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My Diary 2009 to Riots Pt 3


July 2009
NN 07/07/2009
barrie #8
The House of Lords are only being good Corporate Nazi's ( many of them appointed by King Corporate Nazi Blair ) not allowing intelligent members of the population to circumnavigate what probably amounts to Private Inheritance Tax.
BBC " click online " did a feature on the future of OAP care, suggesting that the infirm could live in high tech housing units where every move of the occupant was recorded by sensors. They claim that they could tell whether you were able to bend down, whether you were washing due to the amount of water used plus a range of other factors. Apparently the whole object of the exercise was not to send anyone to check on you unless you were apparently dead or close to it. All your movements would be on CCTV video also.  Of course this will cost our welfare state a fortune, and now they are tightening up the criteria to claim disability benefits so if you don't go into a ( almost universally now private  ) nursing home you starve and freeze to death at home. 
NN 10/07/2009
Bit off topic but back in the real world the Corporate Nazi health-fascist wing are having another go at restricting the relative basic human rights of smokers.   This time its on ships, alleged talk of "smoking cabins " but you can bet the corporate operators go for a ( theoretically cut cleaning costs ) total ban like railway platforms.
Perhaps double standards here, hit a few small tobacco farmers in the pocket with smoking regulations because smoking causes health problems.  However, as long ago as 1987 I saw TV adverts in Australia outlining how Aspartame causes cancer ( admittedly funded by the sugar industry ), yet aspartame is freely available and actually encouraged to replace sugar as part of an alleged more healthy diet.   Perhaps obese people have a greater cancer risk due to the diet drinks / food laced with aspartame they consume whilst desperately trying to diet.
NN 15/07/2009
Despite it's past propaganda mission on " the environment " perhaps Newsnight is conveniently failing to mention the extra 8%  " Private VAT " ( 15% if you include the current 7% ) to pay for even more wind farms to stand idle for 75% of the time by 2020.
Of course the spin doctors have managed to massage the figure so that the increase is only a theoretical 100 quid if you are fortunate enough to have heavy insulation.   Of course you must first pay for cavity wall insulation etc of which there is good evidence that it makes your house damp.  Rots all your floorboards allegedly, perhaps leaving your house technically unfit for human habitation so you have to buy a " new " one at inflated prices.
The whole of environment policy relating to climate change is obviously a massive investment scam ( 150bn ) and of course the Corporate Nazi stock market parasite CBI support the policy in principle.   Britain's only wind farm turbine maker has just closed down so the stock market parasites can scam even more changing money on the imported infrastructure.
Of course we are promised " green jobs " but that's no use to those who will loose their jobs as traditional manufacturing becomes more expensive due to artificially inflated energy costs.  The government claims that a record number of people have come off JSA but that probably consists of those who have been claiming for the maximum permitted period of six months.
Perhaps this sums up our EU and UK government stance on basic human rights like being able to afford to keep warm, dry and have a full belly.
GO1 #35
The Corporate Nazi's have turned " science " into a quasi-religion these day's.  It would be interesting to discover just how many of the alleged scientists who support man made global warming theory are actually in debt to an amount equivalent to their projected life income.  Of course the " Banks " can turn round and say if you do not support the Corporate Multinational Cartel position on climate change we will call in the loans.  ( this principle also applies to alleged " green " politicians )
As usual the trail invariably leads back to the stock market parasites looking to make a " quick buck " from liquidating and then asset stripping any UK business made uneconomic by increased energy charges.  Then the stock market parasites can make even more changing money exporting the assets to countries not so foolish enough to artificially inflate their own energy costs.
Whatever the scam the trail always leads back to the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites, take the offensive in Afghanistan for instance.   I suspect that various troops have expended vastly more than the usual amount of ammo recently, perhaps explaining why mining stocks are doing so well over the past week.  Politicians squealing for more helicopters even though they didn't help the Russians, potential for even more sad deaths if they can shoot down several men with one " good " shot.  Perhaps the British are loosing the " hearts and minds " battle due to the probability that the CMC ( and their top executives ) have embezzled most of the reconstruction budget.
KCL #39
Perhaps you are forgetting that all the major advances in science since at least Galileo have been won by defying organised religion of any kind. What hope would Darwin have had trying to get his theory of evolution off the ground if late Victorian science was as potentially quasi-religious as that of today ?
NN 24/07/2009
Given that the Green Party only managed to poll 3,350 votes in one of its allegedly strongest local constituencies, perhaps Ed Miliband's Corporate Nazi climate change proposals have no democratic mandate.  Even when you take into account support for the watered down eco-fascist Lib-Demmic's( 4800 ), alleged " green " policies are only supported by a minority of the electorate as a whole.
Despite the fairly recent expenses scandal, the fact that turnout in the Norwich by-election was only 45% may be explained by the probability that most of the potential electorate live on planet Coronation St / Eastenders / Emmerdale.   This factor is extremely dangerous for our democracy, people potentially voting for a party of which they have no idea of a range of their policies.  Murdock is in such a position that he can influence the election to suit his own Corporate Nazi agenda just like Berlusconi in Italy.
JadedJean may back me up on this one but the fact remains that a significant number of the population can't even remember what went on last week, let alone last month.  Ask them to remember what went on last year and many are totally stumped leaving them wide open to Corporate Nazi media manipulation.
Perhaps the electorate may fail to notice that they are faced with a 15% " private tax on their domestic energy bills to pay for wind farms to stand idle 75% of the time.  Likewise the proposed 17% private tax on business energy bills which could threaten the long term viability of their job.  I suspect that most people will notice the massive increase in their family car tax, but the Tories haven't proposed any realistic alternative on any alleged green policy. 
Of course the spin doctors claim that relative motoring costs have gone down in recent years.  Perhaps true is you are 50 and run something like a brand new base Kia Picanto ( with 2000 quid scrappage discount ) on zero percent interest.  However, a Picanto is not big enough for the average family and luggage or shopping, normal family cars are as expensive to run as ever.  Spin doctors attempt to portray that motoring cost have gone down relative to the cost of public transport, but all that demonstrates is just how totally inefficient the corporate cartel bus operators have become in the past 20 years.
The future doesn't look very bright, even the youthful Chloe Smith has links to the stock market parasites in her short career.   Even if the Tories win the next general election there is little chance of anything being done to tackle the fundamental problems with our economy.  GDP figures down more than expected over the last quarter yet the stock market continues to climb.  Perhaps its simply a case of the same old parasites generating the same old false money again.  The parasitic employment agencies have never had it so good with the number of unemployed.  Little chance of molding a sustainable inclusive economy with a genuine concern for the ecology of our planet.
Cameron was on Andrew Marr this morning talking about the possibility of introducing toll roads and what a good Tory idea the M6 toll road was.   It would appear that a future Tory government with a big majority will be a license to further the Corporate Nazi ( anarcho capitalist Trotskyite ) agenda.  It would appear that the relevant stock market parasite lobbyists have switched focus and funding to the " other side " of the Corporate Nazi coin since Adonis ruled out toll roads until at least after the next government.
JadedJean #71
In your Stephanomics post 16 you suggest that the current financial problems go back to 1993, but perhaps the real trigger was the stock market crash of 1987.   It would appear that 1988 was the start of all the false economic growth stuff, I went to Aussie in Nov 1987 and returned in April 1988.  When I got off the plane at London it was like I had landed in a different country to the one I had set off from, everything now seemed a rip off.  Our local village pub had been " done up " in the meantime perhaps theoretically inflating the Whitbread share price.   However, the price of beer had gone up 20p a pint, everybody just went out an hour later and the landlord packed in because taking would no longer cover the rent.  Said pub has never really paid its way since.
Perhaps Thatcher was deposed because she was no longer prepared to go along with all the false economic growth stuff.   Major loved it, introduced stuff like traffic calming to make everyone use more fuel then massively increased road fuel taxes making out manufacturing industry uneconomic.  Plenty of work for the corporate asset strippers, fiddle the balance of trade deficit to make things look better than they actually were.
NN 27/07/2009
kashibeyaz # 7
You better be careful or you will end up on the naughty step with me and JadedJean inferring that top UK politicians are puppets of the US.  However, its the Corporate Nazi top earning stock market celebrities who will decide to pull out of Afghanistan.  The value of the DOW is directly dependent on a continuation of the war, even back before the Iraq invasion the Dow Jones would gain 50 points each time Iraq was bombed.  I suspect that a complete withdrawal from both Iraq and Afghanistan could result in a fall of up to 1000 points off the DOW.
There is no way that puppet politicians like Obama are going to risk another crash on the stock market, Britain whinges about Zimbabwe but its the UK stock market parasites who are funding Mugabe and all he stands for according to tonight's Dispatches.
Whilst  it would appear to be run down the NHS open season, according to a contact from the states Obama's alleged revolutionary health reforms wont actually help a large proportion of the population.   On face value it would appear that Obama is simply attempting to create a welfare state for the drug companies and private care companies farming frail OAP's or disabled people.  Bit like what the Corporate Nazi's want here and the Tories talking about an extension of means testing for several currently universal benefits.
Wind Farms, The Truth ( 30/07/2009 )

Ed Miliband's pursuit of windpower as even part of our energy mix is sheer lunacy. Wind power is a complete disaster says Michael J. Trebilcock, Professor of Law and Economics, University of Toronto. Here is a summary of the key points he made in his Toronto Post article dated 8th April 2009.

1. Denmark, the worlds most wind-intensive nation, with more than 6,000 turbines generating 19% of its electricity, has yet to close a single fossil-fuel plant.

2. It requires 50% more coal-generated electricity to cover wind powers unpredictability.

3. Flemming Nissen, the head of development at West Danish generating company ELSAM (one of Denmarks largest energy utilities) tells us that wind turbines do not reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

4. The German experience is no different. Der Spiegel reports that Germanys CO2 emissions havent been reduced by even a single gram, and additional coal- and gas-fired plants have been constructed to ensure reliable delivery.

5. Recent academic research shows that wind power may actually increase greenhouse gas emissions in some cases, depending on the carbon-intensity of back-up generation required because of its intermittent character.

6. Industrial wind power is not a viable economic alternative to other energy conservation options. Take the Danish experience:-

a. Danish electricity generation costs are the highest in Europe;
b. Niels Gram of the Danish Federation of Industries says, windmills are a mistake and economically make no sense.
c. Aase Madsen, the Chair of Energy Policy in the Danish Parliament, calls it a terribly expensive disaster.

7. In debates over climate change, and in particular subsidies to renewable energy, there are two kinds of green:-

a. Firstly - the environmental greens who view the problem as so urgent that all measures that may have some impact on greenhouse gas emissions, whatever their cost or their impact on the economy and employment, should be undertaken immediately. (From Ed Milibands comments on Newsnight tonight, he is one of these).

b. Secondly - the fiscal greens, who, being cool to carbon taxes and cap-and-trade systems that make polluters pay, favour massive public subsidies to themselves for renewable energy projects, whatever the relative impact of such projects on greenhouse gas emissions.

Both groups have one point of convergence - their support for massive subsidies to renewable energy (particularly wind turbines).

NN 29/07/2009
Wind farms are not new, they first started to appear in the landscape during the mid 1990s often on bleak moorland with no particular tourist potential.   Even then the whole thing was a scam, RMC Burnley got the contract to supply the concrete to some up on the nearby moors because Tilcon refused to take more than 5 m/sq, when the maximum six it would spill out going up the hills.  The RMC mixers could manage six but their was no profit for anyone doing the job even though it kept us in work at a slack time.
At that time even I thought that they were a good idea but I had no idea how efficient they were, and it was plain to see that they often stood idle.  The truth is out there now and Justin should know full well with his " Ethical Man " investigation into micro wind turbines that their larger brethren are just as useless.  Perhaps planning permission is so hard to get because the thinking public know this, they know how increasing wind power to 20% of requirements could cause power cuts.
Wind farms are an expensive cul de sac as far as meeting our future energy needs through low carbon sources.  Far better to use any spare money building a proper Severn ( not those pond things proposed by the eco- fascists ) barrage, likewise Morecambe bay.   Similarly nuclear needs massive expansion, thinking people are sick to the teeth of the eco-fascists dictating energy policy. 
Perhaps the brain dead politicians who still promote wind power are scared that the eco-fascists will attack their house and vandalize their car if they don't sing from the eco-fascist hymn sheet.   As for green jobs, a 17% private tax on business energy costs to pay for wind farms to stand idle for at least 70% of the time = mass redundancies in what still remains of our manufacturing industry green or otherwise.
Just to rub salt into the wounds of the Vestas closure empty headed Milliband has just given the company  a massive government grant for " research and development ".   Anything remotely connected with the term " green " is obviously an investment scam, the only people who gain from wind farm projects are a few lucky individual farmers who actually own their land.  Nothing for the wider community despite the fact that income from the tourism they have been forced to rely on could be damaged.   The only thing for certain is that their would be no wind farms built but for the massive subsidy to the energy companies, wind farms are false economic growth.
bookhimdano #10
I have nothing against expanding micro generation but WE HAVE TO HAVE WIND FARMS to appease the eco-fascists and anyway large corporations can't so easily parasite or embezzle from small scale local projects.   You need to get it into your head that all significant financial policy decisions are take by the stock market parasite celebrities. 
In any case any form of atmospheric generation can not form part of the required base load for our national grid.   I believe that Germany has recently experienced severe difficulties at keeping the power on 365, 24/7, perhaps due to over reliance on perhaps particularly solar.  Its is said that the UK grid could collapse if we ever reach the target of 20% generated by specifically wind.
Yet another pre scripted well rehearsed alleged live studio debate on wind energy which totally failed to encompass the fundamental questions.  Justin Rowlatt suffering selected memory loss on what he discovered playing at Ethical Man, its not just nimby's who object to wind turbines as the propaganda would attempt to portray.  However, it is no longer necessary for the eco-fascist to assist to the corporate lawyers to embezzle from the planning system so now they concentrate on coal these days.
GO1 #56
Once again it would appear that you have got your ten bob fat cat Corporate Nazi blinkers on, read ROBINOVITCH #28 to find out the simple truth about wind farms. 
Once again its a case of " If you don't agree with me you are BNP " and as for being racist I have nothing against " The Jews " In fact I have got ethnic minority relations who I get on with really well.  Likewise the Pakistani's on the checkout at the supermarket next to a mosque which I frequent, I am always civil and give them a smile.
Race has nothing to do with the internationalist Corporate Nazi stock market parasite celebrities who seek to dictate policy throughout the world using their puppet politicians and anarchist Trotskyite idiots like yourself.
NN 03/08/2009
So the taxpayer underwritten Corporate Multinational Cartel Banks are once again turning mega profits and their stock market parasites likely to pocket a small fortune in bonuses.  Bank executives sight good decision making by their high flying employees but is dead easy to turn a false profit when you can borrow money at virtually zero interest rates.  From simple analysis over the past few moths it would appear that said profits revolve around a virtual pyramid in mining share prices in particular. 
Only recently various mining companies were considering mergers, a sure sign of impending insolvency.  Yet if the CMC Banks and other financial institutions subsidize any share price any CMC company can continue to increase its " leverage ".
Similarly oil prices, front page leading article in the Indy alleging that oil will run out soon when in actual fact the speculators currently have millions of barrels parked up in natural harbors in idle tankers.  Oil speculators must be desperate to get the price up and must be clutching at straws if they have to target brain dead ten bob fat cats like the gangophone to get them on their side and inflate the price.
Its not as if the world will end when the oil runs out, exploration keeps finding plenty of new reserves but you can distil oil from coal.  The Germans did so in the second world war, likewise apartheid South Africa.  According to BBC Coast back in the 19th century they were commercially distilling oil suitable for use in a diesel engine from peat.  Britain has huge reserves of both coal and peat.  Of course the eco-fascists will vociferously object, but then despite their anti big business rhetoric they are in actual fact an integral part of the false growth promoting CMC.
Perhaps the most important factor in the recent stock market rise is the fact that the government are continuing to promote the CMC Corporate Nazi ideology.   It is said that energy consumers will have to fund the whole cost of introducing " smart meters " when the energy companies stand to save almost ten times as much in lack of need to send people to read a traditional meter.   This on top of the proposed 15% private tax on domestic and 17% on business energy bills to pay for subsidized wind farms to stand idle 70% of the time.
It all adds up to yet more False Economic Growth, which apart from increasing the ever widening Financial Apartheid is based on increasing ecological damage to our planet.   Perhaps its high time to move forward with a whole new social / economic system and anybody who looks back in nostalgia to the old days be turned into a pillar of salt like Lott's wife in the bible.
@ 22:32 I wrote private to KCL
Hope you dig my tonight's Newsnight post, is there some kind of theoretical collective subconsiousness beginning to manifest itself on said forum ?
I hadn't read your Rabbit analogy post #10 when I sent you the above just now but perhaps said phenomena could be explained as an awakening of basic human instincts the type of which enabled the species to progress from the stone age
Perhaps to appeal to a wider audience a good analogy could be " The Force " as portrayed in the original Star Wars film.  
As Wagon drivers you needed some kind if magic to pass oncoming HGV's at up to100 Mph closing speed with only six inches clearance on the wing mirrors.  When they put temporary traffic lights up the truth was out and it was a struggle to get past parked HGV's at 10 Mph.  Not everybody could do it but is was nothing to do with whether you could read and write.  Totally distinct from theoretical academic achievement, but if you can't read the written test you don't get the chance to pass the current practical driving car test.
Bit off topic but whilst mentioning the Stone Age it crossed my mind about how primitive man would herd Mammoths and drive them of a high cliff.  Perhaps the only way to kill them at the time but they probably killed so many at once that they could never eat all the meat before it went completely rotten.  Perhaps not that different from today's stock market parasites, they earn far more money that they could ever need.  Meanwhile the government allows them to inflate the cost of living to pay for it, more and more environmentally sound people fall into the down side of financial apartheid.  Of course the real inflation is hidden in the corporate statistics, we make no true progress in promoting the ultimate ecological future of our planet.
The Corporate Multinational Cartel Banks will ensure that nobody is allowed the finance to come along with the modern day equivalent of a flint arrowhead.   True efficiency savings in our economy are frowned upon by politicians, alleged honorable men but perhaps seduced by the " Dark side of the Force ".
NN 04/09/2009
Perhaps Obama is loosing popularity due to the fact that the cat is out of the bag on his promised " Change " agenda.   He presides over all the stock market parasite business as usual Corporate Nazi ideology just the same as Bush did.  His healthcare reforms are simply a welfare state for the drug and private care home industry.   On climate change its clear that the agenda is yet more false economic growth likely to destroy two jobs in traditional industry for every alleged green job they theoretically create.
The trouble is that if any top politician attempted to push through any real change for the benefit of the ordinary working people the Corporate Nazi's would arrange for them to be assassinated.  Obama must realize that and perhaps the same principle applies here in the UK.
#14 mim
I suspect that alleged " academic educational mice " will have been putting their every spare penny into the stock market for years.  Spurred along by programmes like Working Lunch promoting just how cuddly the stock market was and how you could make a fortune and retire early.  Now they have snake oil salesman Adrian Childs on the One show promoting the Corporate Nazi ideology to any ten bob fat cats who may have lost belief in the Corporate Multinational Cartel consumer democracy illusion.
Employee's of the BBC are hardly likely to seriously consider any policy or idea hostile to the CMC.  After all they do have to sell programmes to the CMC inspired international media and therefore not truly independent.
This Biggs anecdote might not get past the blog dog but a bloke I once worked with was a Fireman at Saltley shed ( Birmingham ) back in the 1960s.   It would appear that said robbed train driver actually cooperated with the train robbers, their gang driver only able to drive steam locomotives.  Said robbed train driver actually drove the new EE Type 4 Diesel Electric locomotive from the signal where they stopped it to the bridge where they unloaded the loot.   It is alleged that said robbed train driver was " roughed over " voluntarily AFTER driving said train to bridge to prevent the police suspecting him as a collaborator with the train robbers.  Perhaps those involved in the beating did too good a job ?
NN 10/08/2009
#10 Domlogger
Typical eco / health fascist propaganda, the fact remains that a large proportion of UK agricultural land is unsuitable for anything other than meat production.  In many cases that comes down to sheep and beef and if the UK is to become more self sufficient in food supply that means eating more meat.  Grants to drain hill farms falling back into bog fallow due to the foolish past use of large tractors, likewise spreading lime to combat the acid soil conditions.   Thanks to the eco-fascists thousands of acres of once cereal / veg productive coastal land has been sacrificed in the interest of " wildfowl ".   Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if you could buy " managed shot or trapped fowl " in supermarkets, but then politicians often care more about animals than people.
I can't help speculating that Aung San Suu Kyi was set up by the Corporate Nazi's in order to give the Burmese government the excuse they needed to exclude her from actively participating in the forthcoming alleged democratic elections.  The question Newsnight should be asking is who is this American lunatic who swam the lake to see here despite the fact that she was only days from freedom.  Why was he not thrown into jail for a couple of years, perhaps an agent of the Corporate Multinational Cartel acting for mining / oil companies.  Did he have a large shareholding in  companies likely to benefit from the absence of Aung San Suu Kyi, did he do it for personal gain.  RTZ have already been caught spying on Chinese steel in order to manipulate the price of iron ore, I'm not swatted up on CMC companies trading with Burma but a similar principle could apply ?
NN 13/08/2009
It would appear that its knock the NHS season again but duhbuh #10 its perhaps hardly surprising the all the AARP want is a welfare state for the drug and care home companies.  #6 streetphotobeing, Stafford ( locked in the Tory 1990s )was an isolated case and most areas of the UK have a first class health system if our area is anything to go by.
In 1994 when I went into a neurosurgery ward to have a back operation it was absolutely filthy, some of the ceiling tiles were missing leaving it open to the loft space.   The first time I went in my operation was cancelled due to running out of anesthetic time, so I had to go back a week later.  Another quite young patient on said ward had had a particularly difficult brain tumor operation, and when I went back in he was due to go home in a couple of days.  He never made it, his scar had opened up due to infection, you could smell it across the bay.  Three days went by before he was seen by the surgeon, who then did his nut because he had not been told of the infection immediately.   They told me not to sit down, then sent me home sat up in my fathers car, the morning after my GP came and shook his head, I had damaged the nerves.  With hindsight the proper thing to do would have been to send me by ambulance to convalesce in our local community hospital for another week before going home, perhaps then the operation would have been a success.  ( people now do this not just no hope geriatric cases )
It would appear that the policy was to slowly starve you to death, one poor bloke had been in three months in a neck brace drilled into his scull.   He was lucky, he had a " high protein diet " ( which meant you got scrambled egg for breakfast ), child size portions for the main mid-day meal ( fancy stuff like pizza ) and " soup and sandwich " at about five.   That meant that you had to survive 15 hours to the next meal when you were already half starving.   There was no chance of making a decent recovery without ample regular spaced out food, so everyone was desperate to get home.   The week day staff couldn't even make a decent brew, better at weekend with different staff, decent brews whenever you wanted them, first rate dedicated nursing care, could get the nurse to buy you a decent sandwich from the staff canteen at night.  An argument broke out over borrowing the next door ward's drinking chocolate directly caused by rules from the accountants.
It would appear that hospitals in general have transformed for the better since Labour took charge, all the people I know who have had a more recent encounter for a serious condition in the NHS.   I know of one case where a woman was diagnosed with cervical cancer on first smear test.  Her GP originally cocked it up for a couple of days, but she was extensively operated upon within two weeks of original diagnosis.  I know another case where a hip replacement was ordered fairly pronto, even minor things like frozen shoulder are done in little time compared to the 1990s.
Our local GP's operating it a ( polyclinic ) central health centre is brilliant, if you can be bothered to ring up in the morning you can see your own doctor on the day, perhaps even before 9 AM.   They can save you a minor injury A&E  trip to the main hospital with their Treatment Room, which also does regular stuff like blood tests etc.  The only snag is the parking fee on the adjacent car park, perhaps when applied to new Hospitals a private tax paid to the PFI company.
My dad has been speedily checked out for prostrate cancer, several in depth tests but no waiting to speak of.  He's OK but has an " irritable bladder ", perhaps in most part to to his almost 87 age, it would appear that it could be partly psychological, see's a loo and has to use it, better when there is nothing to remind him.  Anyway they have him on pills which did show improvement at first but more recently the benefit is less evident.  My main bone of contention is that he has to trail all the way to Blackburn in the rush hour ( twice already ), when he could see the consultant at the local community hospital just a couple of mile down the road.  Of course I have to take him, but with my Ministry of Silly Walks free parking pass, if he went in his own car the car park could cost as much as the petrol.  Just dreading an afternoon appointment, total traffic gridlock on to the main road, probably mostly because they closed the former half mile short cut from the north east catchment area.
The parking is free at our local community hospital, and like the other remaining 19th century hospital in our area free of c-dificele and MRSA despite caring for elderly almost bed ridden / unable to be fixed by surgery.   The other two hospitals are new, well 1970s and built like a concrete rabbit warren.  The older parts of the new " Royal " central hospital are little better, low ceilings unlike the Victorian hospitals.   Florence Nightingale was spot on, let plenty of air circulate to reduce cross infection between patients.   Like everything organized by the Corporate Nazi's it fails to encompass first principles, transport policy is just as bad.
It would appear that the US division of Corporate Nazi's are determined to hang on the their rip-off private health care system.  A contact in the mid west claims it cost him 400 dollars to get antibiotics to shift a chest infection after a cold.  Health costs must be crippling US industry, no wonder GM and Chrysler went bust.  If the Americans reject anything resembling the NHS they must be completely stupid and slaves to their Corporate Nazi private media, long live the BBC.
me #18
Just to clarify the outcome of alleged cervical cancer operation is complete success so far, the hip operation was elected to be done at the main NHS site.  She could have had it done in a private hospital  but after seeing several friends outcomes with complications after private hospitals she felt safer with the NHS.   It was a particularly complicated hip operation and it was said that the private hospital could not have done it.  Alleged frozen shoulder was done in private hospital, movement much improved but remaining pain despite physio therapy although early days yet.  It would appear that UK private hospitals can't cope with anything other than routine easy surgery on " fit " people. 
A far cry from the 1930's when my infant auntie died of whooping cough because the doctor couldn't be bothered to make a short walk up the fields when the main access road was blocked by snow.   Perhaps the fact that he knew the often skint small hill farmers couldn't afford to pay for treatment had something to do with it also.
#43 GANGOPHONE ( definition from future Oxford English dictionary )  
A type of wind up gramophone only capable of playing the same Corporate Nazi inspired records, which then jumps and plays the same old tracks of rhetoric over and over again.   Obviously your limited brain capacity has already forgotten  my NN post from just the other week 29/072009 #80
" Are you dyslexic or something or just so far up your own backside that you can't be bothered to take the time to read anything properly, I never said I was Muslim or BNP but your favourite Lib-Demmics are lower in my estimation than any immigrant."
You would appear to be having a go at everyone and anyone for no sound of mind reason, take KingCelticLion for instance and his submission to Nobel prize work.  I have seen they evidence to back up what he says, but then perhaps you are missing JadedJean, hope she is back soon as the blog is at a significant loss without her.
Perhaps hardly surprising to find out that despite his excellent EU speech earlier in the year Daniel Hannan is  just another Corporate Nazi at heart.  The south east is full of stock market parasites so easy to get elected as an MEP there.  The Tories have allegedly chosen an Asian stock market parasite to fight Burnley, I'm just wondering how many prospective Tory parliamentary candidates come from the same potential Corporate Nazi stable.  
Of course the Tories claim to defend our NHS but propose to scrap Incapacity Benefit when it is the logical conclusion and essential add on to the NHS system.  Perhaps in an alleged civilized society Incapacity Benefit should become part of the overall healthcare package.  
If the NHS can't fix you you go onto IB as a matter of routine ( like in the past ), not have to jump through Corporate Nazi hoops with no understanding of the disabling reality of constant pain.   I suspect that up to 75% of IB claimants got there through working too hard in a potentially dangerous manual job.  Now they propose increasing the OAP age to 68 and then 70, I suspect that many people knackered through genuine hard work will be thrown onto means tested benefits at 50. 
Just what the Corporate Nazi's ordered, a good chance that you will die from poverty before you get chance to claim the enforced private pension they are about to introduce.  Anybody with any sense will opt out if possible, stash any spare cash under the mattress.
NN 17/08/2009
I am probably thinking right outside the box, but in the event of the government having to nationalize all the banks perhaps we have the opportunity to create a brand new sustainable stakeholder economy.  The creation of a Citizens Income could overcome the current state benefits stigma, and would replace the complication of all current benefits including the Old Age Pension.
The object of the exercise would be to give every person ( over 21 or ten years legal residence ) in the country  a virtual 100,000 quid in a national savings account which paid say 10% interest.  This would equate to a " citizens income " and people would be able to be employed to increase this as they pleased.  Income tax could be 50% after the first 5000 but it would be possible to allow tax relief on the purchase of your own home.  Children could also attract tax relief, 7500 for the first, 5000 for the second but only 2500 for the third and extra children.
There would also need to be a maximum income, say 10 times the citizens income, anything above that would be subject to 100% tax.  However some tax relief could be given for every full time person directly employed.
The object of the exercise would be to achieve maximum income via saving throughout life up to retirement.  Obviously people in high paid jobs could retire earlier ( after having paid in full for their house ).  Perhaps they could continue to work part time as consultants in their chosen field.
To prevent depreciation on consumer goods there would be no credit allowed on any product not capable of ( with maintenance ) lasting 30 years.
Inheritance tax would be 100% on cash savings but all property including business equipment and land could be tax free.
This policy could make it worth voting for the working class, although I expect that the stock market parasites would object so no chance of their puppets like Brown doing it.
There will be no quick end to the war in Afghanistan because its serves the function of providing a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites. A relative of mine has just come back from a year teaching in the Falklands, it was a private charter jet because all the normal RAF planes are working on the Afghan route. The US airlines were all going bust before the Afghan war, and then Iraq saved them from bankruptcy.

Perhaps Blair had no option to join the US in said wars, if like Harold Wilson who refused to participate in Vietnam, the stock market parasites and their corporate multinational cartel would have crashed the value of the Pound. Brown is the puppet of the stock market parasites so no chance of a unilateral withdrawal by the British. Plenty of false economic growth building alleged safer replacements for " snatch Land-Rover's " Defence company share prices inflated, likewise mining stock's up on the prospect of firing even more expensive munitions with ingredients such as copper etc.
#4 Murray
A virtual maximum income as allegedly proposed by the Compass group ( perhaps through 100% tax )does have its merits, but would need to be accompanied by tax relief for every person directly employed.  Of course corporate executives would need to scrap between themselves has to who actually provided said jobs, however, celebrities would have to settle for perhaps a full time gardener or cleaner etc. 
The usual contract Corporate Nazi spokesperson was on News 24 earlier squealing that all the stock market parasites would move overseas.  The same people said the minimum wage would decimate employment in low paid jobs, would the loss of a few overpaid parasites be so bad for the UK economy anyway.
#7 oh dear, JadedJean just back from a break ( hope you enjoyed your holiday )and got almost instantly pulled for some spurious reason. They did actually post it so some Corporate Nazi must have squealed about its implications. I now send all my bounced post to KCL just for a laugh, perhaps his website could collect bounced posts for publication, not including the " gangophone " player ( see NN 13/08/2009 )
#10 Murray

You obviously don't get the point, 99.99% tax whatever way you say, there needs to be a maximum income as an essential ballance to the minimum wage. At the end of they day all stack market parasites do is invent false money, and the primeval function of TAX was to mop up all false money in the economy. I got that from an extremely well educated old man with family links to the famous Kenyan archeologist who found one key example in our human ancestry.
Vince Cable must have blown any acquired credibility he theoretically gained at the peak of the financial crisis.   Now like " Sir Henry at Rawlinson End ", he doesn't know what he wants but he wants it now, or so it would appear.  Perhaps he has been " got at " by the Corporate Nazi policy enforcers since earlier in the day, I suspect that the eco-fascists rely heavily on stock market parasite alleged charity donations. I will probably comment further when I have watched it again on I player, but even the guest stock market parasite seemed to acknowledge that some city pay contracts were untenable in the current economic climate.
All very well for Vince cable to bang on about the FSA and its powers, but the Tories have put virtual Leg-Irons on it by proposing to abolish it.  No FSA employee is going to take any positive action against any Banks or other financial institutions if there is a chance that they will be hung out to dry when the BoE takes over regulatory responsibility.   The same principle applies to new recruits for the FSA, no sane person is going to apply for a job with an organization which will probably disappear in less than a years time.   Current FSA employee's who dare to take firm action against financial institutions could end up on some form of Corporate Nazi blacklist.    It would appear that effective city regulation is off the agenda until at least after the general election.
NN 19/08/2009
#9 unpronounceable
You confirm what I suspected all along about international aid, a large proportion is being embezzled, and probably going to the stock market parasites via their corporate multinational cartel.  And surprise, surprise, all major parties have pledged not the cut international aid in the future.   It probably goes on stuff like corporate mercenary, at least one of them got killed in either Iraq, or more likely Afghanistan.  One went loopy and killed two of his " comrades " I remember now that was Iraq and its said he could be facing the death penalty.
I suspect that they manage to change money as many times as possible, it will be far worse if the Tories switch part of the aid budget to " renewable energy ".   Perhaps on the evidence, places like Congo have got a far better deal than " western aid "  with China despite the CMC propaganda.  The civil war only continues when the mining cartel fund the insurgents.  Its all about trying to impede progress on Chinese transport infrastructure projects, new road down the eastern border and intersecting new railway to the Atlantic coast.  I believe loads of schools and hospitals are also part of the deal to sell a pile of useless to Congo rock.  Remember, the lunatics are in charge of the Westminster asylum.
#14 barrie
Excellent site on  the probably controlled demolition of said buildings on 9/11, but you have to remember the man on the moon landings and the all important getting him back safe.   How do rockets work in a partial vacuum, apparently breaks Newton's second law " every action must have an equal and opposite reaction ".  If they can get away with that they can get away with anything, Lockerbie bomber is relative small fry, but  " wot politicians calling for a public enquiry " after last nights exchanges ?
#23 indignantindegene
Of course the Swiss banks are an integral part of the Corporate Multinational Cartel, providing the capital for such as Hedge Funds to borrow against to speculate.  The fact that they are all secret enhances the power of the stock market parasites, depositors highly unlikely to withdraw or claim interest income so therefore maximum capital gains.  The performance of the Zurich index has apparently fared rather better than the average European markets throughout the global downturn.
GO1 #61
I suspect that any controlled explosion charges could have been sneaked in during routine refurbishment of the interior.   They would never have been able to fix the damage caused by a major fire ( steel structure could have bent where not clad in insulation such as vermiculite ).  Perhaps it was all a massive insurance job, perhaps facing being potentially skint stock market parasites families bailed out with the criminal compensation.
You will persist on claiming that I am a Muslim when you are clearly on planet Zog as far as your reading comprehension is concerned.
NN 26/08/2009
When is everybody going to wake up and realize that reducing CO2  in a King Canute prevent climate change ideology is just one massive stock market parasite investment scam.  Just think what the Corporate Nazi's can embezzle if we are to pay developing countries for technology non of the world's poor can afford.  Perhaps the majority attending said " Climate Camp " are wealthy university drop outs probably sponsored by their mates who parasite on the stock market. 
Even James Lovelock ( Gaia Theory ) rubbishes what the eco-fascists propose to save the planet, particularly wind farms but also nuclear and Severn Barrage.   Get him onto Newsnight if you seek something near the truth about what needs to be done to limit our impact on the environment.  Politicians of all parties proposing reducing speed limits and introducing pollution generating traffic calming, Pinocchio's nose must be dragging on the floor by now.
Rustigjongens #35
" Corporate Nazi " is a term to describe an ideology which has emerged to the front of politics over many years now.   I suppose I could just write " they " but then commentators would say " who are they ", I believe the technical term is anarcho capitalist Trotskyites but Corporate Nazi rolls of the tongue better.
The eco-fascist wing of the environmental movement are the greatest threat to our personal freedoms in Britain.   The eco-fascists are the true fascists in British politics today, in combination with the safety-fascists and health-fascists they can be classed colloquially as Corporate Nazis.
The internationalist Corporate Nazis have no respect for nation states, over the years its their stock market parasites who have sold our British sovereignty to the highest corporate bidder. 
Its all part of  a " Corporate Nazi " ideology where large corporations lobby government to make everything as inefficient ( difficult ) and expensive as possible, especially for people living in rural areas.   A key part of the " Corporate Nazi " plan is the systematic dismantling of our welfare state whilst at the same time providing a virtual welfare state for the Banks and their stock market parasites.
NN 27/08/2009
It would appear that today's average ( vacuum between ears ) politicians foolishly believe that the age of the building is the most important factor in our children's education.   All very convenient for the stock market parasites embezzling perhaps now billions from the resultant PFI deals floating around.  Perfectly sound buildings demolished and prime sites sold to property speculators when all they really needed was refurbishment during the long summer holidays.   Of course the Tories let routine maintenance slip over the years so maintenance cost did add up, but then the eco-fascists threw in their " heating cost " scam, and there was also the politically correct excuse of " disabled access ".
The result is that state education probably now costs over twice as much as it really needed to, and has become dumbed down over the years, just what the Corporate Nazi ideology specified under Thatcher. Science teaching emasculated, ideal for selling "green scams " to foolish consumers and perpetuating the "socially useless " parasitic angle of the stock market. 
Perhaps one major problem is the now almost exclusive incumbency of clone university graduate teachers with no experience of outside academic life.   Back in the 1970s when I did my secondary education the best teachers were those trained ( no degree ) out of industry in the 1950s.   They never had any problems controlling classes, perhaps because they could relate their life ( WW2 )experiences to captivate their audience. 
We did have some ex-university boffins but they were generally disliked by the pupils and if there ever was any trouble it was always in one of their lessons.  It would appear that teaching is now an employment safety net for those uni grads who FAIL to get a position in private industry relevant to their chosen subject.
Lack of educational achievement is not just down to schools, parents should encourage their kids to watch documentaries on TV.  The trouble is that even the BBC has dropped serious programmes like Timewatch in favor of balderdash like " The Tudors " which is little more than an excuse to flash tits.   Once upon a time Horizon concentrated on the basics of science, but now its lost the plot simply suggesting the latest theory proven or otherwise.   On channel 4 Big Brother occupies the prime 9 pm documentary slot all summer when kids need to keep their education ticking over during the holidays.  Similarly many educational programmes are shown in slots competing with soaps and other alleged popular dross.  No Open University on BBC 2 on weekend afternoons like was the case in the 1980s, many informative documentaries from the 70s and 80s not shown as essential to developing minds because they are classed as repeats or not politically correct.
Couple the above with the probability that the vast majority of the more intelligent " working class " stopped breeding under Thatcher and then Major its perhaps hardly surprising that standards fell so low.  Perhaps they are now rising but there will always be a significant number of the population ( perhaps linked to ethnicity ) who will never master maths and written English.   However that is not all bad because those who academically fail at school are often good at practical skills.  The trouble is that these people are now technically excluded from skilled jobs like driving.
NN 28/08/2009
Has anyone perhaps noticed that James Murdoch's designer spectacles and hairstyle make him reminiscent of Himler ?  The Corporate Nazi's must be getting pretty desperate to maintain their corporate illusion for such a speech delivered to an audience broadly in favor of the BBC.   Its virtual BNP rhetoric, aimed at an audience of the lowest form of intellect. 
Sky consumers often moan about paying the license, but then the idiots are paying more a month for just Sky than a simple licenses fee freeview.   Taking in the internet the BBC offers excellent value for money and is now interacting with the viewer more than ever in the past.  Just a pity they closed down Action Network, but it did have a range of opinions on numerous subjects not always towing the government line. 
This NN blog is worth the license fee on its own, Murdock publications like The Times do have feedback but they would never publish a phrase like Corporate Nazi when referring to the stock market parasites.  I suspect that Lord Turner would have been hushed up, especially the bit about large sections of the finance industry being " socially useless "   JadedJean #4 is spot on with her reference to anarchists, but perhaps the cat is already out of the bag on the anarcho capitalist Trotskyites, especially in the more intelligent section of society.
NN 04/09/2009
It must now be clear to any political observers that Gordon Brown is the puppet of the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites.   Likewise Alistair Darling ( nee Panda ) who would appear to be committed to the Corporate Nazi ideology of expanding and sustaining a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites.  Tough on alleged Incapacity Benefit cheats but no action to curb the embezzlement of billions by the " socially useless " section of financial markets as recently identified by Lord Turner.  Darling is attempting to portray that a cap on bonuses will be avoided through higher basic salaries.  The obvious solution is to heavily tax all derivatives trades, but with Obama scared of assassination the Corporate Nazi's have him as their puppet also, so no chance of a global deal.
Of course it will be no better under the Tories despite the Osborne rhetoric on tougher city regulation.  Perhaps its convenient to dump the FSA now that its head is no longer " ideologically pure ", of course Boris has to object to a cap on bonuses as they are mostly in the interest of his main political sponsors.  Farage's response is typical of a party funded by the likes of hedge funds, meanwhile Vince cable is perhaps conveniently practicing the art of not being seen.
NN 09/09/2009
Perhaps alleged Copenhagen Climate Change deal is just an excuse for the biggest ever stock market parasite investment scam, all in the name of King Canute.  London Market back over 5000 as a result of Panda's virtual welfare state for the parasites, the false economic growth generated on alleged climate change projects could keep it there in at least the short term.
JadedJean #7
You slightly missed the point about taxation, wind farm subsidies ( ROC's ) are a PRIVATE TAX paid in subsidy to the energy companies.   I believe that we are already paying on average one quid a week on energy bills, this is soon set to rise to four quid a week if the government reaches its projected wind farm generation target.  They recently suggested something similar to fund faster broadband connections with a private tax on phone land lines.
Surprise, surprise, the man apparently behind the new totally over the top CRB checks to allegedly protect British children is a perhaps " Corporate Nazi  " American.  It would appear to be just another expensive endless IT project ( welfare state for the stock market parasites ), and if the Tories have an ounce of integrity they will scrap the whole thing when elected and come up with something " British " and more sensible.
The gangofone goes on about the BNP being national socialist but has he checked out their post EU election policies recently.   It would appear that they have sold out to the eco-fascists on environment policy, perhaps Griffin fancies his chances with the leader of the Greens.  The rest of their policies are totally impractical and perhaps nothing at all to do with what JadedJean would prescribe.   Like all elected politicians it would appear that the BNP have sold out to the Corporate Nazi cause.  Perhaps its due to not being able to get a UK bank account, and despite alleged EU funding they are sending out begging letters to anyone they have contact details for.
If only Pinocchio's nose had been cut for timber then we could have built " Jerusalem " in Englands green and pleasant land.
NN 14/09/2009
One recent example of Pinocchio's nose on the future sustainability of the planet was presented by one time child indoctrinator John Craven on Countryfile.  Mr alleged average steak eater was encouraged to look at the alleged potential environmental damage caused by eating meat.  It was seen as a eco-fascist propaganda success when said average steak eater ordered fish as an alternative.  Nothing about that fish are becoming increasingly scarce and some popular food species on the verge of extinction.
Obama is a brave man  to challenge Wall Street, if only Brown and Cameron had the balls to at least match his proposals.  Perhaps the corporate assassination contracts are already being signed, pity he spoils the overall effect of his attempt at sorting out the world economy with all the eco-fascist nonsense floating around.  " Cash for Clunkers " is not that bad an environmental measure as you have to buy a more fuel efficient vehicle to qualify, unlike the UK scheme.
gangofone #31
The only fish extensively farmed is Salmon ( it showed white fish on alleged steak eaters plat ) and many claim that such salmon farming is bad for the local marine ecology.   I believe that Cod is farmed on a limited scale but most will be imported from Iceland ( stock market parasites change money ).  The point is that the majority of land in the UK is only fit for meat production ( grass ) and if we are to ensure " food security " the UK needs to eat more meat not less.  
As with all eco-fascist ideology the key part of the plan is to facilitate the " corporate ethnic cleansing " of indigenous locals from rural areas, this time by damaging the market for the only possible product of small hill farms.
I don't know why you persist with your perversion of my words but I am not and have never been a Muslim or likely to become one.   I take great exception to the way they treat their women and would welcome legislation to address this at least in the UK.
NN 15/09/2009
zigzog #5

Perhaps we are under " occupation " by the stock market parasite Corporate Nazi's with the equivalent of a " Vichy French " style puppet government whichever party theoretically wins the alleged democratic elections ?
mimpromptu #10
All very ten bob fat cat optimistic and all that, but it would appear that the logic of your argument is significantly undermined by the fact that you glaringly get Obama's election date wrong.
How can anybody take Blanchflower seriously when he should be one of the prime suspects in the dock responsible for corporate crime.  Throughout his period on the MPC he was bleating for the low interest rates which sowed the seed of the current crisis.  Then alleged business woman with a company based on two months of the year ( and probably importing everything ? ).   Hardly the type of steady sustainable business we need to promote, the future is make do and mend to keep our current standard of living from falling.
We need to smash open the false economy successive government have perpetuated by passing legislation to fuel inflation ( like the road fuel tax escalator ) and then claim it as economic growth.  Looks like they are at it again, stock market parasites invented over 1000 points on the FTSE from what would appear to be hot air from politicians.  Plenty of ideas for a welfare state for the stock market parasites with new potentially bottomless IT projects.  Even the Tories talking about Toll Roads and privatizing the Highways Agency for 85 bn, look what happened to train fares after the creation of Railtrack ?
Before the real economy can recover interest rates need to rise to 10%, that's what the German government demand from Magna for their massive investment in failed Opel.
NN 16/09/2009
Of course there would have probably never have been any Toxic Waste to Africa trade if the eco-fascists hadn't stopped companies building toxic waste incinerators in Europe, particularly Britain. Such incinerators are perfectly safe and environmentally sound if fitted with the latest flue gas scrubbing technology. Our local cement works burns print industry waste solvents to save coal, said fuel is just as potentially nasty as what was exported to Africa.  All the sulphur is turned into gypsum, our local air quality is brilliant whatever duff coal they are using, a proportion of shredded scrap tyres and even some BSE suspect meat and bone meal.

JadedJean (#40 ) bureaucrats
Far be it from a conspiracy theory, but perhaps certain more recent posters have been directed here as a deliberate plant to undermine what long standing posters have to say in the run up to the general election.   The quality of debate has gone rapidly down hill in the past six months and perhaps you are correct to suspect that long term regular viewers could be turned away.  Who wants to read pointless poetry unless its designed to illustrate a particular political point ?

It would appear that the Corporate Nazi EU elite are attempting to create a virtual Fourth Reich on the back of the eco-fascists and alleged man made climate change, plenty of former AXIS countries now members plus other nations who openly welcomed Hitler when he invaded ?
NN 21/09/2009
Vince Cable talks of cuts but perhaps they could start virtually painlessly and without alienating a section of our society from our welfare state by abandoning some of their politically correct pet projects.   One of them would appear to be many proposed Traffic Calming Schemes most intelligent informed people genuinely concerned about our environment now object to.   It is now well proven that Traffic Calming is bad for our environment, the latest statistics suggest that CO2 is increased by 82% and NOX by 37%.  The pollution problem is compounded by drivers driving over them in too high a gear which means that the potentially toxic unburnt hydrocarbon pollutants linked to lung disease are probably doubled.  When I was waiting at a local village I observed cars coming up the steep hill and going around the corner.  Many including petrol cars emitted black smoke due to being in too high a gear as taught by useless driving instructors to pass the quasi-religious driving test.
Lib-Dem support for proposed " Spy in the Sky " road charging totally undermines their alleged " human rights " position on the proposed ID card project.  The Corporate Nazi stock market parasites have got their money on Average Speed Cameras since Lord Adonis theoretically abandoned New Labour's plans for Toll roads.   No doubt the Lib-Demmics will be forcefully campaigning for average speed cameras to police blanket 20 Mph Zones in towns as a back door to their favoured road pricing. 
Perhaps individual local councilors in support of Corporate Nazi eco-fascist policy like Bin tax etc stand to gain a substantial increase in their own personal borrowing allowance from the banks, easy to hide from declared interests.  Plenty of false money floating about to indulge in ten bob fat cat property speculation as decent people sell up to avoid any traffic calming wrecking their car ? 
NN 22/09/2009
Perhaps its the easy option for the Chinese to offer concessions on CO2 emissions as part of a forthcoming climate change deal at Copenhagen.   After all its pretty expensive to extend the national electricity grid to villages in remote rural locations, the residents will never miss what they have never had.  Far cheaper to install solar panels or build a local wind turbine, the intermittent power will be better than nothing previously, or the expense and maintenance of a local diesel generator.
China can afford to sit back and watch western nations shoot their economies in the foot in a futile attempt to reduce climate change.  After all China wants to secure its strangle hold on global manufacturing, which it can theoretically grow unhindered if seen to be taking token measures to reduce CO2 emissions.
Oh dear, the Lib-Demmics were talking about our environment for over an hour  this afternoon but perhaps an engineered total news blackout on the proceedings.  I suspect that it was all the usual eco-fascist nee Corporate Nazi welfare state for the stock market parasites claptrap rhetoric.  Even Andrew Neil " conference watch " conveniently skipped over it, good speech from Chris Hulne but perhaps pretty hollow coming from a former stock market parasite.
The US union rep on Paul Mason's report made an excellent point about our global environment.  Perhaps its a bit ironic that western pollution free as humanly possible heavier industry stands to be sacrificed on the altar of climate change only to be replaced by expansion of really dirty Chinese and Indian industry.
thegangofone #40
Corporate Nazi is a general term to describe anarcho capitalist Trotskyites to the general public, but I don't know where you get my BNP association from.   In any case it would appear that the BNP have changed many of their policies since getting elected to the EU and appear to have sold out to the Corporate Nazi's in most areas.  Perhaps the Corporate Nazi's intend to rig our flawed democracy at the next general election by using the BNP to split the " patriotic " vote in combination with UKIP.
Why do you foolishly think that I am personally a BNP supporter, last night I took the Google Political Compass test.
The result was two thirds left slightly liberal, perhaps placing me in the territory of Joe Grimond's original Liberal Party.  The nearest historic political figure to me was Gandhi.
NN 23/09/2009
What's all the big rush to replace Trident, its not that old anyway, and surely if it has been properly maintained it should last a good few years yet.  Whilst I appreciate that the wiring on ships suffers metal fatigue ( the whole boat is continually flexing even though you can't see it ) , perhaps said submarines should have been designed to last long term, easy to refurbish.  
There are plenty of examples of aircraft lasting long term ( Dakota's of WW2 vintage still flying ) so it should be possible to re use the current missiles in a new sub.  Its all down to basic engineering theory, if it moves grease it, if it doesn't paint it.
JJ #8
Perhaps the Gaddafi virtual censorship was similar to what happened to the Lib-Dem member for Westmorland and Lonsdale ( can't remember his name ) had to say at the conference on BBC Parliament this afternoon.  The main sound feed was cut throughout his fairly long speech, you could catch bits of it in the background noise and the audience seemed appreciative.  
They soon had the full sound back on to hear ten bob fat cats talking their usual drivel on the video screen.  I Decided to put a pop video on during Clegg's attempt at a keynote speech which was really boring. Perhaps the Lib-Dem's should elect the member for Westmorland and Lonsdale as their next leader, he's just about the only Lib-Dem MP who ever talks any sense on anything.
So Corporate Nazi sympathizer " Wing Nut " trots out onto Newsnight yet again attempting to stir it for Brown in the USA, yet wont actually commit himself to naming alternative Labour leaders.  I can't understand why Paxo treats him as so credible after he suggested introducing road pricing to fleece the public to plug the alleged budget deficit.  Almost 80% of the mostly once Labour supporting politically active population rejected the planned and much media puffed Congestion Charge scheme for Greater Manchester last year. 
Perhaps Brown would be doing better in the opinion polls if he had widely advertised the fact that Lord Adonis has at least kicked road pricing into the long grass.  Labour focus should be on highlighting possible Tory plans to privatize the Highways agency for 85 bn, then let the private sector introduce road tolls.  Cameron was recently on Andrew Marr spouting what a good idea the private M6 toll was despite the fact that traffic on it has fallen to an all time low more recently.
The forthcoming general election increasingly looks like a choice of varying Corporate Nazi plans for a version of a welfare state for the stock market parasites.  Everyone I know wants international aid ( particularly to China and India ) cut before anything else, yet still out of touch with the public politicians consider it a sacred cow.
NN 27/09/2009
Just been watching MP's free overseas trips on 13 4+1, fell asleep watching channel 4 news, been up since half six watched labour party conference this aft and their would appear to be a subtle change on emphasis away from the Corporate Nazi policy I go on about.  Bit like that Corporate Nazi childcare scam, have to register as a child minder to look after your mates kids for more than two hours and regularly.  Some prat social worker once told a pensioner friend of mine that she could not see the ( in care fostered ) virtual brother of a kid she had looked after overnight for years without a CRB check. 
He doesn't go around there now which is bad because her methods with young kids turn out really sensible obedient 7 years olds.  Treat children just like small adults, she' good at training dogs, her daughter " rescues " them, and the latest acquisition was Molly, a one year old Rottweiler found living in a pub at Padiham, urinating  and defocating all over the floor throughout.  They had to get rid of it because they had lost the pub and were due to be evicted, my friend house trained it in three days.  Its now an excellent pet, bit cluntering and probably prematurely ended the life of a 12 year old jack Russell bitch she had had from a year old, former owners couldn't control it.  The other dog they have is an Alsatian found on the M65 by her daughter, had bleeding feet running, somebody had dumped it.  Its really soft with young children, climb all over him ( already minus his equipment  at some expense when they got him ), reported him to plod and just keep him after so many weeks.  Only snag is he attacks other dogs, and is too strong for even her strapping daughter, her daughter once got bit once trying to untangle an altercation.  I suspect that it was abandoned because it was not vicious with people, it was the attacked dog which did the human biting.  They always vote Tory and would never vote Labour anyway, just the indigenous attitude and don't really argree with all Tory policy just the general direction.
Idiots still going on about how good wind farms are, leader in offshore wind and all that, brilliant speeches by various union leaders, would never have been allowed last year.  Mandelson was always the true messiah of the progressive labour party, just went off on a tangent in Blair's direction until he disappeared up his own back side.
Some say that I am off my head but I actually like Mandelson and Lord Adonis is a really cool guy at heart, just has this big high speed train set fantasy.  Sounds like he is on the right track getting people cycling, cycle hubs at rail stations, the big ones including London termini would have cheap repair shops.  Perhaps you could rent a bike but there will be secure parking for your bike. Never mentioned road safety, just about getting everyone into efficient cars on the environment.  
They just don't get it though, seriously addressing climate change requires them to STOP ANYMORE TRAFFIC CALMING SCHEMES.   The only thing that frightens me whilst cycling is parked cars or other short narrow bits in the road.  I believe that the safety fascists have now put traffic calming on a popular cycle track.   Routes parallel to main arteries need to be identified as cycle routes, no parked cars on at least one side of the road.  It will never happen as it wont be popular, better to make it more difficult to get out of side streets.  Those not particularly competent at driving may chose to catch the bus on the main route having easily crossed the road at nearby pelican crossing.  Cyclists are potential net pollution generators when not segregated from vehicle traffic in general, cycles can slow buses down to a point when any timetable could be unreliable.
Anyway, a positive spin on the day, even Panda was talking tough on the stock market parasites.  Brown made a fool of himself though playing host to both the prime minister of Spain ( who can't speak English ) and Norway ( with their human rights record on the Sami up in the far north where all the mineral wealth lies ).  Just more rhetoric about climate change and how we can theoretically stop it. at least Benn was promoting more flood defenses but we need a national grid for water, not preach yet more eco-fascism on brushing your teeth.
Just to back up my observations on Mandelson ( #10 ), JadedJean is the expert, but Peter is almost certainly the only direct genetic link back to 1945 Labour.  He allegedly spent lots of time with his grandfather as a kid and perhaps 1945 Labour is in his ideological DNA.  It showed through today, but perhaps we can only expect real change when Mandy grows his moustache back again ?
NN 29/09/2009
A Labour government is increasingly beginning to look like the least worse option at the next general election.  Both ID cards and Toll roads now apparently off the immediate agenda and perhaps permanently.  Lots of unaffordable ideological claptrap about free childcare for two year olds, a new NHS style care service for the elderly.  A promise of 250k " green jobs " but perhaps the most worthwhile green jobs would be for road gangs to start ripping out all existing traffic calming starting with the most busy routes.  Many of our roads ( especially in urban areas ) are in an atrocious state of repair, the maintenance budget having been used for traffic calming projects since around 1990.   There is potential to reduce our road transport emissions by 10% simply by retro engineering back to 1960s road layouts and speed limits, using smart electronic technology for traffic lights to replace many current tight roundabouts on trunk routes.
The green wheels would appear to be coming of wind farms, the blades of two of the four 42 metre high turbines at Chelker Reservoir near Skipton have had to be removed due to safety concerns.  They were only installed in the 1990s and perhaps only 15 years old at most putting a huge question over the alleged total carbon emissions reduction equation.  Wind farms are alleged to last 25 years, the Chelker turbines are only small by modern standards but probably represent the expected service life of their larger brethren.
After Cameron's remarks on Andrew Marr the other week you can't trust the Tories on Toll Roads.  Private toll roads at that, the Looney right are floating the idea of privatizing the Highways Agency for 85bn in order to cut the budget deficit.  Labour have now shot their main cut ID card goose and Andy Burnham suggested that improved cancer care would be funded by scrapping PFI new hospital building programmes.   Labour is now starting to sound more credible at improving our countries future as opposed to Tory " smarm and charm ".
It is perhaps hardly surprising to hear that king Corporate Nazi Murdoch is aligning his key propaganda tool behind the Tories after Brown's latest conference speech.  It would appear that Labour have at long last returned to orbit around traditional party values the political territory most of the electorate expected Labour to inhabit when they originally won the 1997 election from the Tories.  It would appear that Corporate Nazi Blair's foolish inter stellar expedition on the back of false economic growth generated by the stock market parasites has finally had its retro rockets fired. 
Last year the conference was all about victimizing the disabled as scapegoats for all societies ills, the Incapacity benefit question never even got a mention in Yvette Cooper's welfare speech.  The trouble is that Brown was at least a key passenger on Blair's Corporate Nazi project, he has not yet fully confessed his sins so will the thinking electorate believe he has changed.  The forthcoming Queen's Speech should be an interesting pointer as to whether Labour's new policy direction is fact or fantasy.
So after dithering around for a while Andy Burnham finally managed to pledge an end to hospital car parking charges, well at least for the families of inpatients.   Getting rid of hospital car park charges is now complicated by the fact that they are now often a private tax paid to the PFI company.  Many people may have forgotten, but this Corporate Nazi appease the eco-fascists policy was originally introduced by the Tories in the mid 1990s.  Nottingham Council is now attempting to appease the eco-fascists with advanced plans to introduce  a tax on private workplace parking.  Perhaps Andy Burnham can now expect an alleged eco-warrior vandalism attack on his home address ? 
NN 01/10/2009
Brilliant observation Stugglingtostaycalm #6
Alleged Health & Safety regulations finally knackered my back up just to save a few yuppies getting dust on their BMW's.  After a failed back operation in Feb 1994 I have never worked since 1993, did nothing for my personal health and safety.
I had to stop driving HGV's when new sheeting regulations were introduced ( by the safety fascists )at the local quarries, my back would not stand it.  Several of the older regular quarry drivers threw in the towel and were replaced by just passed HGV test men.  This factor probably led to the Sowerby Bridge disaster where an eight wheel quarry wagon ran away down a hill and killed several people.  The safety fascists pinned the blame on the brake condition, but proper examination of the evidence suggested that it was due to the middle aged ex-police driver ( following police driver training ) and pumping the ( air ) footbrake after fade, ( loosing all the pressure )  then putting the park brake on in desperation, completely wearing out the linings on the two of four axles.
Brake fade is no longer such a major problem for HGV's due to new lining technology, but the speed limit remains at 40 Mph as set in 1968 when older vehicles only needed 40% brake efficiency to pass the annual ministry test.  Since the 1970s much of our trunk road infrastructure has been transformed up to virtual motorway standards and now 40 Mph HGV's are a major risk for fatal head on overtaking collisions.  Fortunately most decent HGV drivers take the true safe option and ignore the HGV speed speed limit, the only trouble now is mobile speed cameras.
I started writing on road safety about a year after Sowerby Bridge, corresponding with Will Murray at Huddersfield University logistics department.  They were attempting to charge the foreman fitter responsible for the maintenance with manslaughter and perhaps my information got any charges dropped. 
NN 05/10/2009
David Cameron claims to represent change, but it would appear all that is on offer is blue tinged exact mirror image of Blair's anarcho capitalist Trotskyite agenda.   As for the proposed cuts in incapacity benefit, many current claimants face being thrust even deeper into poverty than they are already.  It would appear that the Tories aim to treat our genuine wealth producing hard working manual operatives like virtual slaves, hand them the virtual withering death sentence of JSA if they fail to reach an increasing retirement age in good health.
Its now bad enough at present under Labour, a relative of mine in his fifties has a gammy leg due to the hard manual labour he has done throughout his life.  However, because it mends up after a few days rest he can't claim IB as he could have done a few years ago.  It is impossible for him to hold down a full time job, and he does not have the chance for time off in the hope that his leg will get better more permanently.   The Tories proposed cuts to IB represent a stealth increase in National Insurance contributions for all heavy manual workers.  Perhaps OK for those in soft often parasitic ten bob fat cat office jobs etc, but perhaps the net result could be that the brighter teenagers shy away from potential life long careers in hard manual work.   Never mind, parasitic employment agencies can get cheap east European migrants to do it while our fit young people languish on the dole.  Perhaps hardly surprising to find that the idea of stealing hard won rights from the most vulnerable in our society came from a potentially " socially useless " celebrity stock market parasite.  Namely party hopping in a " hissy fit " like a naughty spoilt child who didn't get all his own way David Freud.
Its all part of  a celebrity stock market parasite inspired " Corporate Nazi " ideology where large corporations and fascist leaning NGO's lobby government to make everything as inefficient ( difficult ) and expensive as possible, especially for people living in rural areas. ( no cushy desk jobs available in rural areas )  A key part of the " Corporate Nazi " plan is the systematic dismantling of our welfare state whilst at the same time providing and expanding a virtual welfare state for the Banks and their stock market parasites.
NN 09/10/2009
Examining all the circumstantial evidence it is pretty clear that the only reason why were are in the current threat of power cuts and massive increases in energy bills is almost all down to successive governments appeasing the eco-fascist lobby.
The eco-fascists have long conspired with the UK energy producers cartel to prevent the introduction potentially cheap sources of electricity like the Severn Barrage and energy from waste incineration.  The Severn Barrage could provide 5% of our energy base load, likewise the widespread introduction of waste incineration could provide at least 10% of our electricity base load.  Waste incineration could transform the indoctrinated theoretical problem of excess packaging into a positive asset, likewise current fly tip problems like scrap tyres.  The Severn Barrage ( and not forgetting Morecambe Bay ) plus widespread waste incineration could cut the cost of energy in the UK, the corporate multination energy cartel do not want that, the eco-fascists are simply their propaganda arm, likewise on Nuclear.
It is not a state secret that the Isle of Man generate 10% of their electricity base load from waste incineration, yet the the Tories never mentioned it once in their alleged conference future of energy and climate debate at Manchester this week.  Building incinerators in rural areas would allow any waste heat to be used for greenhouses to grow food plants currently imported by air freight, away from housing any potential smell problem would be almost eradicated.  They never specifically mentioned the Severn Barrage either, perhaps hardly surprising to see that the hall was half empty, perhaps due to delegates being sick to death of hearing about useless wind farms.
Perhaps today's revalations about " tears in his retina " are a signal that Gordon Brown himself is putting the country first by seeking an excuse to resign without forcing an early general election ?
Yeah, but is not Liegh's MP Andy Burnham, not the best health secretary we have had in 30 years, he was once good there as a junior minister also, was wasted on " culture ". He would make a far better future leader of the Labour party than Milliband, perhaps not so enthusiastic about the Blair anarcho capitalist Trotskyite agenda. I don't think that party allegiance will be such an important factor at the forthcoming general election, if you are a good constituency MP or look like being one you will win the seat regardless of party.
NN 14/10/2009
I rather get the impression that due to the BBC's rather cozy arrangement with the eco-fascists over recent years tonight's " greens on trial " will be a complete and utter whitewash.
Take the eco-fascist position on Traffic Calming, lower speed limits generally and blanket 20 Mph speed limits in towns. 
I believe that the latest statistics are 82% extra CO2, 37% extra NOX, The pollution problem is compounded by drivers driving over humps in too high a gear which means that the potentially toxic unburnt hydrocarbon pollutants linked to lung disease are probably doubled. A 20 Mph Zone allegedly increases CO2 by a " less pregnant " than humps at least 10%, but the potentially toxic unburnt hydrocarbon pollutants linked to lung disease problem remains. When I was waiting at a local village I observed cars coming up the steep hill and going around the corner. Many ( including petrol cars ) emitted black smoke due to being in too high a gear as taught by useless driving instructors to pass the quasi-religious driving test. It could be said that traffic calming is a greater risk to public health than latent asbestos or passive smoking ?

It would appear that traffic calming has become a TB infested sacred cow for the eco-fascist leaning groups who were originally and still campaign for its introduction. It would appear that the eco-fascists cling to traffic calming in the belief that divers will be " irritated " out of their cars and use the train, at least a few anyway. If anyone had deliberately set out to design death traps for cyclists its doubtful whether they could have made a better job of it than traffic calming. I believe the Green Party have now opted for the " less pregnant " option of 20 Mph speed limits but still fail to admit their original mistake.

FoE have known about this since I wrote to them in the mid 1990s, I never received a reply so rang them at head office only to be given loads of abuse by one of their then senior members.
Take the greens position on reducing speed limits, a recent government study found that by taking measures to ensure everyone stuck to the current speed limits would increase CO2 emissions by 3%. The 40 Mph National Speed Limit the greens were pushing would not only lead to extra pollution but cripple the rural economy by putting transport back into the 1930s. Since the 1930s and up to 1974 local councils wisely spent a fortune bringing many stretches of rural roads up to a standard where they were safe to travel at up to the then limit of 70. Fair enough you could theoretically save fuel enforcing the motorway speed limit, but cutting the rural speed limit will give the Corporate Nazi's running the Post Office the excuse they need for more rural post office closures.  Of course any green party supporters will claim unintended consequences when their whole outlook is based on flawed science and quasi-religion.
It doesn't end there, the current prospect of the lights going out due to power cuts is due to alleged environmentalists preventing private companies from investing in any new coal or nuclear power stations over the last 20 years.  Even to think about it would have hit power companies with massive legal bills from parasitic lawyers keen to jump on any bandwagon for a false profit. 
The result has been loads of new gas fired power stations which have wasted our once ample north sea gas reserves when the gas would have been far more useful for direct more efficient domestic use.  Again, the eco-fascists organized local campaigns against underground gas storage projects, so they never got built yet the lawyers made a fortune and how much has the taxpayer forked out on public enquires due to the eco-fascists.  Household gas prices must be far higher than they would have been if ample storage capacity existed.
No chance of getting energy from waste off the ground, Severn Barrage etc, both of which could have reduced energy prices in the UK.  The result of 20 years of the government appeasing the eco-fascists is that everything costs far more than it needed to have done.  The eco-fascists stock market parasite private individual funders are laughing all the way to collecting their next fat false economic growth bonus.  Everyone is forced to emit more carbon just to maintain their existing standard of living.
If the eco-fascists grew up and actually took notice of the evidence they could cut road transport emissions by up to 10% and actually make road transport cheaper.  Perhaps its ironic that high road fuel taxes actually diminish the scope for economically viable recycling, take this pre oil crisis example.  It won't cost a fortune to remove all the idiotic safety inspired small diameter roundabouts which have littered our trunk roads over the past 20 years and replace them with " smart " part time traffic lights.   I don't know just how much carbon it equates to off the top of my head, but a HGV traversing one of said roundabouts will consume up to a litre of extra fuel.
Its not really new to be environmentally friendly by conserving resources but back in the 1920s the Southern Railway were recycling the oil from engine cleaning cloths for use in wagon axleboxes.   The key to environmental efficiency is cheap transport, which really ended in the 70's.   Back in the 1970s the company I worked for did all the main transport for Serfco at Darwen.  Their main job was recycling cast iron borings from the heavy engineering industry, customers included British Leyland Coventry engine plant, Vickers at Barrow and a couple of places up in central Scotland.  They regularly supplied products to locations as far apart as Larbert and Dover, with Mexborough in South  Yorkshire and Kilmarnock.  That's how I got right into the heart of Ravenscraig steel works, the cast iron borings were heated and pressed into " piglets " about the size of an egg.   You can't put cast iron borings straight into a furnace, they wont melt and just float on the top, piglets solved that problem.   They also supplied Manganese and Silicon in brick form, likewise Fleish  blocks, cast iron borings glued together with various elements.
Even before the ultimate demise of the foundry industry Serfco went bust due to a ship containing an export order to Turkey being held up outside port for months due to paperwork.   The site at Darwen closed and they set up again on a smaller scale somewhere near Birmingham.   I suspect that they are no longer trading.  Since the introduction of the Road Fuel Tax Escalator, once environmentally friendly industry like the paper recycling mill at Settle have all gone by the wayside.  Perhaps if Hitler had sent " fifth columnists " to sabotage the UK manufacturing economy he could not have done better than alleged environmental groups.
BGT #4
I'm afraid that it doesn't work like you suggest, I was once good friends with an active member of Greenpeace who had been tipped for the top job.   He had been an active member for years, worked as a ship's engineer on Rainbow Warrior and got arrested for blocking the outflow pipe at Sellafield.  They just passed him over and put some corporate puppet with no particular active history in control.   It was alleged that they had to overlook him due to his criminal record for blocking the outflow pipe.  I suspect that the truth was that he would not have taken the organization in the desired direction, he was willing to comprehend the true eco arguments and modify his position accordingly.  He was a big help getting the latest flue gas scrubber fitted on our local cement works saving hundreds of jobs in the long term.  All the eco-fascist do is destroy jobs whatever the environmental argument.
Green feature a complete whitewash, only scratched the surface leaving the field wide open for the Corporate Nazi's to exploit. Do presenters never read the blogs or are they just too blinkered to examine all the evidence. Stock market went ballistic today ( mostly mining stocks ) on the prospect of more troops in Afghanistan, like all wars throughout modern history its just a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites.
GO1 #54
I am probably wasting my time as its clear you never read posts in the whole context, just nit pick on certain aspects perhaps due to dyslexia or some other unspecified mental disorder.  It may have escaped your primitive radar but all NGO's and alleged " Charities " would appear to exist solely to swell the bank accounts of their executive officers.  FoE and other green groups do not really care about our environment, their only aim is to attract funding of their corporate organization from a gullible public.  Lots of complete fools out there willing to volunteer their services and punters like yourself who appear to believe what a good job they are doing costing everyone an unnecessary fortune on the cost of living.  It pretty clear that people like you have got more money than common sense, perhaps a long spell on JSA would bring you to your senses.
NN 15/10/2009
It would appear that the latent unrest amongst postal workers which has led to the proposed strikes was originally precipitated when management forced front line posties to start at least an hour later in the morning.  Anyone with any intelligence who has ever worked in front line distribution knows full well that an hour in the morning is worth two in the afternoon as far a productivity is concerned.  Perhaps management were too feckless to get up early in the morning, or perhaps they wanted the extra hour in bed to recover from their previous nights heavy drinking.
One manager at our local semi-rural sorting office was recently caught red handed opening mail and stealing valuables running into thousands of pounds.   It took some first class surveillance to catch him, it had been going on for ages and perhaps the front line posties were originally in the frame.  It always the same when large organizations parachute in university trained alleged logistics experts, when the true method to train efficient management is to start everyone at the bottom and cultivate those with aptitude for the job. 
All too often in recent British industrial history those promoted to management have often been those no use at doing the practical jobs.   This causes resentment and I can well imagine university trained management using satellite navigation systems to decide routes when the best way to get round the job has been established by long experience.
Perhaps the fact that our postal service was better in the 1930's using steam trains speaks volumes for the effectiveness of the current management of our postal services.
NN 19/10/2009
Gordon Brown bleats that we only have 49 days to save the planet but what message does it send to China and India when his collective government hasn't even got the nouse to suspend all traffic calming projects.  Ed Miliband also knows about the increased CO2 and pollution linked to asthma, the latest stats are 82% extra CO2 and 37% extra NOX.
Lancashire County Council are pushing ahead with a major traffic calming scheme for the Edisford / Henthorn area of Clitheroe which includes " speed cushions " on the bus route.  The Lib-Demmics are campaigning against all the humps ( one hump is right outside a key Lib-Dem's house ) but want a " less pregnant " ( 10% increase in pollution )  20 Mph speed limit.  However, under the latest rules you can't have a  20 Mph limit without humps unless you use Average Speed Cameras at 150 K a pair.  Its not  worth the cost but perhaps Tory controlled LCC will introduce the humps just to spite the local residents who voted in a Lib-Demmic by just three votes to beat the Tories at the last council elections.
Perhaps this is the sort of thing you get when you have got a prime minister who can probably only read large print reports specially prepared for him by dubious civil servants ?
Perhaps the only way to realistically solve the Afghanistan war is to legalize the opium poppy crop, thus removing the Taliban's main source of income.  Afghanistan could become a fully paid up democratic trading member of the world community providing medical opiates which are currently in short supply as pain relief. 
Legal opium is currently grown in Australia where other crops such as wheat are a viable alternative, why should the Afghan peasants grow wheat when there is no infrastructure and where poppies are obviously the best suited to the environment.   Increasing legal world opiate production could reduce the price and it could be possible to smash the black market in heroin if registered addicts in the west were supplied free.  Drug enforcement could then concentrate on crack cocaine, after which ( I am informed ) addicts shoot heroin to ease the " downer " as they come down from the crack high.
Of course our quasi-religious politicians will never consider legalizing Afghan Opium, in any case the war was started to save US airlines then on the verge of bankruptcy.  Like all wars in modern history, the Afghan war is a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites.  Mining shares always show big gains when extra troops are promised, more demand for expensive minerals like copper, and no chance of recycling anything.  Likewise defense company stocks, a constant demand for ammo and new vehicles etc.
Only last week on Newsnight the " Greens " were allegedly put on trial, where Caroline Lucas once again tried it on with the " don't eat meat to save the planet " line.  Suggesting that people stop eating meat is a direct attack on our remaining small hill farmers who's land will only grow grass which in turn provides food for the UK human food chain.  It is said that 60% of the agricultural land in the UK will only support grass and therefore livestock farming, if we are to improve"  food security " we need to eat more meat as a nation.  Similarly with pork and poultry, which are often fed on the residual of human food production ( rice bran, rape meal and other by-products including palm kernel expellers ( which milk cows like as a treat during milking ) ).
It would appear that the whole object of the green exercise is to facilitate the Corporate Ethnic Cleansing ( economic cleansing ) of the indigenous ( low income ) rural population.  First it was HGV weight limits, then the Road Fuel Tax Escalator, and now the eco-fascists are pushing for Road Pricing.   The greens know full well that the result of their 20% wind power generation of electricity which our government foolishly pursue will lead to regular power cuts.  Power cuts in large towns and cities could lead to an outbreak of anarchy making urban areas no longer safe to live in.  The wealthy greens want rid of the low income rural people so they can move out of town into the country on the cheap and avoid the potential anarchy following their policies created.
Only last week MP's expressed the view that more traffic calming should be installed in " deprived areas "  allegedly in the interest of reducing child road deaths.  Perhaps one good reason that they have installed traffic calming in Asian areas in big towns is to help control any future civil unrest. Of course they have it in " rough " white dominated estates also, where the chattering classes consider a large proportion of the inhabitants are at or near the poverty line.

Humps in the road are an ideal protection against anyone stealing a service vehicle in an attempt to break out through the gates or through riot police lines.  Impossible to get any decent speed up if there are humps everywhere. Its only one easy step to ring fencing certain areas of towns and turning them into virtual Warsaw type ghettos. Nobody will be let in or out without a permit, plenty of work for private security guard companies now that much housing is under the control of housing associations. I believe that locked gates have already been installed on some " alley's ".
If only Pinocchio's nose had been cut for timber then we could have built " Jerusalem " in England's green and pleasant land.  ( not the virtual west bank financial apartheid based segregation of the population we now appear to be heading for )

NN 22/10/2009
It would appear that the current postal dispute has been engineered by the Corporate Nazi's as part of a plan to get all British workers on minimum wage parasited upon by employment agencies. Becoming a foot soldier of the Royal Mail is one of the few remaining manual jobs which currently offers decent wages and conditions. 
However, it would appear that at least in the Preston area new recruitment is being restricted to Asians by the management.  Apparently this is extremely unpopular with the existing indigenous staff, but perhaps the plan is to break any union solidarity in the event of a strike, perhaps the Asians will break any strike to continue any subtle " Asians only " recruitment policy.   Employment policy works in mysterious way these day's and perhaps it will only be a matter of time before potential bribes paid to the management of large companies make paid employment " Agency Only " in the UK. 
Of course all potential employee's will be expected to permanently remain over their overdraft limit and subject to parasitic charges by their chosen Bank.  I suspect that most employment agencies would never consider taking anyone with ample savings onto their books.   Just wait until the lack of an effective welfare state ( especially if you are too ill to hold down a full time job ) to render you completely destitute and willing to enter slavery to the Corporate Nazi system ?
thecookieducker #88
I've been talking about the contents of your link for years and everybody dismisses me as a complete nutter when I talk of the Corporate Multinational Cartel.
Its all part of  a celebrity stock market parasite inspired " Corporate Nazi " ideology where large corporations and fascist leaning NGO's lobby government to make everything as inefficient ( difficult ) and expensive as possible, especially for people living in rural areas.   A key part of the " Corporate Nazi " plan is the systematic dismantling of our UK welfare state whilst at the same time providing and expanding a virtual welfare state for the Banks and their stock market parasites.
barrie #148
Talking of deception by Westminster, this week MP's on a committee expressed the view that more traffic calming should be introduced into " deprived areas " allegedly to cut the statistically high incidence child road accident deaths. ( perhaps JJ could enlighten us further as to the genetic demographics involved )
Perhaps one good reason that they have installed traffic calming in Asian areas in big towns is to help control any future civil unrest. Of course they have it in " rough " white dominated estates also, where the chattering classes consider a large proportion of the inhabitants are at or near the poverty line.

Humps in the road are an ideal protection against anyone stealing a service vehicle in an attempt to break out through the gates or through riot police lines.  Impossible to get any decent speed up if there are humps everywhere. Its only one easy step to ring fencing certain areas of towns and turning them into virtual Warsaw type ghettos. Nobody will be let in or out without a permit, plenty of work for private security guard companies now that much housing is under the control of housing associations. I believe that locked gates have already been installed on some " alley's ".
Its bad enough under New labour, but if politicians continue to dismantle our welfare state at the same rate as over the past few years serious civil unrest is likely to be expected.  If Freud gets his way with the Tories it could be only a couple of years before total anarchy breaks out in many deprived areas.
If only Pinocchio's nose had been cut for timber then we could have built " Jerusalem " in England's green and pleasant land.  ( not the virtual west bank financial apartheid based segregation of the population we now appear to be heading for )
Barrie #158
Vehicle interactive speed warning signs seem to work quite well at controlling traffic speed, but however you attempt to legislate you can never influence the lunatic fringe. You only need to watch Road Wars on " Sky Three " to see that any form of " traffic calming " is no defense against determined reckless drivers.  It just makes their foolish actions a hundred times more dangerous than need be, it also makes the road 100 times more potentially dangerous for legal road users.
Perhaps the way forward is to forget about the actual speed as watching a speedo constantly distracts the driver's attention from any potential hazards in the road ahead.  Perhaps we need to move towards 2nd gear zones for residential areas, 3rd gear zones on the main busy inner urban routes, 4th gear zones to replace current 50 Mph limits.  This method would ensure greater driver control, but is counter to the quasi-religious police driving theory as preached to alleged advanced drivers. 
It could also save fuel as an engine would be working nearer to its peak efficiency.  My dad has just taken delivery of a new Kia Picanto, which at 119 g/km is theoretically more fuel efficient than my three year old engine identical 123 g/km Picanto.  The only difference as far as I can see is that the new Kia is lower geared and therefore the engine is revving higher for a given speed in a given gear.  Its quite happy at 30 Mph in 3rd, whereas mine is bordering on labouring although I suspect that mine will return better fuel consumption on " true 70 Mph " motorway work.
NN 29/10/2009
Tony Blair as president is likely to precipitate an EU Corporate Nazi inspired Fourth Reich, run in the interest of Wall Street.  The indigenous populations of individual EU nation states will be enslaved on the hypothesis of alleged climate change regulations that members of the Corporate Multinational Cartel can easily circumnavigate.  The stock market parasites will embezzle most of any international development aid allegedly aimed at promoting environmentally friendly projects in " third world " countries.  Blair will follow Hitler's example and first extend the EU to Turkey ( ally of Germany in the Great War ) and following in Rommel's footsteps perhaps also North Africa. 
The object of the exercise will be to flood the EU with evermore cheap migrant labour and therefore ensure that most people will end up working for minimum wage.   Not only that they will also have to suffer being parasited on by employment agencies, the current disputed alleged " scab labour " being operated in an attempt to break the current postal dispute is a prime example of what is likely to be expected in future.
It would appear that were are on the brink of the " New Dark Age " Winston Churchill foresaw with the anarcho capitalist Trotskyites in total control of Europe.  Perhaps watch out for the outbreak of at least virtual " civil war " in several EU member states over the next five years if Blair gets in ?
NN 02/11/2009
The governments position apparently in conflict with the unpaid Drugs Advisory Panel has potentially huge implications as far as the reliability overall of any government policy allegedly based on Science.   It would appear that if you publically " tell the truth " you will be dismissed from your position even in an unpaid Job.   Its is therefore reasonable to believe that any paid scientific adviser will have been carefully vetted to ensure their advice always back government policy however quasi-religious.  
Perhaps David Nutt was dismissed for not being a good enough Corporate Nazi, perhaps his principle sin was doing the job for nothing which perhaps any genuine adviser concerned about the future direction of our nation would do. Its a bit different with paid advisers like Stern and Climate Change, the perfect Corporate Nazi ideology, telephone number annual salary and gold plated pension on the line if you dare get even close to the truth.    To suggest that people stop eating meat to save the planet was straight out of the eco-fascist stable, and even mega quasi-religious Ed Miliband climbed off it when questioned by alleged eco friendly Jon Snow.  Perhaps Miliband should have compelled Stern to resign, its no more outrageous in some peoples view than an analogy that Ecstasy is less dangerous than horse riding.
Stopping eating meat threatens thousands of good paying jobs in the packing industry, but its the small ( often on a low enough profit to claim income support ) farmers who will be hit first.  Its a bit like TB in Badgers, the experts recommended a widespread cull yet Benn refused to act.  Perhaps he will revisit the policy when the Corporate Multinationals take over the majority of livestock farming land.  They already have huge swathes of UK arable land and practice the most potentially environmentally damaging policies.
Incidentally, the true forward policy on Badgers is to test ( and regularly thereafter ) every set in the country and cull out all sets where TB is found, leave the TB free sets in peace.  Not been there for a while but the above is the same as what Farmers for Action had been promoting as a sensible compromise based on the evidence of the real environmental and disease experts, the farmers.  The media always attempt to portray that farmers are stupid, yet their ( small livestock farmers ) kids often find there way into grammar schools via the 11 plus.
GO1 #24
Typical ill informed ten bob fat cat townie rhetoric, most of the small hill farmers in particular have experienced an easier life since alleged global warming.  Like Lovelock says, whatever happens globally the UK is likely to remain pretty cool, perhaps more rain in the north during summer but Big Bail silage has ended the hay making problem.  As the UK warms the growing season extends, especially on the north facing slopes, plenty of potential to grow more food ( meat ) to feed an expanding population.
GO1 #53

As a direct descendant of the men who reclaimed hill scrub into viable livestock agricultural land and " Craven Indian " still living in a rural area, I will not take lectures on agriculture from some ten bob fat cat townie, " don't urinate down my back and tell me its raining "

Climate Change is all driven by that big thing in the daylight sky called the SUN, but that is not to say the we should not make more efficient use of natural resources. The CO2 argument pedalled by the likes of Gore is just one massive investment scam aimed at making brain dead ten bob fat cats like yourself pay more for everything through false economic growth
NN 03/11/2009
So now its legally official that " full on " eco-fascism is the equivalent of a religion, and perhaps therefore eco-fascism should play no part in an alleged secular democracy.   From the available evidence its pretty clear that Al Gore's devotion to the eco-fascist cause is driven by the prospect of massive personal financial gain.   Perhaps the same principle applies to many UK politicians and influential celebrities at the front of the call for a deal involving binding commitments to massive carbon reductions at the much " media puffed "  Copenhagen summit.
The trouble is that we don't appear to have the key public spirited investigative journalists of the past anymore.  Susan Watts is a bit of a " damp squib " when it comes down to examining the true science of climate change.  The sun spot watchers never even get a mention yet they have accurately predicted the UK weather for many years, unlike the global warming quasi-religious Met Office, which would appear to be less accurate than it was ten years ago. 
I am not generally in favour of privatizing anything currently run by the state, but perhaps the Met Office should be first on the list for possible privatization, then at least it could compete on a level playing field with the sun spot men for weather forecasting.
The point is that Climate Change is happening yet man's influence could only be a virtual fingerprint on a system far too complex to fully understand.   Reducing Carbon emissions is a total shot in the dark, far better to improve sea and flood defenses, build a simple pump free national grid for drinking water, ( mostly to ensure supplies to the densely populated south east but Yorkshire has also run dry in recent history ).
All the circumstantial evidence suggests that alleged Carbon reduction targets are a massive investment scam.  The only beneficiaries will be the stock market parasite Carbon traders who will be provided with a virtual gold plated welfare state at the expense of the relatively poor in developed nations.  Yet more heavy industry will be exported to alleged developing countries with no emissions controls.  Yet again the stock market parasites will gain from the asset stripping of UK manufacturing industry, whilst fraudulently and theoretically improving our balance of trade deficit for a short period.
Perhaps its no surprise that the US electorate rejected All Gore in his presidential bid and perhaps its all his fault the world had to suffer Bush for the ( past )  8 years.  Obama looks little better but whoever wins the election in alleged democracies the Corporate Nazi's always get back in.
GO1 #15
" The scientists don't say they fully understand the whole system but there is consensus that there is climate change due to human impact and that CO2 is a major contributor "
Given the above statement how can alleged scientists prove that reducing CO2 emissions will cut global temperatures.   If they don't fully understand how our climate system works perhaps cutting CO2 emissions is a bit like 18th century ( quack ) doctors bleeding people as a cure all for medical conditions.
It looks like my reference to the SUN SPOT men was totally off your quasi-religious radar, but then you never read any of the posts you criticize properly anyway.  It looks like the Science Museum poll needs plenty of idiots like you to visit it, the last time I went there only 1632 were for cuts at Copenhagen, 6333 against this foolish politically motivated excuse for a stock market parasite investment scam.
NN 05/11/2009
It must be pretty clear by now to even the casual observer that Quantitive Easing is little more than a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites.  Likewise interest rates at virtually zero, plenty of opportunity for the likes of Hedge Funds to speculate ( mining shares would appear to be their favourite ).   Like 2007, the FTSE is once again becoming a huge great pyramid scheme, this time based on government subsidized  borrowed borrowings.  
The stock market parasites are soaking up any available capital from the banks, leaving very little for our real sustainable economy.   Similarly low interest rates are discouraging saving, perhaps none of the alleged proficient economists have worked out the impact of many older people no longer spending on anything except essentials due to drastically reduced income from savings.
Perhaps its high time the Bank of England and the Corporate Nazi puppet politicians like Brown and Darling stopped pandering to the stock market parasites and did something for our real future sustainable economy.   Perhaps a good start would be to raise base interest rates straight back up to 5%, as this could increase the amount of REAL money circulating around in the UK system.  Small businesses could then start to grow, but the Corporate Multinational Cartel ( of which the banks are key members ) don't want true competition from potential job creating small business.   Perhaps potential corporate con man Alan Sugar's remarks the other day sums up the Corporate Nazi ideology to a tee, plenty of money available to subsidize his stock market parasite mates, nothing for people with sound ideas for innovative sustainable growing long term business investment.  It would appear that the interest rate is not the problem as it can be priced in to any small business plan, its getting the initial capital for potential expansion, " new " plant and machinery, adequate sales stock that is the real problem for most potentially growing small businesses.  Perhaps the banks wont lend to small business because they know full well that anyone with a good business plan will pay back all the initial loan ASAP, like with credit cards, the banks want you to make the minimum payment and expose yourself to swinging charges.
Paul, its all to easy to dismiss an original idea simply becuase it does conforn to some kind of ideological straight jacket.   It is pretty clear that both the pure socialist and pure capitalist ideologies have failed, the future must be a subtle blend of the two systems.  At least you have torpedoed right wing rhetoric that suggests that nobody would go out to work if you introduced a citizens income, but the state does not owe its population some form of extravagent " ten bob fat cat " lifestyle as promised by endless consumer debt.  The whole object of the exercise would be to encourage saving ( perhaps a dirty word for some alleged socialists ) and the opportunity for people to start and grow their own business.  That is the only way that we are going to provide the jobs of the future, yet some flirt with the eco-fascists who would carbon tax the poorer members of our society into destitution.
Yeah, but got bored with it as you have already educated me, that is not to say that all members of certain races are genetically gormless.   I once delivered chemicals around industrial Scotland, the staff were either brilliant or completely stupid, nothing in between.  Incidentally those alleged idle British Rail staff were the most efficient and helpful people I ever encountered throughout the UK, The nastiest were to be encountered at Ford's Degenham Plant, quite unlike the vast majority at Ford's Langley ( Slough ) truck plant including an enthusiastic well competent west indian fork lift truck driver ?
Copenhagen is just an excuse for one massive stock market parasite investment scam robbing from the relatively poor to give to the rich eco-fascist promoters, no chance of any sustainable alleged " green jobs " apart from a few wealthy parasites fraudulently carbon trading. Eco-fascism is a greater threat to our relative basic human rights, ( to keep warm, dry and have a full belly ) the right to " free movement " within the UK than alleged Muslim fundamentalism and the terrorist threat will ever be. Climate Change is probably almost all down to Sun Spot activity, CO2 is a minor detail, perhaps only " man's fingerprint ". The earth has got cooler overall more recently, look what a crap summer we had this year, worst winter in living memory in NZ, ice storms on the north coast of the north island.
NN 06/11/2009
Perhaps Gavin is the best messenger to portray what would appear to be a programme aimed at promoting ten bob fat cat propaganda concerning the war in Afghanistan.  Of course the ex-defence chiefs are going to call for increased involvement in the war.   More helicopters, more equipment, more troops equals a bigger welfare state for the stock market parasites.
On the brighter side at least it looks like an alleged climate deal at Copenhagen is off for at least a year.  Copenhagen is just an excuse for one massive stock market parasite investment scam robbing from the relatively poor to give to the rich eco-fascist promoters, no chance of any sustainable alleged " green jobs " apart from a few wealthy parasites fraudulently carbon trading. Eco-fascism is a greater threat to our relative basic human rights, ( to keep warm, dry and have a full belly ) the right to " free movement " within the UK than alleged Muslim fundamentalism and the terrorist threat will ever be. Climate Change is probably almost all down to Sun Spot activity, CO2 is a minor detail, perhaps only " man's fingerprint ". The earth has got cooler overall more recently, look what a crap summer we had this year, worst winter in living memory in NZ, ice storms on the north coast of the north island.
NN 09/11/2009
You can tell that its going to be a Corporate Nazi propaganda exercise when alleged green presenter leaves the front door wide open on one of the coldest nights of the year so far.   Unnecessary lights on in Rowlatt's kitchen also ( under the cupboard units ), perhaps he should stick to his new job as Corporate Nazi propaganda mouthpiece on the ten bob fat cat One Show.
Rowlatt proved that even if you wear a hair shirt you can only cut your household emissions by 20% in " Ethical Man ", yet Miliband still preaches 40% cuts to appease the eco-fascists.  Interesting to note that an Indian originating stock market parasite was included in the discussion, perhaps all excited at the prospect of being able to embezzle alleged " green development " money to alleged third world countries.
The truth must be that Climate Change / Global warming is is just one dubious excuse for a mega investment scam.  The Corporate Multinational Cartel Members will not build new nuclear power station unless the " Carbon Price " is artificially inflated.  Its all about promoting false economic growth which increases the divide between rich and poor.  They could never have got away with it before the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the demise of the USSR communist block has been a disaster for the freedom of ordinary people living in the alleged " free " west.
Perhaps Gordon Brown's hand written letter writing is symptomatic of many people with " poor " eyesight having to prove just how well they can see.  It is reminiscent of railway modelers with jam jar spectacles going in for super fine detail aspects which even people with 20 /20 vision can barely appreciate.   Like you say  in #1, far better to have a short handwritten intro and ending to an edited typed script, but take into consideration that Gordon Brown is probably too " blind " to read this Newsnight Blog for himself. 
None of his cabinet ministers or advisers will have the heart to tell him what is actually going on in the real world and therefore he remains detached from reality.  Of course the Corporate Nazi's now have an even bigger incentive to " get him " since he mentioned even the possibility of a tax on financial transactions at the G20 the other day.
Why do Newsnight always attempt to portray that David Blanchflower is some kind of financial hero, when in actual fact he was one of the virtual corporate criminals who wanted to keep Pinocchio's nose growing in the world's financial system.   If it wasn't for people like Blanchflower squealing for interest rate cuts throughout the last at least 9 years the cat would have been out of the bag far earlier with much reduced consequences for everybody involved.
JTW #19
Are you living in cloud cuckoo land, the stock market parasites and their Corporate Multinational Cartel have decreed that all wind turbines will be imported in order that they can change money.   However, we could build a Severn and Morecambe Bay tidal Barrage system using home grown products.   Plenty of work for steel and cement works,, quarries, thousands of potential new jobs perhaps extending to places like Leyland Trucks, JCB and other home grown engineering services.  Similarly a national grid for water to ensure the south east never runs dry in the future.   Of course all the eco-fascists who promote useless wind farms ( perhaps you need to read back through past blogs ) oppose such potential genuine carbon emission reduction schemes.
I've brought this up before but burning alleged low carbon fuels like gas emits a large amount of water vapour.  As a rough guide in the late 1970s we were taught that burning 1 gallon of petrol emits 1 gallon of water, gas is worse still.  Burning alleged " nasty coal " emits hardly any water vapour at all yet in some parts of the planet it would appear that excessive rainfall is the main current climate problem.
Perhaps its high time to stop appeasing the eco-fascists with wind farms and spend all the spare money on decent flood defences, sea walls etc.   Of course the stock market parasites will prefer their pointless " King Canute " carbon trading scam and changing money on imported alleged green infrastructure.   We can build flood defences without importing anything, get industry like JCB strong again, providing real jobs for real genuine " hard working " British people.
NN 23/11/2009
Ha ha, so the Corporate Nazi university eco-fascist high priests have been caught out on their neat little grammar school boy scam.  I suspect that Susan Watts will attempt to whitewash over the whole leaked e-mail victory for the probable truth and trot out what nasty people these computer hackers are. It looks like the BBC are doing their level best to keep the CRU Climate Gate hacking story off the Muppet news.   Good job they had big floods in Cumbria to attempt to blame on climate change even though allegedly almost just as much rain once fell in a summer thunderstorm in Dorset in 1955.
Reminds me of this.
Back in about 1980 I was mates with a particularly bright ex-grammar school lad who shared a common interest in railways and stuff like Iron Maiden.  We used to visit the local signal box frequently and apart from the regular through freight trains had the complication of  a junction leading into the cement works sidings.   There was a cement train in and out every evening weekdays, light in summer at least when it performed.  We used to spend hours " camping "  one shift  signalman, who was only about 24 at the time and also into railway modeling.
My mate had set his heart on owning a Bardick lamp, BR issue electric torch also with three colour signal potential.  It could also be used as an emergency tail light on a train so the plan was to steal one, couldn't be bought anywhere at any price.  It all relied on the cooperation of aforementioned signalman, the only potential eye witness.
The plan was to steal the oil tail-light from the train about to depart the cement sidings, I can't recall the exact train of events but the whole object of the exercise was to force the guard to use his Bardick as the tail lamp, then steal it off the train waiting to depart standing on the wrong main line.   It all went to plan even though it involved actions half a mile apart ( car essential ), at no time were the public put at risk, the signalman reporting the missing tail light to the next signal box.  You could bet that by the time he found out his Bardic was missing ( and how could you loose up to three ( including spares ) BR standard oil tail lamp ) he was scratching his head about doing the explaining when he got home.
Fished this from an Indy environment section comment.
" It transpires that many members of Greenpeace and FoE are now threatening to resign their memberships in protest over ClimateGate. They most common expression is that they feel they have been decieved over the science and betrayed over their commitment to the environment.

I understand that Greenpeace is to instigate a damage limitation exercise by putting contact with CRU at arms length whilst calling for an independent inquiry. "
Neat post kashibeyaz #13 couldn't of portrayed the current situation better myself.
Nobody wants to stop the " Corporate Nazi " financial and therefore environmental rape of our planet more than me !  AGW is just a convenient excuse to extort tax from the relatively poor whilst the rich bar stewards who do most of the " polluting " escape any real " green tax " which could make some real downward impact on emissions, like raising the top rate of income tax to 75%.
Perhaps hardly surprising the Jeremy skirted around the the many refused Freedom of Information requests to the CRU.  The ten bob fat cat high rate tax paying jet set brigade will do anything they can to avoid paying their fair share of the tax burden to fund the current welfare state for the banks and their stock market parasites. 
The point must be that nobody can trust any government funded body on anything science related since the politicians got caught with their filthy fingers in the till.  Absolutely no chance of getting an impartial in depth inquiry into the validity of the science given that climate science is now a quasi-religion. 
Clever piece of propaganda with the man with the light and dark shells on the beach, even though he apparently admits that the scientists do not fully understand our weather systems.  A pretty simple analysis of the UK weather is that if wind is in the south to west it will be a warm summer or winter, cold if the wind is in the north to east and fully dependent on the strength of the energy being emitted by the sun to drive said winds a varying speeds.
Perhaps intimidation of the skeptic witness Bob Singer, shining the lights in his eyes so that he is forced to close them.  " can you hear me " says Jeremy, stood in a dark street with a loud hailer pointing at you as well as the lights, a mate of mine once did it and found it very difficult.   However, pre scripted daylight interview for Bob Watson, then another stage managed relaxed studio situation.  We have nothing to fear as American data confirms our figures say's Bob Watson.
NN 30/11/2009
I can't help speculating that the five " Royal Navy " personnel and their " yacht " stayed into Iranian waters and got deliberately arrested in order to cover any significant " home news " which may emerge in the next couple of days.  In particular the news that the CRU parasites have " thrown away " all the original climate data going back over 150 years.   Perhaps things like the drought in the southern Lake District, in one of my railway books I have a photo of a LNWR, pre first war at least train crossing a bridge over the Lune.  The river is reduced to a small brook whilst a cow which appears to be suffering from some degree of starvation looks on.
If they haven't got the original observed data their whole climate model is suspect, why dispose of the evidence unless you intend to defraud ?
Perhaps Susan Watts report will confirm what I have been saying all along, that the entirely man made global warming theory is little more than an elaborate stock market parasite investment scam.
NN 02/12/2009
Stock market parasites frothing at the mouth yesterday on the prospect  of 30,000 new US troops to Afghanistan.  London mining shares were the main gainers as usual, however the shine has gone today with the prospect of draw down by 2011.
Back on the climate change scam front
The Aussies are not stupid, Rudd has run shy of an immediate election, he did not win originally on his pledges on climate change as the BBC attempted to portray.
Science Museum Poll on Climate Change
It would appear that the results of the climate scam poll run by the now apparently "quasi-religious " Science Museum are now concluded.  Directly after being subject to their climate change propaganda exhibition 3408 voted for strong measures at Copenhagen, yet even though probably under pressure 626 decided to vote against.  
On the more democratic " secret ballot " web poll 2650 voted for strong action whilst 7612 voted against.  You can bet almost every fully paid up eco-fascist in the country knew about it and would therefore have gone onto the web page and voted for strong action.   However, despite the Science museum propaganda offensive plus load of similar pro Copenhagen propaganda in the media recently ( particularly on Channel 4 News ) there would appear to be a decisive majority against. 
It was originally alleged that Gordon Brown was going to take the results with him to Copenhagen as evidence to amply prove that he had the majority support of the British public. Not that good at mental arithmetic these days but in total 6058 for strong action, 8038 against and the fact that the Science Museum have not published the combined figures suggest yet another climate scammers attempt to defraud.   Its clear that well over 50% of educated people reject the climate change scam and the " Corporate Nazi " ( welfare state for the stock market parasites ) policies being attempted to be introduced on the back of it.
The eco-fascists just don't get it do they, Tories in potential ideological meltdown on green policy ?
NN 03/12/2009
It would appear that the alleged inquiry into the CRU is likely to be a whitewash exercise, the main factor perhaps being that CRU figure closely correspond with NASA figures.  It would appear that Bob Watson is in denial about the fact that the arctic ice sheet massively grew last year due to global cooling.  However perhaps the NASA warming statistics are also suspect, only the other week they were claiming that there is loads of water on the Moon after an experiment.  Astronomers tried to view it but could not see the alleged plume after the vehicle crashed, Patrick Moore said he would " eat his hat " if they found water on the moon.
Given the possibility that NASA once got away with probably the biggest scientific scam in history, namely putting men on the moon and the key bit of returning them safely, whatever the pedigree of the computer programme they are using their hypothesis is suspect.
I'm really interested in true science of any kind, always have been since I was a kid but chose the physics route and then engineering to specialize in, I like archeology also and like to come to my own conclusions based on the evidence, particularly in relation to climate changes.  For example the ancient Egyptians used sledges which suggests that what is now desert was possibly once lush grassland, sledges work better than small wheels on grassed soft ground. I improvised one to tow behind a small tractor for building the annual bonfire on the village playing fields from a machine part pallet, would carry up to a ton of standard pallets in two stacks and hardly marked the surface over tens of trips. 
Talking about sledges it reminds me of my Gt Uncle Frank who made full use of sledges pulled by ponies even in the 1960s, who lived on the family farm on the often boggy heights of Waddington Fell, we used to visit him when I was a small kid. 
In the Bronze age people lived on top of Dartmoor, too cold and wet for anybody to live there now but perhaps 3000 years ago the climate was a lot warmer and calmer than it is now. Similarly the Orkney's, the experts claim there was no wood, too windy for trees to grow there now but who knows there may have been forests there originally, even if man soon cut them down. 
I believe that Channel 4 are doing a new series of the relationship between archeology and the evidence of climate change over the ages presented by Tony Robinson starting Monday at 9pm, should be really interesting.
It would appear that the eco-fascists are now attempting to portray that big business was somehow behind the CRU data hack / leak when nothing could be further from the truth.   Brown was only crowing the other day that he had got 850 companies behind his proposals for Copenhagen including Shell and Tesco.  Companies don't care about basic human rights, ( which Copenhagen intends to destroy ) look what Shell did to Ken Sarawiwa in Nigeria, Copenhagen is just an excuse to internationally legalize a license to rip people off.

NN 04/12/2009
I suspect that all the eco-fascists will be celebrating tonight with the announcement of the closure of Corus's Lackenby site.  However, its not a total loss because they are allegedly " mothballing " the plant but it will cost an absolute fortune to restart, blast furnaces will need new fire-bricking.    Perhaps its all part of the stock market parasite celebrities " Corporate Nazi " plan to turn the UK into some kind of tax haven eco theme park for the potential non-dom super wealthy.  Treat the " indigenous " population like the Israelis treat the Palestinians and force them through poverty into city ghetto's all in the name of " saving the planet "for them greedy selves
Brown and the Milibands and all the other eco-freak politicians need to be brought before the court of public opinion on a charge of treason.  If Copenhagen goes through what remains of our energy dependent industry will be asset stripped by the stock market parasites as it will be worth more dead than alive.  Not much point keeping our armed forces either if we have no production means to withstand any hostile invasion on home soil.
KCL #13
Been there, done that, got the tea shirt, when I was a teenager I regularly rode shotgun in a tanker delivering foundry sand.  Got right into the heart of the casting floor and was totally mesmerized by the process, likewise beside the Bessemer convertors at Ravenscraig when delivering the Serfco foundry products I mentioned in a recent post.
Perhaps everyone forgets the potential eco-sustainability of metal casting, the original metal is never lost and can be endlessly recycled.  I remember seeing GWR rail chairs being used to cast man-hole covers at a foundry at Stourbridge.  Perhaps my most exciting encounter with the steel industry was the Pig Iron plant at Cargo Fleet Middlesbrough, iron poured onto moulds on a conveyor with a water quench at the top, separate batches to different specifications.
In common with most of the BBC news output today yet another damage limitation exercise on the behalf of the eco-fascists quasi-religion by Newsnight.  The Corus closure today is only a taste of what will happen to energy dependent industry in the UK if the Copenhagen deal goes through in any form.  Why do the pro AGW scientists still attempt to portray that the arctic ice is shrinking when the evidence clearly shows it is now growing ?  
It would appear that the BBC sci / tech link on this fact earlier in the year ( September ) has been conveniently deleted from casual searches like any UEA data which damages their Corporate Nazi climate change scam. This took a bit of finding but:-
Anyway, perhaps the arctic ice is thin due to a lack of snow falling on it, and receded far more due to alleged climate scientists attempting to open up a lucrative North West passage.  I suspect that there could be a time lag between the ice growing and the onset of global cooling due to less recorded sun activity.
Good point charleshenrywilliams #15
It is indeed a question of whether WE ( man ) are responsible for global warming and no doubt we leave our fingerprint if not through CO2 but simple waste heat.   Of course if global warming was entirely due to CO2 the planet would still be getting warmer when all the true evidence suggests the globe is cooling more recently.
Gordon Brown refers to " flat earther's " but its not the first time in history that top government scientists have been proven completely wrong.  Take the " great stink " and the cholera epidemics in London in the mid 19th century and the introduction of the sewer system.  Government scientists were convinced that cholera was caused by miasma, noxious exhalations or bad air.  A local GP ( John Snow ) had scientifically worked out the probable cause ( contaminated water ) and successfully stopped a local cholera outbreak by removing the handle from a particular stand pump. 
Despite Snow's clear evidence to demonstrate the cholera was due to contaminated drinking water supplies the government scientists continued to blame miasma and dismissed Snow as a crank.   The new sewer system got built anyway but the cholera did not completely go away, it was not until after Snow's death that the top government scientist admitted that Snow had been right all along.
Plenty of alleged " freedom loving " politicians up in arms protesting about the EU Lisbon Treaty yet virtual silence ( apart from Nick Griffin ) when it comes down to Copenhagen.   The Copenhagen proposals are far more of a threat to the relative basic human rights of the UK population ( or anyone in a developed country with a similar cold winter climate ) than the Lisbon treaty could ever be.   Perhaps its OK if you live in the tropics, its easy to survive with no winter fuel bill inflated by carbon trading.   Copenhagen could force many relatively affluent people in northern climes to decide whether they are going to eat or heat.  Winter cold already kills many people in the UK, with global carbon trading perhaps the total figure could significantly expand ?
NN 09/12/2009
Celtic #7
Its pretty clear the the blunderbuss approach of carbon cap and trade as proposed at Copenhagen is not a very efficient way of protecting the future of our environment.  What we really need is a Lee Enfield .303 sniper rifle to target the areas where we can collectively do the most good. 
Perhaps Panda's boiler scrappage scheme is a positive start, trouble is that new alleged efficient boilers are only expected to last ten years.  I believe that some of them can be put out of action by a simple power cut, need to buy a new printed circuit board at a rip-off cost plus fitting.  Our boiler is 25 years old and still going, just needs a new thermocouple occasionally but we will be up for any replacement subsidy.
The same is true of fridges, we are currently using a early 1970s fridge which originally belonged to my grandma.  It was in storage for almost 20 years but its still going strong with its metal shelves.  I have heard bad reports about new fridges, especially the ones that claim to be environmentally friendly, break down as soon as they are out of warranty.  
Its always the same with the modern stuff, the plastic bits break ( including the shelves ) and you have to buy a new one even if the fridge bit is still working.  We had quite a good 1980s fridge for 20 years until my dad put a knife though the element trying to cheat and save time at defrosting.
Perhaps the key would be to force manufacturers to produce products that could ( with maintenance ) last you a lifetime.  The sniper rifle approach would be to not allow any form of credit on anything not capable of lasting 30 years.  That is not to say that you could not trade it in for refurbishment a couple of times during its life, just so long as it doesn't end up on the scrap heap.  I suppose a perhaps more ten bob fat cat acceptable alternative approach would be to heavily tax credit on anything not capable of lasting 30 years.  The trouble is the Corporate Nazi's in positions of power would never go for anything like that.
NN 10/12/2009
Celtic #3 
Is it not the case that we need to take pressure of the ecological system as far as is reasonably practical.  A basic national grid for water could take pressure off rivers etc in the south east irrespective of whether drought conditions existed.
This could comprise one pump free main aqueduct from Kielder to London, secondary from the Lake District intersecting in Yorkshire. ( both Yorkshire and the south east have experienced water shortage in the last 15 years )  It could be done without sucking in imports and would benefit companies like JCB and the truck manufacturers ( haulage contracts only given to companies using UK built vehicles )
On the reducing carbon emissions aspect build the planned full scale Severn Barrage to generate electricity and reduce energy costs to benefit UK industry as a whole.  Similarly a Morecambe Bay barrage which apart from generating cheap electric could regenerate Barrow in Furness by bringing it back into the wider Lancashire economy where it traditionally belongs.
Even if public spending was required to subsidize the above projects the government would get most of the initial investment back in current aggregate and fuel taxes.  All the above projects could stimulate the UK economy and reduce our total ecological impact on the environment.
ecolizzy #7
Although it undoubtedly has a part to play, the eco-fascists are using wave power etc as an excuse not to build proven to work barrages.  I believe that the allegedly most promising wave power project has smashed itself to pieces in short order.  Even wave power can be becalmed, like wind power it needs mega inefficient to provide fossil fuel backup and is therefore not really a realistic alternative power source.
NN 11/12/2009
The eco-fascists must be getting pretty desperate if they are forced to scientifically stoop so low as the above link in their attempt to portray the potential dangers of Carbon Dioxide.   All the alleged experiment proves is that Carbon Dioxide has a lower " specific heat capacity " than common air.  We covered this in the first three years of early 1970s secondary school physics, just forgot the precise experiments we did but it was established that water by a long way had the highest specific heat capacity ( 4,200 kj / degree C ? )
Given that Carbon Dioxide makes up far less than 1% of our air including man's contribution it can hardly be a major problem. 
barrie #7
The BBC's treachery on climate change propaganda doesn't end there, take BBC1 climate change propaganda programme " Hot Earth " from Wednesday 22:45.   Fair enough the presenter stated that CO2 had traditionally not exceeded 280 parts per million so they measured the current figure live on air.  The trouble is they did it in the basket of a hot air balloon after gaining height using the burner.  They recorded 380 parts per million but just how much that was skewed by the CO2 rich exhaust gas from the burner leaking down from the open bottom of the balloon envelope is unclear ?
NN 14/12/2009
How very convenient for those eco-fascist leaning politicians that despite the fact of other more serious news Copenhagen has to take back seat to the ten bob fat cat propaganda show X-Factor.  Its not as if the winner exhibits great talent, at least from the alleged highlights I have seen he is a very average vocalist. 
God help us all if Cowell is going to be allowed to organize some kind of perhaps celebrity Corporate Nazi political propaganda show in the run up to the next perhaps most crucial general election in years.  The " get blind drunk and blow all your money " song is still just hanging on in the top twenty, its been there so long ( perhaps since August ) when it was number 1 for weeks on end.
Gavin hasn't got much brains but perhaps he could ask the president of the Maldives if he intends vastly cutting down  all the executive jet set tourism his countries economy would appear to be based on.  Perhaps Hillary Ben will continue today's earlier line about all the fish going rusty due to CO2 emissions. Meanwhile in the real world the worst snow storms in the US mid west for 50 years, and the chance of arctic conditions throughout northern Europe as the Copenhagen summit comes to its climax ?
By far the best programme on the BBC in the last year was tonight's Panorama on our postal service.   It would appear that Royal Mail Corporate Nazi managers are attempting to run our postal service on the basis of a computer programme.
Computer programmes are totally useless when it comes to designing ideal scenario's take rail ticketing for instance.   Just for fun I investigated the possibility of a train trip to Barmouth and return on the same day.   I friend and I did a similar trip in the 1980s and just turned up on the day, Lancaster to Crewe, change for Shrewsbury, then change direct to Barmouth.  Fair enough but is was an Arriva site but it sent me from my local town to Manchester Victoria on the peak morning train, then admittedly direct to Barmouth.  However, the return journey too me to Wolverhampton change Crewe, Manchester Piccadilly, both trips meant using the Metro to connect, in the 1980s we just caught the next train back and at no time were we lacking the choice of a seat.
Similarly I once experienced a version of AutoCAD from the late 1980s where it would suggest a three eighth's bolt where any traditionally trained engineer would specify at least half inch.  Even though I did O level tech drawing at secondary modern school the terms of use were completely alien to me, the lesson is that computer programmes are only as good or honest as the bloke that writes them.    If the bloke who writes the programme is not an expert in that particular field, the result is totally useless.
Considering that most computer programmers are so wrapped up in their particular language and pushing ever more complicated technology they are likely to understand.  Unless Royal mails programme is written by experienced front line postmen it is highly unlikely to be able to do the job as a whole efficiently.   It struck me that although parcels traffic has increased  ( allegedly not machine sort able ) staff had been cut on the strength of a drop in machine friendly ordinary mail.  Its not that long since Mandelson was squealing for private investment to modernize and provide funds for new machinery ?
What planet are our politicians on, Brown spending 1.5 billion we haven't got funding the stock market parasites to embezzle on alleged green technology.   Fair enough give Bangladesh a fleet of big size JCB excavators to build sea defences, at lest the locals will know which country who donated them, get our own economy stimulated.
The Climate Change computer model is flawed simply by the fact it was written by a computer programmer complying with a dubious specification.   If the weather keeps up like it is I may decide to believe that there is a " good god " again, even if the Anglican's would appear to have sold out to the " Corporate Nazi's " on most aspects of their alleged spirituality.
NN 15/12/2009
KennethM #7
When are all the idiots out there going to realize that Copenhagen is a Corporate Nazi Trojan horse on the way towards world government by corporate dictatorship.   Its got nothing to do with traditional left or right wing politics, its just a convenient excuse to introduce a system with all the worst human rights aspects of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia combined.    The Corporate Nazi ideology politicians like Gordon Brown and Obama are enslaved to is an exact mirror image of the worst possible combination of both German Nazi and communism as practiced by Stalin.   They attempt to portray that they are up for controlling the banks and their Corporate Multinational Cartel but in reality its all hot air.   Just rhetoric in order to keep the lefties ( as you call them ) on side, when in actual fact our basic freedoms are being sold out wholesale to multinational corporations.
Roger #10
Racked my brains for over an hour and I can't remember ever seeing said film, its not really my scene anyway ( hate games ) but it just goes to show that the Corporate Nazi concept has been out there gestating for over 30 years.  As far as I can recall it probably arrived in the UK when Dennis Healy took out the IMF loan, Thatcher got in in 1979 as a possible change of direction and to give here credit even she eventually saw through its promises which is why the Tories ditched her for empty headed Major.  Blair perfected the plan as far as he dare go without splitting the Labour party but had to ditch the road fuel tax escalator due to the farmers / haulage protests.  Most alleged left wing politicians have been happy to collude with the overall plan due to the tax revenue they got to spend on pet projects during the good years.  Result the true sustainable British economy damaged almost beyond repair, a carbon trading deal at Copenhagen could be the last nail in the coffin.
Perhaps this article amply proves David Cameron's Corporate Nazi ideology credentials as far as using the environment as an excuse to provide a welfare state for the stock market parasites.   Households to be government backed lent up to 6,500 quid for alleged energy efficiency measures on their home and will then pay back the money through their energy bills.    I have seen reports where people have insulated their homes to the latest standards only to find that their house feels no warmer and the energy bills do not go down as promised.  Like Labour are saying, its just another green investment scam, furthermore cavity wall insulation can cause damp and rot your floorboards leaving your house unfit for habitation.
NN 16/12/2009
It would appear that Newsnight has managed to outrage a large number of regular viewers into blogging tonight with its latest propaganda slot for the climate change scammers.   Some pretty intelligent comments on the blog tonight, but perhaps poster should consider the possible reason why no balance was given to David King's argument.   It may be reasonable to believe that we are sleepwalking into the " New Dark Age " Winston Churchill foresaw, its not climate change, quasi-religion has taken over road safety policy also and probably many other " scientific " aspects of our life. 
Just a couple of weeks ago the DfT admitted that the police had been massively under reporting serious injuries caused by road traffic accidents.   The police claimed 26 000 which means government reached its alleged target yet the NHS recorded 40,000 serious injuries, no significant reduction in the last 10 years.  Yet only today the government splashed out on BBC news claiming how well their cutting speed limits policy had been over the last 10 years.  It would appear that you can't trust anything the politicians of any party and the BBC say these days ?
NN 17/12/2009
Perhaps as high salary high court judges are likely to be part of the international jet set and perhaps they ( or their mates ) travelling long haul on BA over the Christmas period Unite are hardly likely to get a fair hearing despite 92% of 80% of members in favour ( whatever the technical voting inaccuracies ) ?
barrie #4
From Gordon Browns recorded performance at Copenhagen today it would appear that he has totally lost touch with reality.  Cameron is practicing the art of not being seen, safe in the knowledge that Brown is doing serious damage to any credibility he may have achieved by Darling introducing a bankers bonus tax and the narrowing in the polls.   Of course Brown has to portray himself as a lunatic in order to prevent his proposed " Tobin Tax " idea ever being taken seriously.
I've just heard on Ch4 news of a " leaked " IPPC report which states that even adding up all the proposed cuts in CO2 emissions by " developed " nations, the result will be a rise of 3C not the alleged 2C target.   This must clearly demonstrate that all along the Copenhagen summit was simply a vehicle to introduce Carbon cap and trade in the interest of the Corporate Nazi's who run the world stock markets.  Perhaps the lack of " success " at Copenhagen is a contributory factor in the FTSE falling over 100 points today ?
NN 18/12/2009
Well done Paul Mason for flushing out the 1 trillion Corporate Nazi stock market parasite investment scam the Copenhagen summit was alleged to facilitate.   It would appear to be all part of a plan to fill the ever increasing black hole in world financial markets through massive inflation in the cost of living. 
At least in the UK, relatively poor people ( pensioners and the disabled, often reliant on income from small savings ) simply can't afford an increase in the cost of living.   Any further inflation in energy prices will kill an ever increasing proportion of the population in winter.  The figures are bad enough as it is, add in all the more elderly unemployed due to their job being worth more dead than alive on the strength of Carbon Credits and it starts to look like some kind of annual green holocaust.
Brown's commitment to a legally binding treaty on CO2 cuts indicates some extreme level of insanity on his part, could probably loose the election but the evidence suggests that Cameron is little if any less insane when it comes to Climate Change policy.   Perhaps the only hope is that the latest reports from Russia on their climate data being " cherry picked " or systematically excluded from the global average will undermine the underlying quasi-religion of climate science.
Nice One Roger #71
Are you aware of Nick Griffins allegation that an eco-fascist leaning Lib-Demmic north west MEP has shares in a wind farm company.  Perhaps the same principle applies to most of the potentially bent politicians of all parties who push all the current eco-related investment scams.
The trouble is that politicians need not declare any shareholding less than 5% of the total company assets, and in theory they could be sat on tens of thousands worth of shares and nobody would know any different. Perhaps this rule needs changing as an integral part of any future legislation to clean up politics, any shareholding however small to be declared in full in future ?

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