when in reality any Polar Bear would rip your head off and eat you given half the chance. As far as I can recall the only serious industry in Brighton was Flexer Sacks, made custom bin liners for local authorities along with the regular 25kg paper sacks.  It was right on the sea front, might have relocated now or been closed due to being rendered worth more dead than alive by property developers.
One thing at least the Green party are relatively peaceful at the moment, save for a few eco-fascist on specific eco protests.  There are rumors floating around that certain BNP factions are planning serious civil unrest in most of our major cities  in the coming months, I just hope that the relevant authorities will do something to stop it before its sets off.  Perhaps the Police and MI5 etc wont bother, perhaps any excuse to introduce Marshall law and clamp down on civil liberties for everyone in the UK ?
NN 08/05/2010
The Climate Change Scammers will all be rubbing their hands together on the prospect of Nick Clegg jumping into bed with enviro-deluded Cameron.   Future environment policy was by no means certain if Cameron got his overall majority, perhaps no fat wind farm subsidies to milk by large corporate landowners in hilly parts like the water companies for instance.
Likewise any Lib-Demmic influence over transport policy is likely to see the extension of Corporate Nazi stock market parasite investment scams like Average Speed Cameras.  I suspect that many people voted Tory because they were brassed off with Labour roads policy in general, things like blanket 20mph speed limits in towns etc, cutting speed limits across the board.  Perhaps the electorate will wish Labour back after less than a year, at least they had abandoned any move towards toll roads.
Electric Cars ( thinking with a long head to solve any potential problems with cheap effective solutions )
I have been considering the various construction, operating and economic factors relating to practical mass market electric cars.   It would appear that most potential manufacturers are locked into designs which need massive investment in new tooling, use possibly the most expensive batteries on the market.  Overall family practicality sacrificed on the altar of style and the aerodynamics quasi-religion when its unlikely to be driven long periods at high speed.
The first cost of any practical electric family car is prohibitive to most people, then the range is only perhaps 60 miles.  Most people need a car capable of longer journeys, and as far as I can see the most practical solution is to use cheap lead acid battery pack on trailers.  Its not a new idea, Ribble Motor Services ( Preston ) built and tested a prototype electric Leyland National bus in the 1970s, the batteries were carried on a trailer.
It could be possible to build a national network of battery trailer interchange stations on a scale similar to the number of small petrol garages in the 1950s.   Each station could hold a stock of trailers to interchange and charge batteries on site, perhaps even using local renewable sources.  The trailers would need to be hired out on a common user basis, the value of the energy included in the hire price.   It would also be beneficial to provide trailer park / interchange sites on the outskirts of town so that you could rely on the ( perhaps smaller ) vehicle battery alone for the trip into town itself.
Perhaps a radical departure away from " traditional " mass production car design is needed considering the investment by potential owners.  To be true " green " any mass production need to be capable ( with maintenance ) of lasting at least 30 years.  Buy an electric car in your 20s and then hand it on to your kids when they first pass their test and start driving independently.  There is proven vehicle technology capable of doing this, the ERF SP truck cab with sheet mould compound plastic panels on a strong steel frame.  Using the SP cab design as a basis it could be possible to build a vehicle which fits the above criterion.  If it was thought about properly you could even send your vehicle in for refurbishment and have it returned with different body styling.   Such a vehicle would be likely to retain its second hand value long term, unlike current mass production designs which are normally " knackered " at under 15 years old, even if you could theoretically still get the required spares.
I have been thinking about ways to reduce power consumption  and improve regenerative braking in electric road vehicles for several years now.   I have a PTII motor vehicle technicians certificate ( from 1982 before the syllabus was dumbed down ) with distinction and in my spare time over the years swatted up on railway locomotive engineering.   My idea is based on the principle of the Fell Locomotive ( Built 1950 ) using four diesel engines driving through differentials to provide automatic gear changes.
It would probably not be practical to use four small electric motors for a car, but you could use two medium sized  driving through a differential.  At low speed one motor would be idle and locked, the diff providing a reduction of 2 to 1, at above say 20 Mph the second motor was unlocked and came into use to provide additional power and acceleration at higher speed up to a max of around 70.
Furthermore, when braking the second motor could be locked spinning the remaining motor faster thus providing potential extra regeneration to the batteries.  I do have some practical experience of electric motors but only in model railways, some of my models are fitted with Protescap motors.  Push a dead one fairly fast along the dead track and the electricity generated will move another slowly.
It would be relatively easy to do using the latest electronics and could be the key to improving range especially on a vehicle like a taxi engaged on mostly slow speed city work.
I happened to wonder into the ACT ON CO2 energy saving trips for car drivers from a link on an article of mine pointing out the extra fuel wasted by traffic calming on It would appear that the IPCC is not the only government alleged eco organization using anecdotes or false propaganda from magazine articles.

" Slow down! A recent study commissioned by What Car? Magazine showed that the average car consumes 38 per cent more fuel at 70mph than it does over the same distance at 50mph. At 60mph it uses 34 per cent more than at 40mph. The average driver travelling at 90mph on a motorway will spend £1.20 more on fuel every eight minutes than a driver traveling at 70mph. The 90mph driver will have travelled farther in that time but will still be spending 40 per cent more per mile than the70mph driver."

As an extremely well qualified automotive engineer ( Pt II Motor Vehicle technicians certificate with distinction ) and long practical scientific driving experience I can assure you that the above paragraph is complete motor industry propaganda aimed at costing the motorist more in the long run. It would appear that Act on CO2 has swallowed all the misleading propaganda and reproduced it on their web site covering driving technique. There are actually sites out there which suggest the true way to save fuel, driving as Act on CO2 suggest won't save anything,just reduce the life of your engine.

Some of you may have seen various articles on alleged " eco driving "and not being a trained automotive engineer like myself probably taken it all in like a toilet. Perhaps ACT ON CO2's greatest sin is the advice given is to change up at 2500 Rpm ( 2000 in a diesel ) which is completely misleading. An internal combustion engine is at its most efficient at the Rpm where maximum torque occurs. This can be gleaned from the owners handbook and the economy trick is to select a gear which comes close to the said Rpm at your desired target speed. An engine will " sup juice like a fish " at any RPM significantly below maximum torque whilst at moderate( 1000 ) Rpm above maximum torque Rpm fuel consumption does not increase significantly.

My father recently took delivery of a new 59 plate 1000cc Kia Picanto,which gets better fuel efficiency on paper ( 119g/km ) than my 2006 (123g/km )version. Its the same engine spec on paper and the only technical difference I can observe is that the 59 version is slightly lower geared than mine, meaning higher engine Rpm at a given speed in a given gear.

Don't worry if you don't have the handbook, it turns out that in most cases 30 Mph in third gear comes close enough to the maximum torque of your engine. Don't go into 4th unless you are doing at the very least 40 Mph, similarly don't use 5th until doing at least 50. Do around 60Mph wherever you can legally and of course more importantly don't infringe Newton's laws of Motion around corners.

The theory that creeping around at 40 saves fuel is complete nonsense in my long experience, its all about work done times efficiency ( only30% ) times time taken. The real measure of fuel consumption is grammes per kilowatt hour not Mpg, so the longer it takes you to get there the more fuel you will use. Sir Frank Whittle knew this when he perceived the jet engine.

It works out that the most efficient average speed for a modern motor vehicle is close to 60 Mph, after that air resistance starts to come into play. I get my own personal best fuel consumption figures in my 1000cc 2006 Kia Picanto when I visit a friend at Bentham and if I don't get held up by any leg-irons and despite some of the roads average over 50 Mph for the return journey.

Dependent on vehicle design air resistance can fall as the vehicle goes faster and builds up its own near perfect streamlining so true 70 on the motorway is not an efficiency problem in such a case. ( most car speedo's read 10% fast ). If you need to calibrate your speedo follow a lorry on the motorway at a accurately limited fuel inefficient 56Mph.

Fuel consumption for 38 tonne tankers running from Lancashire to Glasgow and back on nights increased from 9 Mpg to 7 Mpg on the introduction of speed limiters during the 1990s. Before the introduction of speed limiters it was standard practice to run at 65Mph on the level motorway taking advantage of the plod 10% + 2 Mph rule for the then 60 Mph speed limit. Whilst driving a 13 ft 7 articulated tautliner fitted with a Rolls Royce 265L engine on motorway work I Found that as you passed over about 55 Mph it was just like falling through an invisible wall and you were soon doing 65. My practical experience was confirmed in an excellent OU programme on the subject I saw later.  
( Reply from enquiry at BBC Archive
Dear Mr Pye,
Thank you for your email.

As far as I am able to ascertain, the programme you are referring to is Science All Around: Streaming. This was first broadcast on 27th January 1976 and was repeated several times through the rest of the 1970s and into 1980.

This is the catalogue entry in our programme database:
A scientific investigation into windpower and turbulence. How can vehicle design incorporate new ideas of aerodynamics? Experiments illustrate the principles of turbulence and streamlines. Narrated by Fergus O'KELLY )

Furthermore, if you chug around at at low Rpm in any gear carbon deposits are likely to build up in your engine leading to significantly reduced fuel efficiency over time. Similarly, if you have a turbo it's life is likely to be significantly reduced constantly driving at low Rpm over a period, start black smoking and fail the MoT. Driving on full throttle in too high a gear also risks blowing the head gasket not to mention unnecessary stress on the crankshaft bearings and connecting rods. I spent much of my time driving " nursing " old vehicles with potential serious engine defects, I once blew the head gasket on a fairly new Cummins 290 turbo by not changing down gear as soon as I Would have done normally as an experiment.

As an integral part of " the motor industry " it is highly probable that What Car will attempt to increase business for other motor industry cartel members. The motor industry in general and particularly car dealers have always been a bunch of potential criminals if any such opportunity arises.

It would appear that the energy saving information ( at least for drivers ) on ACT ON CO2 is just as much a scam as the rest of the Climate Change quasi-religion. ACT ON CO2 also attempt to portray that opening your window ( over 50 ) to keep cool in summer uses more fuel due to " increased drag " than using your air conditioning. If this were the case an average family car travelling at 70 Mph would physically slow down the moment you opened the window.   Theoretical aerodynamic efficiency was used by the car manufacturers as a marketing scam from the late 1980s to the present, same principle probably applies to air conditioning in these emissions conscious times.  I believe that Clarkson was pushing this open window story on Top Gear, but then in more recent times it has always been a comedy programme !

Air conditioning can use up to 15% of your engines power and therefore contribute similarly to increased fuel consumption. There is no way any amount of aerodynamics can contribute so much, even with the air conditioning technically switched off you are still at an efficiency disadvantage just running the extra machinery involved.

If you want to keep relatively cool in summer avoid buying a dark coloured car,perhaps silver is best. If you are fuel efficiency conscious it would be far better to buy a car without air conditioning, although I suspect that the motor industry would vociferously complain if ACT ON CO2 pointed that out on their web site.

see also
Fished out this extract from a government report which backs up what I am saying, the link at the end is now perhaps deliberately or at least conveniently broken ?

Emissions, Fuel Consumption and Noise

  • Overall, for CO2 emissions, changes are not very significant on roads with a speed limit of 60mph or lower. But on 70mph roads, there is potential for a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions of 5.8% (with an uncertainty range of +/- 0.7%) with a mandatory ISA system
  • On the modelled rural network, neither overridable nor mandatory ISA make a major impact on overall CO2 emissions or fuel consumption rates at any level of penetration
  • In the two modelled urban networks, increasing ISA penetration had a small detrimental effect on both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, increasing both by up to 3%. The detrimental effect is stronger at levels of ISA penetration above 20%. This is because cars tend to operate most efficiently at speeds above 30 mph. On the other hand, the more elaborate emissions modelling of the speed profiles from the UK trials indicated small savings in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption on both 30 and 40 mph roads, most likely because of reduced acceleration
  • Regarding other pollutants, no substantial effects have been found
  • Regarding noise, the implementation of ISA systems is likely to make a negligible contribution to reducing overall broadband noise levels.

It rather looks like the 1970s research evidence to support my claim has been deliberately surpressed, perhaps due to car manufacturers using the aerodynamics quasi religion as a marketing scam since the 1980s.  The OU made a perhaps deliberate bad job of putting the transcript onto micro-film, it was a poor copy they used anyway.  I can only speak from practical experience with HGV's and the introduction of speed limiters, but perhaps the quest for theoretical aerodynamic efficency has actually stopped vehicles building up there own near perfect streamlining above a certain speed.
INDY 15/05/2010
I see that the new alleged wonderful New Zealand prime minister Key has stabbed everyone in the back by introducing an Emissions Trading Scheme.   That really good in a country who's economy is based on the livestock industry, introduce a fart tax on cows and sheep.  They can wave bye-bye to any future economic growth in their economy, but I suppose they have to tax something to pay for all the rail improvements around Auckland etc.  I suppose its OK if you have plenty of money and you are likely to be dead in the next ten years, but think about the kids growing up now, a real prospect of life on the dole.  I suspect that electricity costs will go through the roof, likewise road fuel and everything a rural economy like NZ relies on for the general affluence and well being of the population.   EVERYTHING WILL BE FAR MORE EXPENSIVE !
Anyway they are not likely to get away with it in the US that easy, some top astrophysicist from Harvard has come out and linked alleged global warming to the Sun.  Loads of other interesting developments, bent photo's on pro global warming publicity literature, people signing up who have nothing remotely connected to climate science.  Then there is Glen Beck of Fox News, who has linked all the celebrity stock market parasites into the carbon trading scam etc.  The Harvard bloke predicts 50 years of cooling due to lack of Sun activity, give it five years of winters like we have just had and the brain dead politicians will all be looking for scapegoats.
I must admit that I am quite pleased with the outcome of our recent election, the coalition means that nobody can do anything really stupid.  No third runway at Heathrow, ID cards scrapped and all in all a programme I can broadly support.  It will fracture over the climate change scam, Cameron has very cleverly given Energy and Climate Change to Lib-Demmic Chris Hulne.  He should be easy for me to attack as he has form as a major stock market parasite in his past. When the shine wears off the climate scam Cameron can pin the full blame for any public money wasted on eco lunacy firmly on the Lib-Demmics.
Letter to My MP 20/05/2010
TOLL ROADS BY STEALTH ? ( screw our environment )
There is undoubtedly far more chance of Average Speed Cameras being " rolled out " with the Lib-Demmics getting into bed with the Tories in government.
The following may be difficult to comprehend by the majority of the general public with a poor overall science / engineering education.   At least 25 years of green / safety-fascist propaganda probably hasn't helped either, but the basic facts remain. 
Earlier last year the safety-fascist / investment scammers were proposing a satellite based automatic speed limiting system ( ISA ) for all roads, the following is admittedly a selected quote from the government report.
" In the two modeled urban networks, increasing ISA penetration had a small detrimental effect on both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, increasing both by up to 3%. The detrimental effect is stronger at levels of ISA penetration above 20%. This is because cars tend to operate most efficiently at speeds above 30 mph. "
Fair enough you could probably save fuel limiting the motorway speed limit to 70 Mph, but on the current rules that means 79 on the 10% + 2 criteria used by plod.  That means that you can legally do indicated 80 considering that most car speedometers read 10% fast anyway.  Most of the few cars travelling faster than indicated 80 are probably potentially more efficient at high speed anyway.
Average Speed Cameras are most likely to have a greater impact on increasing emissions than any ISA system, satellite or ground based.  Everyone must be aware of the fact that many drivers quite significantly slow below the posted speed limit when passing current fixed speed cameras.  Traffic movement on any roads fitted with Average Speed Cameras is likely to be significantly slower than the posted limit, therefore increasing the chance of congestion.  Put HGV's limited to 40 Mph on single carriageway " A " roads into the mix of traffic and you significantly increase the potential for fatal head on overtaking accidents.
At the end of the day Average Speed Cameras ( at 150k a pair )  are just another " Corporate Nazi " inspired vehicle to promote false economic growth which in turn increases the financial apartheid between the rich and relative poor.   They are also a vehicle to introduce the technology for ground based road pricing by stealth, there must be far more important things for our taxes to fund, rather than to be squandered on Average Speed Cameras anyway. In any case the company likely to benefit and currently receiving research funding is the US company that makes the cameras, PIPS Technology.   So no benefit to British industry to be gained and so why are British taxpayers funding this especially considering the current government deficit.
Road pricing was soundly rejected four to one when put to a referendum on the Manchester proposals.  Similarly 1.8 million signed the Downing Street petition against any form of road pricing.  There must be ways to invigorate our economy without even considering ideas which could put our relative basic human rights back into the 18th century.   At the end of the day having to constantly take your concentration off the road ahead to keep a check on your speed is not a " safe " thing to have to do.
I trust that you will ensure that cutting all UK government research funding for PIPS Technology is the top priority in any subsequent round of public spending cuts.
NN 28/05/2010
It would appear that overpaid journalists are trying their level best to whip up a Tory backbench revolt over the coalition Capital Gains Tax proposals.  It would appear that there are those who would attempt to portray that any increase in the CGT rate would hit " ordinary people ".   In reality it will only hit fully paid up stock market parasites like hedge funds, OK you could get caught out in multiple buy to let portfolio's, but surely the " pension " aspect is to live on the rental income.  
Some say that you will be taxed twice on property, but no tax has ever been paid on property price inflation, which could be 50% or over the original investment.  Then they trot out the old " will damage and discourage entrepreneurs " but if someone starts an alleged successful company in the UK they will only face CGT if they sell it to a third party, which in most cases means it will be closed down or at least the production moved to China or India and the UK jobs lost forever.  If an increase in CGT actually encourages people to set up, run and expand their own business here in the UK then it must be a good thing at least in my book.
Jaunty #30

One useful side effect of stock market parasite speculators selling to beat any increase in CGT is that petrol prices have come down quite substantially. 6p a litre over the last two weeks which must be good news for our " real " economy in general, perhaps any further stock market falls will precipitate a further fall in oil prices. I get the feeling that many speculators can no longer cover their banking covenants as the equities they borrow against also fall in value. Perhaps a massive fall in the stock market is just what the real true productive UK economy needs to spur real economic growth, not the false growth usually generated by stock markets ?
NN 04/06/2010
Having seen the emerging circumstantial evidence around the West Cumbria shootings I can help speculating that the majority of Bird's victims were not in fact random.  Among the dead are far too many minor local celebrities, for instance the taxi driver he killed had been on TV for specially painting up his cab to support  the  England football team in  2004.
One of the women he killed was allegedly running a " bird sanctuary " and I believe had been on TV perhaps protesting about a proposed cull of allegedly radio-active pigeons at Sellafield.  Perhaps she stopped sports marksmen participating and even getting paid for said cull, perhaps took a fairly high profile anti sport shooting line in general line.
Then there was the cyclist, allegedly shot his back wheel out first to stop him before the actual fatal shot.  Here again said cyclist had appeared on TV in some unspecified capacity, but he was on his regular daily run and perhaps Bird knew where and when to find him.  Said cyclist was also big in the union at Sellafield from which Bird was sacked for alleged theft back in 1990, their paths could have crossed.  My first instinct in this case was that every professional driver at sometime in their career thinks to themselves that they would have loved to have shot a " cyclist " who needlessly impeded their progress.  However, Bird let another cyclist who happened on the scene of another incident escape without even firing a shot at him.
Sellafield must be key in a number of cases, retired former gateman shot on his daily trip down to the bookies.  Retired ( perhaps ex security guard ) shot outside his house while regularly exercising his new hip replacement, then his wife ( apparently big in the local church ) shot just down the road.  Both men could have been key figures when Bird got sacked from Sellafield, in addition the gateman could have given Bird a hard time in his job as a taxi driver.
Perhaps the only exception which proves the rule was the young " estate agent " but plod couldn't decide whether it was the shot or the resulting car crash which actually killed him.  There are other examples of relatively minor injuries, perhaps a deliberate near miss with the shotgun, all the evidence suggests that Bird was a good shot.  Similarly the teenage girl who went over to offer directions to Bird when he pulled up in his car beside her.  She was shot at twice but both perhaps intentionally missed, perhaps just wanted to give her the fright of her life.
It is certain that this case need proper thorough investigation with nothing ruled out, I suspect that there are " Corporate Nazi's " out there who are already angling for a complete whitewash to attempt to amend the gun legislation and damage the rural economy as much as humanly possible.   There must be lessons to be learnt on how to reduce the possibility of future similar occurrences, with the pending economic situation there must be plenty of once fine upstanding people out there facing total destitution due to potential business failure etc.   At least last night's Newsnight got it out into the open that many people are being forced to work for far less than minimum wage under the guise of " self employment ", no chance of getting JSA etc if you have any decent cash savings from better times.  Perhaps the only technical amendment needed to the gun laws is that anybody in real danger of becoming " insolvent " must hand their guns into police custody, to only be released at a later date when all financial problems are resolved ?
NN 08/06/2010
With the chancellor etc preaching prudence and cuts how can Eric Pickles promise new investment in potentially expensive in first cost but also in running, plans to weigh and reward people with more recycling in their bin.  
Not really a green idea at all if it promotes perhaps unnecessary consumption of anything, but perhaps the easiest way for anyone to benefit is to organise parties and consume copious quantities of alcohol.   Plenty of weight to add with empty wine and spirit bottles, empty ale cans, who knows the poor could even benefit if the went around collecting all the bottles and cans from street litter bins.  Anyway there must be a conflict of interest when it comes to the governments aspiration to reduce binge drinking.  ( The bit about the poor sorting through public bins is already proven in Brisbane, where I personally witnessed people rooting through bins for ally cans because you got a good price when you weighed them in )
Anyway Pickles's scheme is almost as much a green scam as the original bin tax instead, the whole object of the exercise being to provide a virtual welfare state for the private companies likely to be brought in to introduce and then expensively administer for the duration of a probable PFI contract.  Anyway will some news presenter please question Eric Pickles where WE are going to get the money from, and even if it is technically private investment , our economy can simply not afford to fund yet another seam of non productive office workers and associated fat cat executives.
NN 18/06/2010
Apart from the theoretical jobs potentially created the withdrawal of the 80 million loan to Sheffield Forge masters could be a complete disaster for the future of British industry.   If Westinghouse proceed with their own 40 million part of the overall deal, and even if the Banks stump up, forge master is in grave danger of being the subject of a foreign takeover.  Westinghouse can therefore probably buy out Forgemasters on the cheap, the banks and their stock market parasites are frothing at the mouth on the prospect of getting the fee's to sort out the deal.
There is therefore evidence to suggest that our new government is already dictating policy to favour false economic growth in the stock market.  With Tim nice but dim ( with his well documented conflicts of interest ) elected as chair of the climate change select committee it obvious that the whole of climate policy will be slanted towards building up a false economic prospectus for green businesses in the hope that some corporate multinational will buy them out for a huge profit.
Does the Speaker ( or his deputies ) have any power to intervene when there is alleged political influence on policy for personal gain by any minister or person in a similar position of relative power ?
NN 24/06/2010
As usual the " left wing " has the wrong end of the stick on housing benefit, uncontrolled housing benefit levels have in fact stoked the property price boom over the past 20 years. House prices should fall as a result of the cap on housing benefit, which has become a virtual welfare state for the buy to let property speculation industry. Market rent's should fall in a true market thus allowing those lower income workers who can't claim housing benefit a potential reduction in their cost of living.
There is perhaps a case though where capped housing benefit will be used by the Corporate Nazi aspect of " the market " as an excuse for the corporate ethnic cleansing of lower income people from rural or " affluent " areas of larger towns.   It would appear that the new corporate landlords can revert to a virtual " tied cottage " system for menial workers in rural areas.  Some of the old " lords of the manor " were once lenient with rents, but the latest batch of " agents " put up the rent for no good reason, stating to tenants that " if they can't afford it the council will pay the difference ".
Also how are the alleged poorest in society going to be clobbered by the VAT increase unless they are apprentice ten bob fat cats signed up to all the latest gadget technology, Sky TV subscriptions and the like.  However, since the chancellor did not make a corresponding cut in fuel duty it lays said budget open to the charge that it hits hard working entry level car owning families on low incomes the most.  Similarly the corporate bus companies will use the VAT rise as an excuse to raise their fares, so tough luck if you are in a minimum wage job.
Increasing the retirement age is a kick in the teeth for moderate to heavy manual workers, especially when coupled with stricter tests for disability benefits.   It would appear that " BBC types " don't really care about the workers who do all the really essential jobs in our economy.  Take Jon Snow on Channel 4 News, the best he could do was invite a couple of well paid academics to agree with telephone number salary him.  Anyway one of the said academics came from an organisation which earns its keep selling top price luxury cruises and car insurance for the really elderly.  I do hope Newsnight presents a more intelligent debate on the budget and its ramifications tonight.
Just further on the Corporate Ethnic Cleansing angle on the budget, it would appear that the whole focus for the Liberal Democrats is to economically cleanse all the low income almost always Tory voting " indigenous " people and replace them with eco-fascist leaning Lib-Dem voters.   It would appear that said aim has already been achieved in Westmoreland & Lonsdale, the big landowners don't care about any of the local people.  Just so long as they can easily get permission for lucrative Wind Farms and continue to rake in massive rents for fairly modest ex farming family dwellings.
In no way am I linking to the corporate ethnic cleansing angle to Tim Farron, in fact he has " mostly unreported " been fighting for the rights of the few indigenous South Lakeland population remaining.   Perhaps that's why he had scant support in the Lib-Den deputy-leadership election recently even though he could have made a useful contribution to the coalition debate.
NN 28/06/2010
Surprise Surprise ! so the ex F1 automotive engineering boffins have come up with something totally impractical, and in reality no better than a 1980s Reliant Rialto.   You could get two adults and two biggish kids fairly comfortably into a Rialto, it would give you 75 Mpg and steam down the motorway at 80 quite safely just so long as you replaced the standard radial front tyre with a cross-ply.  It could be improved even further with better back leaf springs, but it had to meet the weight restrictions for the taxation class. Similarly the needle roller steering king pin was always a source of concern at the MOT, but could be substituted with a simple brass bush no problem.  
Of course Ford bought out the struggling Reliant under hostile propaganda from the likes of Jasper Carrot and then closed it after the fuel price significantly increased, I forget the exact time scale but probably the first Gulf War.  However the Rialto was a bit pricey, probably due to the small scale of production at Tamworth.   Said innovative new alleged cheap eco-friendly design looks totally impractical over a service lifetime, the opening front hood idea is a non starter.  The " hood could easily warp when lifting from one side, pins wear and draughts develop, although the plastic body is moving in the right direction just so long as its on a strong steel frame.  However, the existing technology to aim for comes from the 1970s.
Perhaps a radical departure away from " traditional " mass production car design is needed considering the investment by potential owners.  To be true " green " any mass production need to be capable ( with maintenance ) of lasting at least 30 years.  Buy a true "eco-friendly  car in your 20s and then hand it on to your kids when they first pass their test and start driving independently.  There is proven vehicle technology capable of doing this, the ERF SP truck cab with sheet mould compound plastic panels on a strong steel frame.  Using the SP cab design as a basis it could be possible to build a vehicle which fits the above criterion.  If it was thought about properly you could even send your vehicle in for refurbishment and have it returned with different body styling.   Such a vehicle would be likely to retain its second hand value long term, unlike current mass production designs which are normally " knackered " at under 15 years old, even if you could theoretically still get the required spares.
The thing is that in the mid 1980s an ERF tractor unit with technically identical engine and transmission only cost less than 10% more than a Ford Cargo with rot box pressed steel cab welded by robots.   Like your man on about climate change policy said, the whole focus is either on investment scams or tax avoidance.   Perhaps there would appear to be light at the end of the tunnel though, the logical thing to do would be to repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act.  Concentrate on building a Severn and Morecambe Bay barrage which can go a long way meet any theoretical " EU Fourth Reich " directives on " renewable's " instead of wasting investment on Wind Farms.  However, not much chance of that with key politicians ( Cameron's father in law and Clegg's wife ) with a clear conflict of interest on the wind farm scam, not to mention Tim nice but dim and his select committee ?
Mindys-Housemate #34

Its patently obvious that you have no engineering aptitude whatsoever which makes you easy prey for " eco-fascist Aristotle " science on wind farms. All the evidence suggests that wind farms do not reduce CO2 emissions unless you are willing to become a third world country with regular power cuts. Germany ( which also backs up Denmark ) has has to open at least five new major fossil fuel plants to cope with backup demand just to keep the lights on. As for the Chernobyl accident, it would never have happened but for idiots experimenting with the reactor control system, the lessons have been learnt and the latest reactors are totally fail safe. Wind farm fires are due to poor ( cheap nasty ) computer aided design, programmed to build crap with a max life of five years, the boffins who write the software are not true practical engineers.
NN 30/06/2010
The RSPB should be onto this if they were half genuine in their claim to be acting in the interest of Birds, I believe that several birds of prey have already been killed by wind farms in Scotland. However,as an integral part of the overall eco-scam illusion they say nothing to upset their many fully paid up eco-fascist supporters.  
The RSPB is only against projects like the Severn Barrage because when the Corporate Nazi's have fuel taxed out the low income indigenous estuary locals.   The wealthy eco-fascists will move in and trap wildfowl to eat among themselves while those in towns starve because due to wind farms there is no reliable power for refrigeration.  Tough for small high street shops especially, although the big supermarkets will probably bring in diesel generators.
 strugglingtostaycalm #42
I suppose its a bit like the RSPB and the smaller hawk problem, Peregrines and Sparrow hawks take many small song birds yet remain protected.  The BBC ( bird in the nest ) once even filmed a peregrine bring a thrush back to its nest ( quickly cut the shot when they realised the brown thing was not the only claimed prey pigeon ).  We have a peregrine in the quarry less than a mile from us, until its arrival there were plenty of thrushes about but we never see any now. 
Plenty of Blackbirds around though, perhaps because they are black the hawks think that they are crows, hawks never mix it with crows.  Now someone has written an article alleging that deer kill small birds because they eat the undergrowth in forests.  I suggest that a more accurate analogy is that due to lack of cover Sparrow hawks can kill more efficiently with less effort in open forests.
There is patently a conflict of interest on Hawk policy at the RSPB, perhaps they protect hawks at all cost because they know full well they kill the small song birds their members join to theoretically save.  Less small song birds means more potential members and in the the true " Corporate Nazi " charity tradition, the ongoing financial position of the organisation takes precedence over the truth as regards public policy.  Similarly I suspect that the core RSPB fully paid up members ( especially the wealthier ones who make big donations ) have eco-fascist leanings, therefore opposing wind farms is probably not a sustainable financial option for the RSPB.
The Corporate Nazi POWER MATRIX will do everything they can to protect the future of their favourite climate change investment scams. The foolish politicians believe that they can save the global economy wasting investment in wind farms, and it would appear that our silly old worn out Queen has jumped onto the bandwagon perhaps in an attempt to protect the royal family's theoretical personal wealth.
# 6,10 and 12
Perhaps the main problem facing this newsnight blog is the fact that the gangophone is in there first with five posts of Spam including frequently repeated BNP references.  Its enough to switch off any viewers immediately, perhaps its only allowed because it reflects BBC ideology whereas most posters take an open view.  Then there is spampromptu  being paranoid if anyone dares to infer towards her, like last week when I posted a link to the Polish presidential election results.
Then it may have become obvious to many posters that the presenters never even bother to read them, many regulars have packed in since last year.  The trouble is that many potential replacements are blogdogged on their first go for the catch all house rules etc, whilst dAllan can get away with completely incomprehensible dross.
What Killed Scottish Manufacturing Industry ?
As a teenager during the mid 1970s I got friendly with the drivers and owner of a small local haulage contractor.  During the school holidays I would ride " shotgun " all over the north of the UK as far as central Scotland.  I got a job there as an apprentice HGV fitter, then after passing the motor vehicle technicians exams at tech went HGV driving myself.
Back in the 1970s the company I worked for did all the main transport for Serfco at Darwen.  Their main job was recycling cast iron borings from the heavy engineering industry, customers included British Leyland Coventry engine plant, Vickers at Barrow and a few places up in central Scotland.   That's how I got right into the heart of Ravenscraig steel works, the cast iron borings were heated and pressed into " piglets " about the size of an egg. 
The old UK driving hours regulations allowed 10 hours driving per day, spread over 12 and a half hours total time.  It was therefore practical to get to the Clyde belt and back in the day from Manchester.
Even though there were no tachographs at the time, the EU 8 hour driving hours destroyed transport efficiency. The new EU log books were easy to fiddle as you need not state your destination, however, in 1981 the tachographs were introduced.  Industry in central Scotland was decimated when the tachographs eventually came in, mostly due to Dumfries & Galloway police paranoidly enforcing the 40 Mph HGV speed limit on the A74.   Srathclyde had a spell at it also but could see the damage to the economy, it didn't help rail freight either. Manchester-Glasgow road freight became impractical on a daily basis, costs increased not least because you had to pay the driver expenses for a night out.
Now there were lots of empty wagons in central Scotland who couldn't get home for a load the next day so spent the rest of your day loading one to take back.  Products like spuds and whiskey, basically anything not in a particular rush and you could use traditional railway stock.   The yard of the haulage garage where I worked backed onto the Blackburn-Hellifield line so you couldn't miss what was going on.  The trains just got shorter and shorter, Scotch wagons were also taking stuff back in the other direction.  The final nail in the coffin was the APT and the need to take the catch points out of the WCML  so all partially brake fitted trains were withdrawn. 
The result was even more wagon's on the road and everyone had to buy new more powerful equipment, then they did it again in 1985, new 38 tonne weight limit when they should have gone straight to 44 tonne and allow a " full " 40 foot ISO container to be handled by road.
Cheap transport is vital to the sustainability of the economy of any nation, yet politicians would appear to have been blind to this basic economic fact.  Ken Clarke's Road Fuel Tax Escalator decimated manufacturing industry everywhere except perhaps the south east.  At least fuel duty was not increased in the recent " emergency budget " but further rises in the Labour pipeline were not withdrawn.  Will the politicians ever learn ?
NN 13/07/2010
So the eco-fascist lobby working in the interest of big pharma have got the pilot badger cull stopped in west Wales on appeal.  Eco-fascist leaning rock celebrity Brian May on Ch4 news pushing expensive vaccination, whilst small farmers business plans are crippled by movement restrictions. Its all part of a corporate ethnic cleansing plan to make small farms uneconomic, and force traditional farming families off their land.
Not many parts of the UK more attractive than west Wales for those who wish the live the BCC dream to " Escape to the Country ".  The property speculators must be hovering frothing at the mouth on the prospect of small country eco-units to do up and sell.   The large landowners wont care either, a chance to cash in on their building assets whilst renting out the rest of the land as ranches.  The whole point is that if nobody allows even a pilot cull we may never find out whether a cull actually works for cutting TB in Cattle, but then these were probably the same ilk of judges who let convicted foreign criminals remain in the UK ?
NN 16/07/2010
Its not really that long ago and still pretty fresh in my memory that Megrahi was released on compassionate grounds in exchange for dropping his pending appeal.   No doubt the truth that Megrahi was framed for the Lockerbie bombing, ( showed a photo of him to the key witness before he identified Megrahi ) would come out.  Obviously one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in legal history all stitched up by the CIA for political gain and no chance of a true fair trial at the time.  
Do the US really believe that the general public are so stupid as to fall for the BP lobbying story, although I suspect that many will have forgotten the controversy surrounding Megrahi's conviction.   It is said that smoking cannabis can protect against prostrate cancer, I presume that its legal in Libya, and perhaps he has spent the last few months stoned out of his head which may have arrested the progression of the disease or even cured it to some extent.   I hope Megrahi lives as long as he can, but nothing can compensate for the massive international injustice against this innocent man.
Just a point about the Apple i-phone problem, it would appear that the research boffins are so far up in the technical clouds that they have forgotten the basics.   To get something as simple as placing the Ariel so that its obscured by your natural ( right handed ) holding phone left hand wrong is just flawed basic design.  Then the " there was an old woman who swallowed a fly " engineering starts with a free plastic frame to remove the Ariel from your hand starts.  Its obvious that the basic design is flawed unless you are left handed, and perhaps the boffin who designed it was left handed also.  Perhaps all right handed i-phone customers should take it back and ask for their money back, except that I suspect that most of the people who bought it got it to be on the alleged cutting edge of trendy technological development.   All those concentrated microwaves can't be doing your hand any good if you are not at the same time attempting to boil your brain.
Such is science these days, loads of useless technology out there which falls down on the basics.   I seem to manage OK with no mobile phone at all, still using a 1979 Sony ( pre Alan Sugar junk ) radio in the kitchen.  Our late 1960s fridge is a bit of a cheat since it was stored for 20 years, but no point getting a new one as we would be lucky if it lasted five years. 
NN 21/97/2010
Perhaps David Cameron's apparent amnesia about 1940 could have something to do with the fact that the greater Tory party ( apart from Churchill ) were on the verge of doing a deal with Adolf Hitler to prevent an invasion on the pretext that " people might get killed " otherwise.  Similarly, one old worn out Tory cabinet minister expressed the view that it was morally wrong to bomb German armaments factories because they were " private property ".  
It has to be remembered that it was Hitler who declared war on the US, not the other way around, perhaps the only reason they helped the UK was because wall street had already milked our government finances dry, and the UK being on the winning side in said war was probably the only way they could have got back the money they lent.   It was also Wall Street that funded Hitler's rearmament programme, but since the Russians looked like turning the tide the stock market parasites would have lost out on their German investments also ?
NN 26/07/2010
Perhaps one of the biggest corporate rip-off's in the UK today is BT answer 1571, which it would appear that almost every landline in the country now has to ensure that you get charged 10p when the line is engaged.  Similarly most phone lines have BT answer after a very short number of rings, also costing you 10p to find out that the person you called was not in. 
I just wonder how much false revenue this costs the public in a year, most people are to ignorant to have it set back to standard, you can have it removed but its loads of hassle on the phone to BT.   We had ours put back to default some time ago, my dad is half deaf due to being a gunner in the Royal Artillery during WW2 and its was impossible to hear it soon enough to get back from the Kitchen.   I had enquired about a low user tariff, but my dad had to do that personally when he really struggles with strange people.
Lancashire County Council has just announced 150 redundancies and a new 98k Environment Director to be hired.  The Road Safety department needs a massive clear out of all those who a praised themselves on the back of of the good work done by NHS treatment, paramedic Ambulance Service ( not forgetting the Air Ambulance ) and puffed themselves up into the high priests of their particular quasi-religion. I once wrote to alleged head of road safety at LCC   the truth about the latest NHS serious injury statistics was that they were actually 14,000 above the figure he used 26/40.   He claimed that I was lying and referred me to the Association of Chief police Officers or the Driving Standards Agency.   I sent him a copy of my proof and I have never heard from him since, obviously can't except the truth that his whole policy of his department has been based on a falsehood ?
NN 27/06/2010
barrie #8
Your link tends to reinforce my suspicion that the Gulf oil leak has been kept going as long as politically possible in order to prop up world oil prices.  Furthermore, Obama's political posturing and the ban on deep water drilling has given the oil cartel just the perhaps convenient excuse they needed to avoid new investment in any " more difficult " potential new oil fields, once again supporting the current and future price of crude.
Unfortunately I missed Chris Huhne's climate change scam energy policy statement, caught some of the questions though.  Most of them were MP's of all shades squealing about whether their particular favourite local investment scam was going to have its funding cut.   More pressure over the cancelled Forgemasters loan, but the killer was the one about progress on the Severn Barrage, perhaps the only worthwhile " renewable " energy project on the table which was not specifically mentioned.  However, it would appear that most of the policy mentioned is dependent on the financial review later in the year.
The BBC would appear to be operating a total news blackout on Huhnes proposals, nothing mentioned on New24 or the teletext service, not yet available on Democracy Live.  Hardly surprising when you consider that the alleged target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 is unachievable without the UK being totally destroyed in a nuclear war and going back into the stone age.  Perhaps Susan Watts will have to tread very carefully in her report tonight, as, as I pointed out in my link the other day the BBC terminates your contract if you are not prepared to lie about the Climate Scam ?
I have just read Huhne's full speech and it would appear that " supporting the carbon price " was on the agenda, Corporate Nazi spin meaning a Carbon TAX.  A disaster for the rural poor with only a coal fire to rely on for heat ( of course more potential consumers for heating oil, or that mega expensive bottled gas ).  The perfect Lib-Demmic ( alleged unintended result )corporate ethnic cleansing plan ( price poor people out of their ancestral homes )  Just what the Oil Cartel ordered, in order that they can make more profit from the gas they currently flare off, exactly what Corporate Nazi Obama is about to do if the US people are stupid enough to vote democrat at the forthcoming elections.  With his idiotic yapping in Turkey this morning its becoming increasingly apparent that despite a good start, perhaps Cameron is turning out to be ( like Blair and Brown ) yet another glove-puppet Corporate Nazi Poodle ?
It would appear that the Labour party is about to shoot itself in the foot by restricting the choice of new leader down to a pair of Milibands deeply long term infected with eco-fascism.  After the Radio 5 Live debate today, those who leaned towards being a future Labour voter but were not necessarily Labour party members themselves came out in enthusiastic overwhelming support of Andy Burnham.
My all time favourite Labour politician is Clement Attlee, its a man like him who we need tor lead our economy into recovery.   The history media fail to portray just what a bad state our economy was in at the end of WW2, Attlee worked miracles, but then ha had just got the experience of running the UK during the worst of the war on the home front.  The only true reason he got defeated by Churchill was the promise of lifting rationing, which Attlee probably could have done by the same time.
The main reason I support Andy Burnham is that like Attlee, he did have experienced of running the NHS more competently than any of his modern predecessors.   He even managed to find cost savings, but my father recently had experience of the NHS whilst suspected bladder cancer.  He got seen promptly and if anything they were attempting to rush him in radio-therapy.   We chose a management option, allegedly to prolong his active life ( despite being 87 ), the thing is that the found " no reoccurrence " of his cancer from April, the last time the " reamed him out ".   They claimed that in the original operation they " couldn't remove it all, left it while January ( the surgeon having given us all the options to consider ), saw a new surgeon who acting on the word of the nurse technician alleged that my dad's cancer was out of control.   Perhaps it was just the scar tissue, there would appear to have been a policy of keeping up the number of in patients just to battery farm the wade space.  I noted that one ward had been recently closed and without major modification hasty turned into a patient waiting for operation at first visit.  This would allow the battery farming of beds on surgical wards, one going in in a morning another coming from theatre that afternoon, bed theoretically occupied 24 hours of the day.   Perhaps it just to meet targets but patients are being given their pre-opp up to two weeks before actual admission.  Tough luck if you get ill in-between, have to inconveniently miss your opp or risk consequences from the anesthetic.
The fiasco above has nothing to do with Andy Burnham, but at least he was trying to get rid of hospital car park charges.  Probably can't do anything because charges for hospital car parks are a " private tax " paid to the PFI contractor at " new " hospitals.  Someone has to get the guts to cancel ( nationalise ) all PFI deals and simply agree a sum to pay them out, at the moment its just another welfare state for the stock market parasites.
Particularly both the Milibands and to some extent Balls are contaminated by the eco-fascist sect of the Blair inspired " Corporate Nazi " ideology.  Within the next 5 years the CO2 driven man made global warming theory could probably be totally discredited. perhaps we have already seen the " end of the beginning " for the Climate Change Scam.    Only a few weeks ago the EU climate commissioner woman was bleating about increasing EU CO2 cuts by 30% as opposed to the original 20% by 2020 target.  She rather blew the real intention of said directive suggesting that due to the recession a 20% cut would be too easy and not drive investment in things like pointless wind farms.  Anyway her eco-lunatic proposal has got knocked in the head this week, and perhaps circumstances will eventually mean that the 20% pledge is also abandoned.  Cameron has already pinned all the energy policy side of the Climate Change Scam on the Lib-demmics, looking to the future the Labour Party will need " clean underpants " on the Climate Change Scam.  Taking everything into consideration Andy Burnham is the only serious leadership contender with relatively clean underpants on climate change, ED miliband sporting the most soiled of all and closely followed by his brother.
NN 05/08/2010
Jaunty # 1
I thought that you had more common sense, but why are you getting so wound up over the " cloned beef and milk gate " non story.   It has always been the case that top breeders / dealers etc have had plenty of money to splash out but the vast number of smaller especially tenant farmers in this country are on the breadline.  I am willing to bet that thousands of farmers are after gross profits over hours worked working for less than the minimum wage.
The eco-fascist wing of the Corporate Nazi ideology are now assembling a bunch of their useful idiots to attack our farming industry.  They attempt to portray how farmers are nasty horrible people like the German Nazi's poured scorn on the Jews, when the only really " nasty " people in the UK are the eco-fascists and their stock market parasite mates.
NN 06/08/2010
I suspect that the gangophone will attempt to portray that the Russian drought and resultant wild fires provide proof of " global warming ".  Similarly, that Yasmin " nice brown person " was reviewing the papers and attempted to portray that the Pakistan floods were due to global warming, even though it had already been widely published that very similar floods happened 80 years ago.   Here in my native north west England we have been suffering a severe drought until recently, the Leeds-Liverpool canal has been closed at the west side on the strength of it.
The simple fact is our weather relies on the Jet Stream and its interaction with radiation from the sun, the fact that the north west of England has had little in the way of rain from deep depressions, probably also explains the drought in Russia.  Whilst travelling Aussie by rail I encountered a sheep shearer from Winton in the Queensland outback.  He had accidentally chopped his thumb off and was returning from hospital after they stitched it back on in Brisbane.  We shared a sleeper compartment and he filled me in on what goes down in the outback.   There had been a drought, but he said that was down to the fact that there had not been many tropical storms lashing the coast.   At least not big enough to burst through the costal mountain range, he said that occasional light showers were worse than useless, just turned the remaining grass black.
Russia would appear to be in a similar position to the Queensland outback, no big storms pushing through northern Europe.  The current position of the Jet stream probably ensures that the winds continue to come from the hot south in Russia, yet ( apart from the south east ) the UK has had consistently lower than average temperatures.  I suspect the " global warmists " will yet again attempt to portray that 2010 was the hottest year ever using their cherry picked temperature recording stations ?
Local Paper Again 07/08/2010
Perhaps one major hurdle facing the regeneration of Clitheroe through new small retail businesses is the large number of Charity Shops.  The problem is the charity shops inflating the market price for high street shop rents. As they don't have to pay business rates and are effectively subsidised by donations from the public they can offer whatever the " corporate " landlords ask. Charities with shops are in effect a welfare state for the high street property market and instead of going to the good causes they claim to support the bulk of your charity donations are going straight into the " corporate " landlords pockets.  It would appear that the " corporate " landlords would sooner see a shop empty rather than renting it out at a lower rate than some existing tenants pay.   As the result of charity shops there is no such thing as a true free market in retail property.
NN 09/08/2010
The Corporate Nazi supporters have had a propaganda field day on Newsnight tonight, first heaping up the pressure on smokers and fat people, then that nice cuddly Polar bear Mr Blanchflower and other interested parties suggesting that both the UK and particularly the US extend and increase the Welfare State for the stock market parasites.   Then yet more propaganda on dismantling our hard won welfare state for the people by at least one so brain dead not to realise that JSA is only a about a third of the minimum wage suggesting it should be cut to 50% of a proper job. 
Perhaps it was rather fitting that BBC2 should screen the holocaust edition of the World at War directly afterwards, after all the eco-fascists have talked about reducing the UK population by 30 million or to 30 million.   With no party actually committed to repealing the Climate Change Act 2008 some form of holocaust could be on the cards to cut government spending on the resulting millions unemployed when it starts to bite proper in some 21st century " final solution ".
NN 13/08/2010 Not Changing The Clocks to GMT
So all the real productive workers who generate the true wealth in our economy are to be pissed about and forced to travel during the peak school periods when both trains, buses and cars are already over capacity. Bet the stock market parasites will be backing this one,s yet more false economic growth just so a few stock market parasites and duplicitous office staff can go and pay to play outdoor " sport " for an hour after work. Then there will be more calls for congestion charging ?
Just to illustrate my case  about construction worker there were once plans to make Swinden Quarry open at 7 instead of 6 floated by the National Parks authority.    Most of the stone went to greater Leeds and Bradford concrete plants, Halifax and Huddersfield.  The thing was that if you got a good start at 6 you could be tipping your load ( under lights for a couple of months ), then come out of Bradford like a dose of salts opposing the rush hour traffic.   Similarly school time in an afternoon disn't bother you either much has you had already finnished.  Obviously the National park realised the mayhem it would have caused having heavy trucks flying everywhere when the scools were coming out in the afternoon.    Similarly with the postmen, they recently had to start an hour later due to management wanting an extra hour in bed.   The result is that now even more of them can't finish their round in the alloted time, but then anyone with true experience in distribution knows full well that an hour in the morning is worth two in the afternoon.
NN 16/08/2010
So it would appear that David Miliband simply doesn't care about the fate of the chronically sick and disabled, perhaps just what his Corporate Nazi labour leadership campaign financial donors ordered.   Why is it that all benefits are not means tested over the 40% rate of income tax, and if you could theoretically fund winter fuel payments for the disabled out of that why was it not done years ago ?
Just a further point on univeral benefits of which I am not fully conversant with,  but perhaps the main reason the " Corporate Nazi's " would appear to be opposing the means testing of some benefits is as follows.   Perhaps many of those families on over 50K pa use their child benefit to pay directly into a private pension, or some other stock market parasite investment vehicle.   Similarly child care payments, a free state babysitting service so that the WAGS can go out " expensive " shopping with their friends ?
Boilerbill #18

You would appear to have missed the simple fact that so many speed limits are now set for quasi-political reasons ( not safety ) that most reasonable people don't actually take them that seriously anymore. The trouble is that when a speed limit is actually valid on safety grounds it is not clearly identifiable in the overall " blanket " nature of speed limits in general these days. That's why fixed cameras ( even empty ones ) are so valid if properly used, in an ideal world we would switch to vehicle interactive warning signs, but the country is skint due to spending on dubious safety measures like traffic calming etc and therefore we simply can't afford them !
It would appear that the Corporate Nazi's in their quest to obstruct all alternatives to toll roads " dangled the carrot " to many on 40 Mph sections of road that they would be able to park thier cars on the road at night without light.  Of course the ten bob fat cats all jumped at the invitation to perhaps revalue their house up by at least 10K in order that they could borrow even more on their credit cards.   I believe that there are some people going around ( buying houses to trade ) deliberately stiring up the council to get the speed limit cut in order that they can make a quick buck when they sell up soon afterwards.
If it was safe to do 40 on a road in the 1960s with all sorts of stuff floating around with only 40% braking efficiency ( the legal minimum is now 50% ), Now most cars fly through the MoT with over 70% efficiency.   Truck and buses have also had advances in braking technology, particularly the age old problem of Brake Fade, however, the one greatest advance in road safety since the 1960s must be Radial tyres
NN 23/08/2010
Whilst I fully appreciate that Newsnight has to put its best efforts into Corporate Nazi world government propaganda as part of its obligation as a public service broadcaster in receipt of the " license fee ", tonight's plug for the climate change scam almost fell short.
Despite the fact that this post of an interview with Piers Corbyn must have been up and posted before 4 pm, it would appear that none of the participants in the Pakistan weather presentation even mentioned anything from it.  
The discussion was most disappointing, skirting around the main question on the Climate Change Scam, neither of the guests could confidently answer Kirsty's half baked questions.
As for the alleged global warming skeptic, perhaps he is just one of the be it fairly high profile " Useful idiots " the Corporate Nazis trot out to give the illusion of opposition to the Climate Scam.  Also, all the most recent evidence suggests that Asians can not really be trusted to be honest.  Over the last few weeks our local paper has reported a series of scams like deliberately causing road accidents, sitting driving tests impersonating other Asians and a 300K MoT test scam.   That's just the small men, who knows what the really big fish are scheming in the quest for a say in UN / Wall Street based global totalitarian government ?
NN 26/08/2010
The whole " green " movement is intellectually dishonest, take their position on traffic calming and 20 Mph speed limits, both of which significantly increase traffic pollution. Every policy they support ensures the continued grip on our ...economy by the Corporate Multinational Cartel of big international business. Take their opposition to ( household ) waste incineration, no pollution problem with the latest flue gas technology and could produce up to 10% of our electricity like it does in the Isle of Man. Of course the CMC don't want energy from waste, that would cut the market rate for energy generally. Similarly the CO2 scam, the oil companies want carbon taxes in order that they can sell more of the gas they currently flare off. In any case some eco-fascists have plans to reduce the UK population to 30 million, how do they propose to do this, by some 21st century equivalent of the holocaust. Most likely they will use carbon taxes and toll roads to ensure that people on lower incomes die or leave the country because they can no longer be able to keep warm, dry and have a full belly ?
I was just wondering whether Newsnight has the guts to dredge up all the circumstances surrounding Nadir's escape to Turkish Cyprus.   If my memory serves me correctly was it not that Nadir was tipped off about his forthcoming arrest and a private plane organised from a small airstrip by persons including the then Tory cabinet minister Michael Mates.   Of course it was all soon forgotten about and nobody had to resign or anything like that, not even an apology for what could be described as perverting the course of justice ?
Well done Newsnight for exposing the many mainstream alleged " charities " for the corporate financial parasites they would now appear to have become.   Perhaps its just a symptom of the Corporate Nazi ideology of the 21st UK, foolish ten bob fat cats prepared to pay an additional monthly private tax on the daft.  It kind of makes a complete mockery of Cameron's " Big Society ", potential " private contractors "  almost certainly less financially efficient providing services to " vulnerable groups " than the public sector is present.
If the DEC can provide disaster aid to a country as potentially corrupt as Pakistan at a rate of 95p in the pound it makes a total mockery of most UK charities.   Perhaps any alleged charity which can't amply prove that it spends at least 75% of its total revenue going direct to " good causes " should loose its charitable status.  After all the high rate tax dodges etc could go some way to reducing the government deficit. and local councils could do with the business rates on charity shops.
That is not to say that I never donate anything to charity, I always buy a poppy for Remembrance Sunday.  Likewise occasionally sponsoring friends on specific charity walks ( usually just a fiver ), I once upped my donation to 20 quid when I found out what one particular small charity for the blind was providing locally.
Wrote this for the local paper on speculation
I do hope that any future replacement Ribble Valley Borough Council officers are not going to be so foolish enough to go down the same path as Pendle and propose introducing a system of household waste food recycling.   It is patently obvious than any such service is not going to save one single ounce of CO2 by the time you take into account the fuel used for regular collection.   It would appear that household waste recycling is nothing more than forcing all council taxpayers to pay the equivalent of a medieval religious indulgence in order to espouse the guilt of the profligate who throw loads of food away in a world full of the starving millions.  But then being " environmental group prescribed " alleged eco friendly has now become a " quasi-religion " in itself over the past 30 years.  
" Eco-fascism " is all about creating false economic growth, and it would appear that RVBC has regularly fallen for the trap perhaps due to incompetent council officers misleading the politicians.   The economy of the Ribble Valley and particularly Clitheroe town centre has gone relatively down hill since the 1970's, the alarm bells should have started ringing when weight limits were introduced on several key roads when the local economy relied so heavily on the haulage industry.  
Then there was the redevelopment of Clitheroe Market, we had a perfectly sound brick built convenient for the public to use with at least some protection from the weather for customers existing set up replaced by a set of hideous breeze block sheds around an awkward corner.   Of course to pay for all the institutionalized profligacy car park charges had to be introduced, perhaps also much increased rents for market traders. I suspect that many regular shopping visitors longed for a return to the interim situation where the old cattle mart had been demolished and turned into a car park ?
The original market could have been refurbished and improved by the provision of an overall roof.  However, RVBC policy would appear to have been run in the interest of corporate property developers, not the indigenous Ribble Valley people for the last 30 years, perhaps " they " just had to do it if " they " could get away with it.  
Then they wrecked the main shopping street with traffic calming, it is interesting to note that those rural market towns who have avoided this type of rubbish street furniture and roadwork's Clitheroe now sports have survived better economically speaking.  Then there was the great New Labour bus investment scam, instead of policies to keep the fares down a massively expensive  alleged " green "   idea for a pointless " new transport interchange " far too far from the main shopping area to be of any real benefit to the town or bus passengers. 
30 years and how many wasted millions of taxpayers money later and Clitheroe faces a crossroads, it can either use what little money which is now available to put right the damage done to our economy and look to a brighter future, or face terminal decline. 
Perhaps a good start would be to close down the Platform Gallery and use the station building for a new easily accessible tourist information centre.   No need for any wasting money on an expensive new building at the inaccessible castle gate, local artists could still exhibit their work for sale in part of the station building as part of the overall tourist information scheme.  Any money saved could go towards putting back the main street back to 1960s default, get rid of all the road narrowing's and the idiotic cobbled imitation and confusing pedestrian crossings, make Parson lane two way again, or at least replace the Zebra with a Pelican between Booth's and the market to prevent gridlock when the main through route is closed.
NN 01/09/2010
It looks like the blogdog has got dirty underpants on publishing any mention of an allegation floating around the internet that a currently in the news former UK PM  bribed Putin with the prospect of gaining entry to the WTO on " most favoured status " in exchange for closing down the man made global warming skeptic Russian climate change research institute. ( circa 2005 )
Why is it that the media would now appear to think you are gay if you share a hotel room with another man.   Of course if their are two single beds its no different to an army dormitory, and nobody is suggesting all the forces are gay.  Even if it was a double bed, that is not to say that any kind of sexual contact went on, perhaps males in their late forties are just not allowed to have younger male friends.   Perhaps the whole thing is a kite put up by the hotel industry to force everyone to pay for two rooms plus single supplement if they are both of the same sex.  Similarly it could just be a symptom of the Corporate Nazi ideology which dictates that everyone is compelled to take the most expensive option available ?
My #29 was a link to a site which has an article claiming that collective local authorities spent 70 million quid on agency social workers. It is said that 1 in 10 of UK social workers are now agency staff, at over 14k extra each pa than council rates, I bet very little of it gets back to agency workers themselves.

Perhaps the trend towards agencies is just part of the Corporate Nazi ideology which appears to have taken root in the collective government subconscious. Some people would now appear to now prefer to be traded likes slaves whilst exploited by employment agencies. An Employment Agency's sole purpose is to exploit the workforce in general, whilst providing a welfare state for the stock market parasites intent on privatising all public services.
Anyone who seriously believes that wind farms are the energy technology of the future is at least engineering and science illiterate, at worst a physics neanderthal. It could be said that anyone under 50 never received a proper science /engineering education ( dumbed down by Thatcher ) even if they went into it specifically. The simple fact is that Scottish wind farms only produced 17% efficiency during the first half of 2010, when their promoters claimed at least 30% was possible. The first generation of small wind farms are now having to be closed as they are potentially dangerous to continue to operate, they set on fire and have gearbox problems.
NN 07/09/2010
I fear that your retirement poll is yet another set up sample of carefully selected Corporate Nazi consumer addicts, the type that queue for the latest i iPad or other latest gadget.   Of course they can't retire if they wish to retain their ten bob fat cat lifestyle past official state retirement age.  
Its probably the case that those who do physically hard manual jobs were excluded, which ( before the Tories partially dismantled it in 1994 ) were amply covered for at whatever age that their health dictated.   Blair had another go after 1997, but now Brown with collaboration of Purnell totally trashed it, now the Tories seek to put the retirement age up.
I don't think that most people are aware that they are the victims of a stealth National Insurance tax increase which may be up to the equivalent of 2p in the pound in the event that you are compelled to claim on it.  Of course its OK if you have a soft job, especially somewhere like corporate planet BBC and can push the climate scam for all its worth.  However, it has to be realised that from the Spanish experience you destroy 2 traditional jobs for every " green " job theoretically created.  The point is that if our brain dead politicians persist with implementing the 2008 Climate Change Act a large portion of our workforce in the better paid jobs will be out on their ear. Then who is going to pay all the taxes required even just to fund unemployment benefit at a rate which allows you to keep warm, dry and have a full belly.
The stock market parasites and their Corporate Multinational Cartel are doing their level best to inflate the cost of living as much as they dare.  The logical conclusion is that many people are going to be effectively frozen and starved to death before they get anywhere near official retirement age.
I'm not sure whether I heard what Michael Crick said about Osborne's 4 billion cuts properly but it eventually came across that the 4 billion was not additional to the 11 billion cuts already promised but instead of the original 11 billion ?
NN 13/09/2010
Since the 1980s, The Unions have become an an integral component of the Corporate Nazi machine which pulls the strings on our puppet politicians.   They rely on the continued dominance of members of the Corporate Multinational Cartel to provide the incentive for their members to join.   Without the corporate multinational the unions would have been marginalised in the workplace by now.
Over the past 15 years the unions have actively promoted policies directly aimed at putting up administrative costs for small companies.   Now they would appear to support the " low carbon future " despite the fact that following the 2008 Climate Change Act many of their members are going to lose their jobs due to carbon taxes.   Really small firms are already excluded, but only for the time being, yet those small companies who subcontract from the CMC are being forced to do carbon audits.  Its all extra cost for no benefit, no actual jobs are created, small business people just have to work more hours for the same margin.
It would appear that the primary focus of the Unions is to retain the Corporate Nazi status quo, even if they were bleating about a Robin Hood Tax today, its too late now the Tories are in.
So according to what he said on the Andrew Marr show this morning brandishing his ideologically pure Corporate Nazi credentials Ed Milliband doesn't think that there is a problem with the new disability work assessments, and what a wonderful job his mate Purnell did back in 2008-2009.
With all the media bluster over Osborne's plan to cut child benefit for potential fat cats, the Tory conference environment debate has been completely obscured. Not much new thinking unfortunately, basically a retread of the investment scams outlined by Clark last conference. At least Spellman claims to be doing something about flood defences, but it was obvious that the question and answer section was stage managed. They might have got away with it except one key questioner perhaps got dirty underpants and failed to appear, perhaps her question was offside the line of the thought police who were obviously controlling the agenda.

Fair enough there is potential for generating methane from animal waste on an industrial scale, even from not even mentioned raw human sewage. However, I suspect that various potentially corrupt local authorities will propose kerbside collection for household food waste. It is patently obvious than any such service is not going to save one single ounce of CO2 by the time you take into account the fuel used for regular collection. It would appear that household waste recycling is nothing more than a scam to force all council taxpayers to pay the equivalent of a medieval religious indulgence in order to espouse the guilt of the profligate who throw loads of good food away in a world full of the starving millions. But then being " environmental group prescribed " alleged eco friendly has now become a " quasi-religion " in itself over the past 30 years.

Little wonder Oliver Letwin could hardly muster any enthusiasm delivering his speech, lots of very glum looking delegates clapping supreme Soviet style on cue, especially at the end.
NN 06/10/2009
Perhaps there would appear to be historical parallels between Piers Corbyn and his solar activity based science on climate variation and the answer to the cause of cholera in London in the 1850s.   History now recalls that it was a lowly local GP John Snow who first correctly identified the cause of a major cholera outbreak in his area to one particular stand pump and the water from it. Snow removed the pump handle and the cholera quickly died away.( Joseph Bazzeljet, The Sewer King, BBC Seven Wonders of the Industrial Age.  )
The government scientists insisted that cholera was spread by the " miasma " or foul air.  It was not until after the construction of the sewer system which took away the " great stink " and cholera still occasionally broke out that the government scientists were forced to admit that everything they believed in as far as cholera was based on a falsehood and had all the time been carried in the water supply as snow identified.   Perhaps the same principle applies to CO2 and alleged man made global warming, and Piers Corbyn has identified  the correct true cause of climate variation ?
It would appear that the RT link broke house rules for some reason, search RT eco-fascism and scroll down the list to find it on YT for yourself, its quite interesting.
Even though I class myself as a Tory skeptic I found David Cameron's speech this afternoon quite positive and overall attractive.   However he had to spoil the overall effect by trying to score brownie points with the US neocons by harping on about the release of the Lockerbie Bomber when most thinking people have come to the conclusion that Megrahi had been fit up and was totally innocent.
Likewise referring to Carbon capture and Storage as being a technology of the future when in reality it is a green investment scam aimed at promoting false economic growth by increasing the cost of living for everyone.   If he claims to be acting in the interest of the lower income families in our country the last thing he needs to do is get involved with " green " stock market parasite investment scams.
I was pleasantly surprised that Cameron never really said that much if anything about " the environment ", not a single reference to wind farms.  I was expecting him to trot out all the usual drivel green propaganda.  Perhaps the cat is now out of the bag on the alleged CO2 link to climate change, and its only a matter of time before the Westminster politicians de-rail from the eco-fascist agen for good, at least the modern Conservative party if they are dedicated to the true future interst of our nation .
ecolizzy  #25
It would appear that there is a subtle trend towards forcing all low income people to live in areas of towns where in the future the area can be easily turned into some kind of virtual ghetto.   Such prospective future ghetto areas may be identified by the installation of heavy traffic calming.  Perhaps its all part of the Corporate Nazi arch plan for the future of the UK, the population segregated on the basis of financial apartheid.  The eco-fascists have consistently pushed for the introduction of traffic calming even though they knew full well at least as long ago as 1995 that it significantly increased pollution, perhaps it fits in with their plan to dispose of the majority low income people.   No need for concentration camps, perhaps far more profitable to freeze and starve people to death in a rented home in a virtual ghetto, lets see what IDS comes up with on rates for his " Universal Credit " as a pointer as to whether the Corporate Nazi plan is still on track.
It is interesting to note that almost all the scenes of the fatal Knife Crime wave a couple of years ago featured traffic calming or a 20 Mph speed limit.  The installation of traffic calming is probably the key step towards a residential area becoming totally run down and lawless.   By deterring regular through traffic from the streets criminals have more opportunities to commit crime without detection.  Gangs of youths are more likely to congregate and cause trouble if they don't need to keep a sharp lookout for traffic.    The evidence must show that almost all current semi-derelict slum areas have one thing in common, namely traffic calming installed at some point over the last 20 years.  This must say something about the mentality of those alleged community leaders who campaign for the introduction of traffic calming.  Take danger out of people's life ( particularly teenagers ) and they may replace it with something far worse.
Perhaps one good reason that they have installed traffic calming in Asian areas in big towns is to help control any future civil unrest. Of course they have it in " rough " white dominated estates also, where the chattering classes consider a large proportion of the inhabitants are at or near the poverty line.

Humps in the road are an ideal protection against anyone stealing a service vehicle in an attempt to break out through the gates. Impossible to get any decent speed up if there are humps everywhere. Its only one easy step to ring fencing certain areas of towns and turning them into virtual Warsaw type ghettos. Nobody will be let in or out without a permit, plenty of work for private security guard companies now that much housing is under the control of housing associations. I believe that locked gates have already been installed on some " alley's ".
The current main argument for imposing traffic calming is totally based on the NIMBY philosophy, ten bob fat cat property speculators desperately attempting to increase the theoretical value of their home.   It would appear that they were under the impression that they actually own the road outside their mortgaged house and can dictate who can or can't use it, only a complete fool would buy a house with traffic calming on the street, especially if it was adjacent to an obstacle.

Its not just disabled people who are under threat, its all low income families who are faced with an extra 33% on their energy bills to pay for appeasing the eco-fascists and their CO2 Climate Change Scam. Give it 10 years and low income people will no longer be able to realise the basic human right of being able to keep warm, dry and have a full belly. Green policy will destroy traditional jobs, it would appear that the eco-fascist plan is to freeze and starve any surplus " economically inactive " people to death in virtual ghettos.
NN 20/10/2010
I see the " Corporate Nazi "  New Labour shadow cabinet members are remaining silent about plans to time limit ESA, which must be the equivalent of 5p in the pound on national insurance for all those who do hard potentially dangerous manual jobs, the real key workers in our economy. Its all part of the eco-fascist / Corporate Nazi stock market parasite plan to reduce the UK population starting by freezing and starving " defectives " to an early death.  Note Climate Scam money only cut by 5% to appease the eco-fascists !
If you do a hard manual potentially dangerous job there is no point for anyone to try to save for the deposit on a house if you get injured and don't get better within a year. It probably means that if you are are injured at work and disabled but not enough to make you a candidate as an econimic unit for " battery farming " in a private care home you will be expected to freeze and starve to death whilst losing all your savings if any.
NN 21/10/2010
So it would appear with the means testing of ESA that the message from the Tories to all intelligent school leavers is to make sure you get a soft job where there is no potential danger to your health. Likewise avoid any jobs where your health may significantly deteriorate as your approach retirement. There would appear to be no point for any school leaver to take up a trade apprenticeship if the said job involves any danger to your person. It would appear that those who take potentially dangerous jobs are to be expected to urinate everything they earn up the wall or spend it on junk consumer gadgets. No incentive to work extra hard to make money to save if there is any chance that you might become chronically sick or injured as a result.
Under plans initiated by Corporate Nazi New Labour there are proposals to set up a sudo private pension scheme for all workers for which everybody will be automatically enrolled. They will take 3% from your annual salary and your employer will be expected to contribute a further 3%, the government alleges that it will match contributions pound for pound. Although this at first inspection looks a good idea, if you are not on over £1500 per week the pension it is likely to provide is probably just enough to stop you claiming the current Pension Credit and things like council tax benefit. Despite having been forced to save you could be far worse off in retirement, it will also be a burden on the long term future profitability of your particularly small employer.

Its clear that the whole object of the exercise is to provide a welfare state for the stock market parasites and subsidise the pensions of the very wealthy, there is time to stop this before it comes in in 2012.
Now that the dust is starting to settle on the proposed Welfare reforms it would appear that the ConDem coalition have got got extremely dirty underpants on the particular question of the proposed means testing of ESA paid to severely injured troops.   Means testing ESA after the first year is the equivalent of stealing at least 350K ( at current interest rates in a true safe account ) from severely disabled soon to be ex-soldiers.    In actual fact it could be said that severely disabled soldiers are in a worse situation financially than they would have been before the compensation was increased a couple of years ago.
The same principle applies to people disabled in accidents who over the past 20 years have received compensation based on the payment of Incapacity benefit for life.   Particularly hard hit will be those who managed their finances prudently.  I believe that there are already some murmurs about exempting former members of the armed forces, but if its good enough for them its good enough for anyone who has previously worked hard and saved throughout their working life to give them a better standard of living in the event of being forced to effectively retire early.
It would appear that the whole objective is to force all significantly disabled people to submit themselves to be " battery farmed " in new private care homes.  Again it would appear that the primary aims of the proposed welfare reforms are to promote false economic growth in the private care home industry.   It wouldn't surprise me to find that " they " ( being the stock market parasites like Tory welfare reform architect Freud for example ) had already projected the private sector job creation / investment scam potential.   There is no doubt that the current proposals will cost the state more in the longer term, but perhaps not before the next general election.
It just crossed my mind that the proposed new rules dictate that if you have to go into a care home you lose the mobility component of your DLA.  This means that you are limited to 20 quid a week spending money, not even enough to smoke properly.  I suspect that care homes will welcome the inability to afford to smoke as theoretically you will live longer and therefore make the company owners more overall profit.
NN 27/10/2010
Miliband's  New Labour are hypocrites to try to allege " social cleansing " when they under ( apparently not allowed to name for some spurious reason  well know minister now in the lords ) practiced Corporate Ethnic Cleansing over the past ten years with his alleged  " Pathfinder " scheme.   The Pathfinder scheme was far worse than the proposed housing benefit cuts in that it targeted low income people who had been financially responsible enough to buy their house outright.   It would appear that the whole object of the Pathfinder Scheme was to remove the pool of low cost housing in areas of mill towns etc and inflate property prices for the whole area.   No wonder that the government is now faced with massive bills for housing benefit due to the false economic growth in average house prices, particularly smaller properties.
I suspect that when the housing benefit limits come into effect many private landlords and particularly housing associations will be forced to take the hit on annual rent.  Of course many private landlords may be forced to sell as they paid far too much for the property when they purchased it in the first instance.  Some families may find themselves temporarily " homeless ", but new investors will move in and fill the gap when property prices fall to a reasonable level.   That could involve the widely projected average 40% fall in property prices, and of course many greedy private landlords will get their fingers burnt, perhaps even to the point of bankruptcy.  Long term landlords who bought property to let from the early 1990s should remain OK, many of their long term tenants are still on their original rent which falls below the new limits.   Therefore the proposed housing benefit cuts can not really be classed as ethnic cleansing, unlike the Pathfinder scheme which economically cleansed long term residents specifically.
What Killed Scottish Manufacturing Industry and the Traditional BR Goods Train ?

As a teenager during the mid 1970s I got friendly with the drivers and owner of a small local haulage contractor.  During the school holidays I would ride " shotgun " all over the north of the UK as far as central Scotland.  I got a job there as an apprentice HGV fitter, then after passing the motor vehicle technicians exams at tech went HGV driving myself.

Back in the 1970s the company I worked for did all the main transport for Serfco at Darwen.  Their main job was recycling cast iron borings from the heavy engineering industry, customers included British Leyland Coventry engine plant, Vickers at Barrow and a few places up in central Scotland.   That's how I got right into the heart of Ravenscraig steel works, the cast iron borings were heated and pressed into " piglets " about the size of an egg.

The old UK driving hours regulations allowed 10 hours driving per day, spread over 12 and a half hours total time.  It was therefore practical to get to the Forth-Clyde belt and back in the day from Manchester.   Most of the Lancashire-Scotch traffic came home empty unless you had a quick easy back load handy, or would pick something up down country in the case of tippers.

Even though there were no tachographs at the time, the introduction of the EU 8 hour driving hours destroyed UK road transport efficiency. The new EU log books were easy to fiddle as you need not state your destination, however, in 1981 the tachographs were introduced.  Industry in central Scotland was decimated when the tachographs eventually came in, mostly due to Dumfries & Galloway police paranoidly enforcing the 40 Mph HGV speed limit on the A74.   Srathclyde had a spell at it also but could see the damage to the economy, it didn't help rail freight either. Manchester-Glasgow road freight became impractical on a daily basis, costs increased not least because you had to pay the driver expenses for a night out.

Now there were lots of empty wagons in central Scotland who couldn't get home for a load the next day so spent the rest of your day loading one to take back.  Products like spuds and whiskey, basically anything not in a particular rush and you could use traditional railway stock.   The yard of the haulage garage where I worked backed onto the Blackburn-Hellifield line so you couldn't miss what was going on.  The trains just got shorter and shorter, Scotch wagons were also taking stuff back in the other direction.  The final nail in the coffin was the APT and the need to take the catch points out of the WCML  so all partially brake fitted trains were withdrawn.
The result was even more wagon's on the road and everyone had to buy new more powerful equipment, then they did it again in 1985, new 38 tonne weight limit when they should have gone straight to 44 tonne and allow a " full " 40 foot ISO container to be handled by road at either end of a rail journey.
Cheap transport is vital to the sustainability of the economy of any nation, yet politicians would appear to have been blind to this basic economic fact.  Ken Clarke's Road Fuel Tax Escalator decimated manufacturing industry everywhere except perhaps the south east.  At least fuel duty was not increased in the recent " emergency budget " but further rises in the Labour pipeline were not withdrawn.  Will the politicians ever learn ?
NN 11/11/2010 + 15/11/2010
Well done tonight Kirsty for keeping the civilized " end up " against a parade of Corporate Nazi commentators, and making the king stock market parasite himself look a complete fool.   Given the circumstantial evidence it would appear that the main obstacle stopping small business creating jobs is in actual fact employment law.   No small business dare take on new staff because under the present rules if they are no good at the job itself its almost impossible to get rid of them.
Tab #14
The old style 19th century socialism you subscribe to is not the answer for the 21st century, what is required is input from all angles of the alleged political spectrum in the interest of finding best practice for our future.   As you well know I support the principle of a welfare state, yet oppose nationalisation of business other than to use as a caretaker stage before breaking up large virtual monopoly organisations into smaller more efficient units in a true FREE MARKET.   Of course the state must take a key roll in providing the civil infrastructure of our country, but that is all.  Perhaps I trouble you so because you can't politically pigeon hole me but what we need to " progress " is a new political ideology neither beholden to the traditional left or right. ?
I was talking to a relative of mine who runs a small building contractors ( employs 30 on good wages ) the other day and Health and Safety guidelines cropped up.   It is theoretically no longer allowed to undertake simple roof maintenance like for instance " pointing the ridge tiles " without massive expense in safety equipment.   In the past you would have just sent perhaps a tradesman and his labourer with a ladder and a cat ladder to get to the top of the roof.   That became a simple scaffold platform, but now it is proposed that the entire house must have full scaffold both sides of the roof.   From an original cost for the entire job of 250 quid it could now cost 4,500, when you include the cost of renting and erecting all the scaffold.
Just the other week H&S contacted him to say that if he did not provide a cabin for " the men to dry their clothes " by the end of the week they would hit him with a 20,000 quid fine.  They already had an ample brew cabin with heaters, but that was not good enough, he had to order and pay for a new 7ft by 3ft cabin specifically for the purpose.  If H&S keep their dash for regulations to promote false economic growth up at the same rate they are going to make building work of any kind totally uneconomical unless you only pay minimum wage, and I suspect that the big companies behind it all are planning to make everything theoretically safe to force one of IDS's dole slaves to do it.   No new houses will be built in future because its simply too expensive when you follow all the regulations and have to pay things like the Aggregate Tax and soon a Carbon Tax on all the materials like energy intensive bricks and cement for instance.
Bernard Matthews should have been a socialist hero for making cheap wholesome protein available to low income families, except that the left of politics has been hijacked by the animal rights and other eco-fascist leaning idiots.  I suspect that the eco-fascist leaning BBC will concentrate on the alleged animal cruelty aspect of the Matthews operation.  Also that some of his cheaper " sausage " products were deemed unhealthy by the health fascists.
The problem is that theoretical animal cruelty is defined by a set of university boffins who have never worked as farmers or been involved with poultry. The only reason they kick up a fuss is to promote false economic growth, their latest corporate money making scam being CCTV at slaughterhouses.
The problem is that most ten bob fat cat alleged socialists are stuffed full of the crap fermented in the universities and it just goes to show how stupid they are electing Millipede when he will be unelectable when the truth about the climate change scam comes out before 2015. The eco-fascists have made their plan clear, cut the UK population to 30 million by exterminating all the lower income people, starting by freezing and starving the chronically sick and disabled to death.   The unemployed next and due to the 2008 Climate change act there will be plenty of them soon.
The point is that Bernard Matthews started his business from virtually nothing to employing loads of rural people and preventing corporate ethnic cleansing.  If people are foolish enough to buy twizzlers when the real thing is so cheap then so what and in actual fact some people might enjoy them whatever the health fascists attempt to portray.
NN 02/12/2010
By firmly associating himself with the failed world cup bid Conmoron has created a big stick which any astute political opposition would be foolish to ignore.   Once the truth about the conditions Conmoron was proposing to agree gets out among the ordinary public and even football fans their alleged fairness agenda is fatally damaged.   The same principle could apply to Prince William, who's current " people friendly " branding could be somewhat tarnished.  I suppose that you can let Beckam half off, considering that he usually exhibits the intellect of a species of pond life.
At the end of the day they are all just an uncaring bunch of the celebrities the ten bob fat cats worship and perhaps the most damaging condition would have been to open our borders to illegal immigrants.   Perhaps it would not be so blatant if in the last couple of weeks the Tories have attempted to portray themselves as tough on immigration putting a cap on the number of non EU migrants.   The spin on this hides the fact that the stock market parasites are exempt, which means there are plenty of traders coming into the UK stock market with no true interest in the future of our nation.  It then moves onto what Alex Jones was going on about in the YouTube link I posted earlier.
I suspect that Hugh Weldon would have turned in his grave if he had seen the young Patric More pretender warmist high priest Brian Cox hijack the HW memorial lecture the other night.  I find his alleged science programmes impossible to take seriously, all computer graphics and laced with the eco-fascist message even though its alleged astronomy.  He was on about how good that Scotch idiot ( who over-stresses his accent ) was at pointing out that we could not do nothing about their scam.  Perhaps we should make a citizens arrest of all the key warmists and pack them off to St Kilda to fend for themselves.
NN 07/12/2010
richard #16
The trouble with the current system is that many graduates faced with paying off their loan apply to work overseas.  As it stands at present if you work overseas ( which incidentally includes the IoM ) you have no obligation to pay off your loan even when you are earning substantially more than the 15k threshold.  This loophole needs plugging, because many people who could be of use to our economy go overseas perhaps permanently.
Its sort of a state sponsored brain drain, even though you might want to get a job in this country at some stage.  A relative of mine is an engineering graduate who did teacher training as a science teacher with particular focus on Physics.  His first job was a year in the IOM which sort of got him hooked on avoiding paying back his loan, then he went to the Falkland Islands for a year contract.    He did try to apply for a Physics job local to where he originated from, but they would not recognize experience in the Falklands.  That was despite the fact that he had got documented better than expected exam results from his sheep farmer pupils.   He ended up taking a job in Kuwait, and has been there a couple of years now, I believe that the Falklands have asked for him back when his current contract ends.
Of course in an ideal situation courses in science and engineering should be totally free, with all the other less important often pointless subjects paying more.   Perhaps a compromise would be to make your science / engineering course free if you remained in the UK for at least 10 years.   At least the threshold is going up to 21k but that still means teachers have to pay back their loans.  It was a lot simpler in the old days when everybody just paid 60% tax on higher incomes and education was free.
It just crossed my mind that the tuition fee vote was deliberately timed to give Chris Huhne and that other junior minister idiot the convenient excuse not to be part of a total failure for the warmists at Cancun.   They can then just continue their climate scam as usual pretending that they would have signed a new ambitious agreement to appease the eco-fascists.   Perhaps the coalition are also thinking with a political long head, as their direct names will not be signed on any treaty pinning them firmly to the now much discredited AGW bandwagon.
NN 16/12/2010
# ecolizziy
Thanks for posting this link, you beat me to it
How many low income families are going to freeze and starve to death due to this which as it turns out is just another investment scam for the benefit of the stock market parasites.
I watched Huhne deliver his statement and as probably expected the still Corporate Nazi leaning Labour party offered no opposition whatsoever.   In fact not once squeak of opposition from anyone except for the usual suspects squealing about nuclear being included in the plan for a guaranteed higher price for UK energy producers irrespective of world markets.   In fairness the former energy minister Malcolm Wickes he did half point out the adverse effects on low income households but that was batted away with all the usual crap about home insulation and alleged energy efficiency.
Given that over 1000 top international scientists now dispute any significant global warming due to CO2 it would appear that anyone who still supports the current Climate Change Scam is either evil or completely stupid.  Perhaps the only crumb of comfort that can be taken from today's statement was the fact that the chamber was almost empty, there could have been no more than a total of about 30 MP's of both sides in attendance.
Local Paper ( chopped key stuff out of it )
I'm sorry to intrude on the Xmas spirit but unless the foolish British public wake up they will soon be faced with the dubious experience of an extra 500 quid ( tenner a week ) on their annual energy bills to fund wind farms to stand idle for at least 70% of the time.   I suspect that the 500 quid relates to the " average energy bill " which probably equates to heating your home to the 1970s factory inspector standard of 60F ( 16C ) after the first hour, just enough to ward off hypothermia.  All this based on a global warming due to CO2 THEORY now disputed by over 1000 top scientists internationally. 
The independent energy analysts ( U switch ) 500 quid is disputed by our eco-fascist leaning energy secretary who claims that insulation projects will reduce said amount to nearer 200.  However, the energy cost will just be replaced by a big loan from the bank to pay instead.  Many of the houses in the Ribble Valley are already insulated ( loft ) to some extent but its not cheap and practical to insulate walls with no cavity which probably make up the bulk of the Ribble Valley rural housing stock.
The public need to put pressure on their political representatives to stop this ongoing " green lunacy " set to cost our economy ( including taxpayers )18 billion a year for the next 40 years.  Many people are going to lose their jobs on the back of the 2008 Climate Change Act and firm policy proposals like Carbon Taxes ( including a tax on coal ).  Its not yet too late to turn the eco-fascist super-tanker, although I suspect that a significant number of the front line Climate Change scammers would actually be pleased by the prospect of many low income families being frozen and starved to death.
Perhaps the main problem facing the good people of the Ribble Valley is the fact that they have become technically disenfranchised from democracy since our MP Nigel Evans was elevated to the position of deputy speaker.   It would appear that our Nigel is prepared to remain silent on what is probably the biggest scientific fraud in history since his mouth has been suitably stuffed with silver.   Never mind that many of his less well off constituents will be unable to enjoy a half decent life anymore in the very near future.   It would appear from his facebook page that our MP has become just another worthless celebrity more interested in the X Factor than the interests of his constituents.  If Nigel Evans really cares about the long term future of our nation perhaps he should resign as deputy speaker and get back into real politics representing the Ribble Valley people who once put so much faith in him ? 
I don't really understand what the CA&T thinks it has to gain by significantly editing my letter last week but the CA&T would appear to desire to keep its readers in the dark on the latest science on alleged Global Warming. 
The EU has effectively forced the UK to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020 compared to 1990 levels.  This means the destruction of our energy intensive industry, with EU carbon trading ensuring that any closed energy intensive works can never economically reopen.
Given the fact that over 1000 top international scientists ( at grave risk to their future career prospects ) now dispute any significant global warming due to CO2 it would appear that anyone who still supports the current Climate Change Scam is either evil or completely ignorant. 
The warmists temperature recording is fundamentally flawed anyway, honest scientists reckon up to 7C heat island effect to all the urban areas where they measure, a large part of the planet is not covered and made up anyway.   The New Zealand equivalent of our Met Office has been forced to admit that its temperature data record attempting to portray global warming is false, the real raw data shows no warming since 1960.  It is reasonable to suspect that similar manipulation of temperate data has been going on at an international level, perhaps Climategate proved that.
In another recent scientific development NASA is now saying that the global temperature will only go up 1.64C if CO2 is doubled to 780 ppm and with CO2 only increasing at 2 ppm a year its hardly and urgent problem.  
Perhaps the main problem facing the UK is the 2008 Climate Change Act which opens the door to a range of Carbon Taxes, including a tax on coal to make it at least just as expensive as bottled gas.   The oil companies like Shell and BP are backing the Climate Scam because carbon taxes significantly increase the price they can charge for their gas.
Global warming has always been a convenient excuse for an investment scam to be funded by the public via virtual private taxes paid to the energy companies.  How many people realise that they are already paying 7% extra on their energy bills to subsidise wind farms ?
and they are attempting to portray that 2010 is one of the warmest years ever
one bloke on the telly been stuck on the runway at heathrow was telling how cold it was in Florida
there temperature recording is bollocks anyway, recon up to 7C heat island effect to all the urban areas where they measure
large part of the planet not covered and made up anyway
NASA now saying that the global tem will only go up 1.64C if CO2 is doubled to 780ppm
its time the warmists were metaphorically lined up against a wall and shot
been onto them for over ten years now
followed the green debate for the past 30 years
the key to identifying their scam was the fact that alleged environmental groups were supporting the introduction of massive extra pollution generating traffic calming
barrie #50
Are you not overlooking one major detail in your quest to power the UK with the moon, the simple fact that the only real tidal project for the UK has been ruled out.   Huhne ruled out the Severn barrage earlier this year and he is probably so pig headed that he doesn't even know where they other potential site Morecambe Bay is.   Using pump storage systems to the nearby hills both sites could have given us instant " free " extra power at the flick of a switch to meet sudden demand.  It just goes to show how short sighted the government is on energy policy, the primary objective at present being to manufacture a stock market parasite investment scam, nothing to do with saving the planet.
barrie #53
I see where you are coming from but your neat little or even not so little submerged propeller devices will be less than efficient.   The problem is that the crafty water will simply avoid them with decreasing efficiency as the speed of the flow increases.  The only true efficient way to do tidal is to build a barrage with the turbines encased, not only can you generate from the tidal flow but also the opposing weight of the water itself.   Then there is the question of maintaining the equipment, far easier in a barrage than independent device just dumped on the sea floor, also you have to take into consideration of the hostile salt water environment on a totally submerged generating unit.  Its likely to get encrusted in barnacles like a ship which will also reduce efficiency over time.
Whilst individual devices for tidal remain under development there are already barrages in operation like the one in France, which despite eco-fascist protestations has not damaged the overall ecology of the estuary. Similarly, a barrage can form the basis of new short cut transport links, for instance the economy of Barrow in Furness would benefit greatly from a short cut road across Morecambe Bay.  If they had built the Severn barrage 20 years ago perhaps there would have been no true need for the expensive new second bridge.  That is not to say that smaller scale individual devices do not have a roll to play, for example they could be of much benefit off the north coast of Scotland for instance.  However, both the Severn and Morecambe areas already have national grid connections close by so the overall infrastructure costs will be minimal.
The whole green debate as been hijacked by a bunch of Corporate Nazi bastards intent on giving themselves the excuse to freeze and starve all the lower income " families " in the UK to an early death, and to confiscate their old relatively environmentally friendly car so that the elite can have all the roads to themselves for their gas guzzlers. Given that over 1000 top international scientists now ( at great risk to their future career prospects ) dispute any significant global warming due to human activity anybody who still supports alleged environmental groups like FoE is either EVIL or totally Ignorant.
I have just seen that idiot former government scientific adviser Sir David King on Channel 4 News attempting to portray that the current cold snap could have been foreseen by the warmists if they had a new mega expensive powerful European super computer. Obviously this could be construed that the current computer models the warmist camp put so much faith in are in fact totally useless. From this it must be obvious that the whole of global warming theory has no serious scientific basis whatsoever. Just checked David King out on wiki, as it turns out he's a chemist and in truth no more qualified to comment on climate science than any of the posters here on the Newsnight blog.
I have just seen that idiot former UK government scientific adviser Sir David King on Channel 4 News attempting to portray that the current cold snap could have been foreseen by the warmists if they had a new mega expensive powerful European super computer. Obviously this could be construed that the current computer models the warmist camp put so much faith in are in fact totally useless. From this it must be obvious that the whole of global warming theory has no serious scientific basis whatsoever. Just checked David King out on wiki, as it turns out he's a chemist and in truth no more qualified to comment on climate science than I or any other well educated member of the public is.
The Copenhagen Communique has been designed as an ‘ambitious, robust and equitable global deal on climate change', and was distributed to 100 world leaders at the UN climate summit in New York on Tuesday..  Signatories include British Airways, Virgin, BP, Shell, Coca-Cola, Gap, HSBC and energy suppliers EDF and E.ON.  The statement was signed by companies from more than 50 countries including the UK and Europe, the U.S, Russia and China.

I've just enjoyed Panorama and their quest to attempt to portray that the proposed new mega dairy in Lincolnshire is bad for animal welfare.  They went to the expense of flying a small dairy farmer ( who had been forced to give up milking his 70 odd herd on economic grounds ) to the US to see a mega dairy there.  Said small farmer expressed the considered opinion that the cows all looked happy, quite the reverse of what the eco-fascists attempt to portray.   At the end of the day it could be said that all animals actually care about is being warm, dry and have a full belly.  
The same principle applies to battery hens or pigs, yet politicians seek to theoretically improve animal welfare to appease the indoctrinated emotions of the average ten bob fat cat.  As usual with the eco-fascist line its all about forcing low income families to pay more for their food, something many people already can not afford.  High class restaurant owners can bleat all they like but the simple fact is that even if organic local food tastes better the basic fundamental rights principle of being warm dry and having a full belly applies just as much to humans.
There are also advantages to large scale " industrial " farming in that waste excrement can be economically digested to produce methane gas, therefore reducing the potential toxicity of any slurry sprayed on nearby land.   The eco-fascists alleged a plague of flies but no fly problem on the lagoon at said US mega dairy despite the 80f heat.   Of course you could generate gas at a central location from manure collected from small farms but the transport costs would be enormous especially given the rate of road fuel duty in the UK.
It would appear that transport costs are becoming the major factor inhibiting all types of small scale industry in the UK.  Its probably just not economic unless you can fill at least a 25 ton trailer tanker from your dairy farm daily.  It doesn't help when local authorities put weight limits on key routes either, in fact everything the eco-fascists promote on transport works against small business.
Policy has to change if we want to retain small scale farming or any other small scale business at the heart of all local communities.  Appeasing the eco-fascists could ensure that the " corporates " take control over every aspect of our life.
barrie #114
You would appear to be suffering from a significant seasonal overdose of eco-fascist propaganda, of course their are bad people in farming but that is not to say that there is anything fundamentally wrong with the mega dairy principle.   Those who long for the days of yore have to remember  that the average dairy cow once spent late October to April tied up in a dingy shippon.   The cubicle / kennels and milking palour system introduced in the 1960s revolutionalised the life of the milk cow.  The mega dairy is just the cubicle / kennel system taken to its extreme, fully exploiting the cows need to be milked when its udder is full.    Its no problem getting the cows in for milking, in fact in the older small scale palour system you need a good lump of three by two to poss any excess cows trying to jump the queue.

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